How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram – If your business uses Instagram (and most businesses should), you should know about Instagram Direct, an Ads Manager destination that drives people to your business’ direct message inbox on IG.

You must reply to incoming messages this way, yes. But it does give your brand a unique opportunity to experiment with conversational commerce on a hugely popular social platform. Take this opportunity to have more conversational interactions with users in new places and see where it takes you.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

So today we’re going to look at the ins and outs of this type of ad, plus some you might find useful. To learn about the settings, read:

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Instagram Direct is an ad placement for Instagram feeds. When users click on this type of ad, they will be sent to your direct message box where they can start a one-on-one conversation with your brand.

Learn more about Instagram Direct ad placement below in How to set up an Instagram Direct ad.

Of course, anyone who wants to get their content in front of one billion Instagram users can try Instagram Direct advertising. We find them particularly effective for eCommerce businesses and agencies working with eCommerce brands on Instagram.

We also expect that big-ticket online retailers may find more value from this type of advertising, at least initially. Why? because

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The beauty of Facebook owning Instagram is that you can run ads for both platforms, all in one place: Facebook Ads Manager. Go there to get started. Then.

💡 Note: Instagram Direct ads will not appear anywhere on Facebook, only on Instagram feeds and Stories. That way clickers will reach your DMs without switching apps.

💡Note: Facebook doesn’t require you to have a real Instagram account to run other types of Instagram ads (like landing pages). They will only use your Facebook page name and profile picture to make it look like you. But since Instagram Direct ads will direct users to your DMs, you need a real account to have an inbox and reply.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

💡Note: Instagram chatbots aren’t here yet, but they’re working on Instagram’s automation tools as we speak. Sign up to be notified when we launch. During this time, you cannot automate any part of your DMs, not even the welcome message. (You can create “quick answers” to common questions, but you still have to send them manually.) That means your ad should include a call to action that prompts users to send a message.

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You may have explored or are currently using click-to-Messenger advertising to drive new users to your chatbot. That is, ads that run on Facebook and drive users to your bot on Messenger. 🤖:

How to get these ads to show on Instagram and also direct users to your Messenger chatbot? But we recommend starting with a smaller budget (maybe $5-$15/day) to see how these things work for your business, because:

➡️ Automatically redirecting users from the Instagram app to a separate Messenger app can be annoying. As a result, you may notice a significant decrease. Yes, the “click to Messenger” ad also redirects to the Messenger app. But both of those apps are highly visible in the Facebook ecosystem, so it’s not unexpected. Not all users seriously know that Facebook is owned by Instagram, so they may think that switching apps is a mistake or spam and leave the whole process.

💡 Note: Relax. Facebook is looking out for you and your ROI. 🙏🏻 They will only show these ads to people who have Messenger installed. They won’t spend any money on your ads by showing them to users who don’t have the app on their device.

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Facebook said: “Conversation is the future of commerce.” A personal, one-on-one conversation experience is what customers expect from brands these days.

Do some tests and see how both types of ads can benefit your e-commerce business or your organization’s customers.

Share your results or questions in our Facebook community, full of bot builders like you from all over the world. Then learn more about how eCommerce businesses and marketing agencies can use it to drive engagement and increase sales. Happy botting! 🤖 Influencer Marketing is an incredibly profitable industry and a powerful marketing activity for brands. Businesses, especially those new to Instagram and social media marketing, should consider sponsored Instagram posts from time to time.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

Working with influencers gives your brand a face and personality beyond traditional marketing efforts and introduces your product to a wider, fresh audience. It’s a reasonable addition to your marketing budget.

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But with a growing number of influential partners and endorsements, it caught the attention of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In fact, they’ve been following Instagram sponsored posts and influencers much more closely in recent years than they did in the past.

Even if the influencer is the recipient of the warning letter, both the influencer and the brand have a shared responsibility with the FTC and consumers to provide clear and accurate sponsored content.

So how can your brand publish sponsored posts on Instagram without getting slapped by the FTC? What are the specific rules? Is it enough to put an #ad in the caption? How do you navigate sponsored Instagram stories? Read on to find out.

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a consumer protection agency that works to prevent misleading or deceptive advertising and to educate “marketers about their responsibilities under the law and truthful advertising standards.”

In 2009, the FTC issued revised guidelines covering social media advertising endorsements and testimonials. They also released an FAQ category to increase accountability among influencers and brands for their Instagram sponsored posts.

That’s pretty legit to read, isn’t it? That’s why we’ll break it down for you below.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

Remember, if you want your brand to be successful and safe on Instagram, you need to follow FTC regulations. Start here.

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According to the FTC’s revised guidelines published in 2009; “When there is a relationship between the sponsor and the seller of the advertised product that may affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement (ie, such relationship must be fully disclosed).”

So why does the FTC require disclosure? It’s simple: be a transparent consumer. The purpose of discovery is to separate paid endorsements from “Hey, I like this.” Answer:

If your exposure is related to your brand, you may be violating FTC regulations. It is solely your responsibility as a business to follow FTC guidelines as your influencer and partner.

In fact, most brands create their own partnership rules (which we’ll discuss below). Basically, you need to be on the same page with your influencers to make sure both sides follow through.

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There are several different ways to communicate as partners through sponsored or sponsored Instagram posts. To comply with FTC guidelines, make sure you encourage your influencers to follow (at least) one of these methods.

It’s common practice for influencers to identify sponsored Instagram posts by including #sponsored, #sponsored, #advertising, #paid, #partnership, or similar hashtags in their captions.

Well, that doesn’t count as an FTC disclosure. The only fully compatible hashtags for sponsored Instagram posts are #ad or #sponsored.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

According to the FTC, “…avoid ambiguous disclosures such as #thanks, #collab, #sp, #spon, or #ambassador. Clarity is key. Use clear and unambiguous language when disclosing material links to trademarks. abbreviations, acronyms or secret language are unlikely to communicate effectively to consumers”.

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Additionally, the FTC asks influencers to place these hashtags where consumers can see them, which means you can’t place them in the middle or below the headline. Instagram captions get cut off after 3 to 4 lines and customers don’t always click “…more” to expand the text.

“Think about looking at your own social media habits. You get more clicks per link click. We are not the same. A better way to discover brand relationships is to hit them between the eyes,” the FTC said.

While we always encourage the use of hashtags (they can increase your engagement by 70%), there may be a case or two where your influencer prefers to leave them out of the headline.

Good news. You can post without a hashtag, but you still need to make it very clear that the post is an endorsement.

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Remember, transparency is the goal. If your audience can’t tell the difference between a paid endorsement and a “Hey, I like this!” Publish from the title, most likely you will not be identified properly.

I mentioned above that many brands create their own hashtags and partner campaigns that their influencers can participate in. You can do it too.

Creating your own brand endorsement hashtag is a good idea for several reasons. It identifies other branded hashtags that your business can link to and separates your hashtagged posts from millions of sponsored posts.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

It also benefits your influencer because the hashtag brand can

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