How To Post A Job On Linkedin

How To Post A Job On Linkedin – You may be wondering “How to post a job on LinkedIn” if your company wants to post a promotion online. And we agree, LinkedIn is the place to be.

A professional social network makes it easy for you to find the perfect candidate. Let the algorithm do the work for you.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin

How To Post A Job On Linkedin

You can create the perfect offer on LinkedIn, and this article will show you how to do it.

How To Post A New Job On Linkedin

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn Step by Step 1 On LinkedIn, click “Jobs” and then “Post a job for free.”

Go to your LinkedIn profile. At the top, you’ll see the “Jobs” icon, then click “Post a job for free.”

You will be redirected to a page where you have to fill in all the blank fields with your company’s employment information.

Here you select the role you want to fill. Start writing so LinkedIn can offer suggestions, and all you have to do is fill out the form.

Two Quick Ways To Get Better Job Applicants From Linkedin — Recruit Better

· Employment: It is important to complete this section so that it is linked to your company’s LinkedIn page.

In this section, include a description of what you are looking for in your company. This is the creative part of the ad where you can write at length.

Additionally, you can add skills, up to 10, that reflect what skills you’re looking for in a job offer.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin

How do you want to be notified when there are job candidates? You can choose to “Collect by email” or send to your company page.

The Complete Guide To Posting Jobs On Linkedin

If you wish, you can add a question to help you select the most suitable candidates for the role.

If the job offer is paid, you just need to follow the same steps in this post and add your credit card information.

There is another way to advertise on LinkedIn to search for candidates for a vacancy in your company.

By posting on your wall explaining what you’re looking for, mentioning your team members, adding a link to your website, or a video showing the position.

Linkedin Job Posting Integration

Users who follow you can share it on their walls, interact with it and help it reach as many people as possible.

Maybe you’re not entirely sure if posting a job on LinkedIn is worth the effort, and you might be wondering what LinkedIn can offer you when you post job vacancies at your company. Keep reading!

As a “work” social network, it helps you connect everyone and will make it easier to share your post.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin

By using keywords on LinkedIn, users who are actively looking for a job will easily find your post.

Linkedin Checklist For A Job Seeker (post Hackbright)

If you post your job offer, LinkedIn will send an automatic notification to potential candidates. They are sent via email and on their smartphones.

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How To Post A Job On Linkedin

It may not be anything new, but the feature and weak verification on career sites open the way for attackers to post fake ads for malicious purposes.

Introducing How You Match On Linkedin Jobs

For example, attackers can use this social engineering tactic to collect personal information and resumes from professionals who believe they are contacting a legitimate business, unaware that their information can be sold or used for phishing scams.

This week, Harman Singh, a security expert and management consultant at Ciphere, shared a “feature” that he found very disturbing.

“Anyone can post a job under a company’s LinkedIn account and it looks exactly like the job advertised by the company.”

“I checked but I couldn’t post the job, but it’s going well pending review,” Singh said in an email interview.

You Can Post Linkedin Jobs As Almost Any Employer — So Can Attackers

“For example, if a company’s Google LinkedIn page is vulnerable, we’ll be able to post a job on their behalf and add some parameters to redirect applicants to a new site where we can collect [personal information and credentials] and some unusual social engineering tricks,” he said. Singh added.

In tests conducted by , I used an unrelated LinkedIn account and was able to successfully post a new job ad on behalf of , almost anonymously.

The job listing would look authentic as if it came directly from . It also didn’t show the user account that created the post—an option set by the user posting the job, not the employer.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin

In short, he also took advantage of LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” feature, so that any resume posted by an applicant would go directly to the test’s email account, unlike LinkedIn, which would redirect the applicant to an external site.

Free Credit On First Linkedin Job Post

We found that using a test email account to collect an applicant’s personal information and resume would leave no indication of suspicious activity to the applicant or employer, unlike redirecting the applicant to a website that may immediately appear to be fake.

Singh believes that this feature has been abused in the past and could become a breeding ground for phishing.

While pen testers and red teams can make good use of this feature for reconnaissance and social engineering, Singh says threat actors can abuse the same feature to target the public for various types of scams and phishing.

While recruitment scams on LinkedIn are nothing new, the ones reported so far mostly rely on someone creating a fake profile and marketing themselves as a “recruiter” for a company.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin? (for Free)

On the other hand, this attack allows anyone to instantly create a job listing on behalf of almost any organization without revealing their identity.

What steps can you take as an employer to prevent unauthorized persons and threats from creating fake job listings using your brand?

While LinkedIn published a blog post in 2019 with some tips on spotting and avoiding common recruitment fraud, it doesn’t address the specific issue described here.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin

In our tests, we confirmed that you cannot remove a fake job yourself, even as a superadmin of your company page.

How To Share A Job Posting On Linkedin (and What To Say)

Following the administrator’s link to the job posting through the official LinkedIn account showed the administrator an error:

Company Page admin does not have access to remove or manage job postings created by unauthorized users

For example, when testing , we were unable to open jobs on behalf of certain employers, such as Google:

By default, a LinkedIn company page administrator cannot restrict job listings

Tuesday Tips: How To Be A Job Search Ninja On Linkedin

“You can manually email the LinkedIn Trust and Safety team to enable those options that allow you to block unauthorized posts and allow only authorized team members to post jobs,” Singh said while sharing the team’s email address :

However, since LinkedIn does not share this email address online, you are vulnerable to this type of attack unless you knew of its existence and were able to block this “feature”.

In addition, Singh suggests telling your recruiting and HR teams to periodically monitor your company’s LinkedIn pages and report potential fraudulent posts to LinkedIn, which is a workaround, albeit a slower one.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin

“We work every day to protect our members and prevent fraud on our platform,” a LinkedIn spokesperson said.

Linkedin Redesigns Job Postings

“When you’re looking for a job, security means knowing that the recruiter is talking to who they pretend to be, that the job you’re excited about is real and genuine, and how to spot a scam.”

“Posting fake content, misinformation, and fake deals are clear violations of our Terms of Service.” Before posting jobs, we use automated and manual defenses to detect and resolve fraudulent accounts or suspected fraud.”

But contrary to the claim, their automated systems did not detect the tests until , and the test listings were only removed after our email to LinkedIn.

“Whenever we find fraudulent posts, we work to remove them quickly and are constantly investing in new ways to improve detection.”

Apply Connect Integration

“This includes providing tools for businesses to require business email verification sooner rather than later.”

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