How To Post A Job Posting On Linkedin

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How To Post A Job Posting On Linkedin

How To Post A Job Posting On Linkedin

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Social Media Sites For The Job Search

LinkedIn is a social media site built around its users’ professional networks, where individuals can connect with current and former colleagues, join industry groups, and find and apply for jobs at companies on the platform. As a small business, you can use LinkedIn’s recruiting platform (offered in multiple plans – Basic, Premium Business, Recruiter Lite and Recruiter) to find your next employee by capturing candidates.

Your first step in recruiting candidates on LinkedIn is to consider which networking plan best suits your hiring needs. So you want to build and maintain your company profile and business networks and search for candidates.

Each LinkedIn plan offers unique features and benefits. For example, while you can post on your personal LinkedIn page when you’re looking for candidates, it’s not until you reach the Recruiter Lite level that you can post on a LinkedIn job board. Below is a comparison of resources to help you determine which LinkedIn plan may be right for you:

*The LinkedIn website disclaimer indicates that prices vary by region. You must register to see your local prices.

The Best Free Job Boards To Post Your Job To In 2022

Before you can contact anyone, you need to create your own company profile page. There are two main reasons for this:

Also, remember that it’s not enough to just create your page – you also need to update it. Make sure your company’s location, contact information and any current vacancies are up to date. Note any previous work you’re proud of.

Send an invitation to connect with anyone you’ve worked with in the past or present, especially those with whom you’ve developed a positive relationship. Since LinkedIn relies on connections in its network, growing your network should be the first step in finding new employees. These connections may introduce you to job seekers they know, or you may find that a former colleague is looking for a new opportunity.

How To Post A Job Posting On Linkedin

When you reach out to members who are not part of your network, such as job seekers or freelancers you want to hire, you need to personalize your invitation. LinkedIn allows you to use up to 300 characters in your connection invitation request to share who you are and why you want to connect.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin (step By Step Guide)

Find great candidates, even if they haven’t applied for your job yet. The right candidate may not have seen your job posting on a job posting website or may not be actively looking for a new job right now. If they’re looking for a job, LinkedIn members can select Yes from the Job Search option in Privacy in their account settings to let employers know they’re open to a new job.

Once you’ve identified a potential candidate, check their profile to see if you have any common connections. If so, contact that connection and ask them to introduce you. Not only will this connect you with the candidate, but your common connection can confirm your company’s reputation.

You can search for candidates based on skills, job title, previous employers in your industry, or almost any other keyword a candidate may have on their profile.

LinkedIn Groups are where you’ll find thought leaders, accessible collaborators, and people who can help you connect to find your next employee. Whether you’re looking for a project manager, HR representative, or social media guru, the best ones are likely to be active members in relevant groups within their industry. You can join groups, read posts, rate conversations, and connect with those you think might be a good addition to your team.

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For example, if you’re looking for a marketing expert, join a group like Social Media Today; Or if you’re looking for a project manager, try joining the Project Managers (PM) Network. It’s as easy as typing an industry type, such as engineering, or a job type, such as project manager, into the search box and selecting groups as shown below.

Consider asking your current employees to post positive information about you and your company, as well as job openings on their profiles. A Glassdoor study found that potential employees are three times more likely to trust the people who work at their company than their executive team.

Asking your most passionate employees to promote your company on LinkedIn can be more successful than simply posting job ads. LinkedIn is a great place for employees to share their positive comments about you and your company and can be a differentiator in your company’s ability to attract top talent.

How To Post A Job Posting On Linkedin

Find current employees on LinkedIn, connect with them and ask them to promote the company and its open positions.

Creating A Job Posting

Once you’ve set up your profile and connected with friends and colleagues, you can post your current job openings directly to LinkedIn. This feature is not available with Basic or Premium Business options; However, with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, you’ll have access to a recruiting platform where you can find, connect with, and manage candidates. You can also use your marketing tools to run ads and pages and create custom content to make your business stand out from the crowd.

You may already be posting jobs on free job search sites like Indeed or paid job posting sites that typically come with more features like ZipRecruiter. LinkedIn can help you determine which candidates are truly experienced based on their profile versus those who just created a great resume. Of course, not everyone keeps their profiles up to date, so consider LinkedIn as a data source only. You can also use LinkedIn InMail, a feature of LinkedIn Premium Business and Recruiter Lite, to contact former employers, employees, or other candidates who have left positive comments on their profile.

LinkedIn offers four plans available for finding top talent: LinkedIn Basic, LinkedIn Premium Business, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, and LinkedIn Recruiter. Click on the tabs below to take a deeper look at its features.

Small businesses can use LinkedIn Basic to hire their next employee. Although the functionality is limited, the plan is free and allows you to connect with users who are in your professional network of connections.

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However, the LinkedIn Basic plan is limited to just the network. You can message someone you’re connected to and join groups, but you won’t be able to use the recruiting tools to post jobs and hire candidates.

Upgrading your plan to LinkedIn Premium Business ($59.99 per month) unlocks one of your most valuable features: InMail. InMail is LinkedIn’s messaging tool that allows Premium Business subscribers to send messages to users with whom they are not already connected. If you’ve found a candidate you’d like to pursue but don’t share a link to introduce them, InMail will allow you to contact them.

Premium Business is recommended for its additional features beyond the free basic plan, such as business analytics, search functionality, and open profile status. However, if you are interested in advertising jobs, LinkedIn Premium Business does not offer recruiting solutions.

How To Post A Job Posting On Linkedin

See what you get with LinkedIn Premium Business and how each can benefit you as a business owner or HR representative trying to hire new employees.

Introducing How You Match On Linkedin Jobs

LinkedIn’s Recruiter Lite plan costs $139.99 per month and is aimed at small and medium businesses to help find and connect with top talent. This is the first plan in a series for small businesses that allows you to post jobs on a private job board. You can list your open positions and any LinkedIn user can apply if they are connected to you.

You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription and can cancel at any time. Additionally, you can search for a network (3rd degree connection) using filters such as skills and years of experience to help you narrow down your search.

Its top-tier recruiting plan, LinkedIn Recruiter, offers additional insights on its 740+ million users, plus advanced search filters (40+ smart offer filters), talent matching, job postings and additional connections through its InMail messaging platform.

In Recruiter, you can connect with any LinkedIn member using InMail, send mass messages, and save templates for future use. In addition, you can manage your account on the go with your mobile app (iOS and Android), where you will receive alerts and be able to quickly respond to candidates and continue your operations directly from your desktop.

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LinkedIn Recruiter includes all the same features as the Basic, Premium Business, and Recruiter Lite plans. However, it goes further by adding the features below.

While LinkedIn Recruiter is a good choice for employers and large companies, we recommend Recruiter Lite or Premium Business for most small businesses. Also, there are cheaper applicant tracking and HR options for small business owners.

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