How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Facebook

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Facebook – Sponsored Facebook posts help brands reach more people, connect with the right people, and drive specific actions. With an endless mix of audience targeting to 1.47 billion users across multiple ad formats and platforms, Facebook offers brand messaging opportunities like no other.

Facebook account: You can promote ads on any page with the appropriate access rights of the page owner. Your Page name and profile picture will appear in the upper left corner of your ad.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Facebook

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Facebook

Post text: The longest text in the ad (125 characters recommended), displayed at the top of the image/video. Post text should include most of the story. What are you promoting? What benefits can consumers expect? Why should I buy, sign up, view more or download?

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Creatives: Depending on the ad format selected, you can insert 1 image/video or up to 10 images/video in your carousel ad. Shorter Facebook video ads are better. Less than 30 seconds is recommended.

Headline: Your headline is the most prominent and should be the most catchy phrase in your ad. It should be clear and concise, but it will grab your attention as the user scrolls through your Facebook feed. Keep your headlines within 25 characters to avoid truncating your copy on mobile devices. If you’re using carousel ads, you’ll have multiple 40-character titles that match each image or video.

Descriptive text: This text is a small copy that appears below the headline (or headline for carousel ads). Although optional, it provides additional opportunities to tell your brand story. Descriptive text can be very useful, but most ad formats are limited to 30 characters and carousel ads to 20 characters.

Call-to-action buttons: Ads have several clickable components that direct users to specific destinations, such as images, headline/descriptive text, and CTA buttons. You can choose from a list of predefined button options such as Learn More, Donate Now, and View Menu. Enabling a button will encourage people to take a specific action in your ad.

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Amplification: Amplification provides a simpler way to extend the reach of your posts. This allows you to quickly promote your posts by selecting your target audience, time frame, and budget directly on your page. Boosting is actually for awareness and engagement purposes, but it can also be used to drive people to your page if your Facebook post contains a link to your website.

Promotion: On the other hand, promoting your post gives you more powerful options for goals, targeting, and ad formats/placements. Promote your posts through Facebook Ads Manager using our full suite of advertising options. Goals range from brand awareness to app installs to store visits and more. By promoting your posts, you can access all of your targeting categories and combine them to find the audiences most relevant to your brand. This also opens up possibilities for more creative and placement options not available through boosting, such as certain call-to-action buttons and in-stream video ads.

When you promote your posts on Facebook, you start by creating a campaign. Choose your destination here. Create an ad set (or ad set) in your campaign that contains all targeting, budget, and timing details. Finally, create an ad within the ad set.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Facebook

When setting goals or reporting on campaign performance, make sure you have the most relevant and up-to-date sources of benchmarking. Averages vary by industry and ad format. Digital media is constantly changing, so try to stick to sources from the past year. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, you can use CTR and CPC or CPM benchmarks for comparison. For your app install goals, find cost-per-install benchmarks for a specific device type (iOS or Android), etc.

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Now that you are a Facebook advertising expert, test any combination of formats, creatives, audiences, and more to find the ad that works best for you or your audience!

Previous article Finishing a Project: How to Lead Your Team to Success Next article Facebook Advertising: 5 Tips for Creating Successful Campaigns All Articles Unpublished Facebook posts, also known as “dark” posts, are actively used by advertisers. Information and advertising tools have pulled the curtain back on how often advertisers use this feature.

There are times when an unpublished ad is intentional, such as when an advertiser wants to test multiple ads, but not all variations are shown on the site. In other cases, it is the result of a Facebook feature (eg lead ads are not posted by default).

Learn what unpublished posts are, when you want to post them, and how to navigate the publishing process.

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Published post means that the post will appear on the Facebook page associated with the post. Unpublished posts will not appear on your Facebook Page, only your News Feed (or other locations where applicable). Often used only as advertising (also known as sponsorship) posts. but both announced

There are reasonable business scenarios where an advertiser might use an unpublished post. Here are some examples:

Creative testing of ads: Advertisers may test multiple creative combinations or copies and may not want site visitors to see all variations.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Facebook

Lead Forms: Facebook lead form posts are created in Ads Manager, but the lead form itself can be created directly on the page. This is basically the lead form

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Canvas Ads: Canvas posts are usually created in Ads Manager, but you also have the option to create canvas posts directly from the Canvas section of the Pages tool.

Creative Ads Testing: You can run multiple ads for a short while before determining the best performance. You can then select the best artists and publish them directly on your site so your site visitors can see the best work you have to offer.

Lead Forms: You can post lead form posts directly to your business page so that Facebook users can easily find them. This can be especially important, for example, when running competitions that are likely to generate a lot of interest.

Canvas Ads: Creating a canvas ad post is easiest in Ads Manager, especially if you are creating many versions of your ad at once. If you want these posts to be found on your site, you must post them directly on your site.

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Canvas creative units can only be viewed on mobile devices, but the original post can be viewed on desktop. For this reason, we recommend running canvas ads only if you need to display them on your site. Otherwise, keep it unpublished to avoid frustrating users visiting your site on desktop.

To post an unpublished post, go to Ads Manager. If you’re using Business Manager, you can access it by going to If not, you can access it by going to

In Ads Manager, click the Stacks dropdown in the upper left corner and select Publish to Page in the Create & Manage section.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Facebook

In the upper left corner, you’ll see a page selection drop-down menu. If you can’t find your site in this drop-down list, make sure you’ve selected the correct Business Manager account or Ads account in the upper-right corner of this screen.

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On the left you will see various post options such as Scheduled Posts, Published Posts, and Advertising Posts. Lists usually default to advertising posts.

You can choose to “post”, which immediately places the post on a page where site visitors can see it.

You can also select “Schedule” to set a time and date for postings to appear on your Page. Be careful not to accidentally select “Delete”. Your post will be completely deleted.

The Create Ad option allows you to create a new ad using the same ad you used before. Remember that multiple ads can use the same post. This is a common tactic for building “social proof”.

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To see your unpublished posts, you can use the search bar in the Pages Posts tool to scroll through your ad posts. This is especially useful if you have a lot of advertising related posts.

You can use this search bar to search for text copies of advertising posts. You can also search by post ID number.

You can find the post ID in Ads Manager by going to the post overview in your ad. Here is a brief description of the steps to do this.

How To Post A Sponsored Ad On Facebook

The ad details are now displayed. You can find your post ID using the post link here.

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To access the affiliate link in your ad post, go to the View Ads section and select the small right-facing arrow. Here, select the Facebook Posts with Comments option.

This will open a link to the following URL:

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