How To Make Your Website Load Faster WordPress

How To Make Your Website Load Faster WordPress – A fast-loading website is important for getting and maintaining steady traffic. Therefore, WordPress speed is a concern for everyone who wants to grow their WP site, increase their traffic, and increase their revenue. As a website owner, how can I optimize WordPress performance? isn’t it?

Several factors can slow down your WP site, including the host, the theme or WordPress plugin you use, and the images you use.

How To Make Your Website Load Faster WordPress

How To Make Your Website Load Faster WordPress

Even if your site isn’t particularly slow, it makes sense to optimize for speed — you can’t be too fast when it comes to site load times.

Website Speed Optimization: 6 Best Techniques For 2022

This article identifies issues that may be slowing down your website and gives you practical steps to increase your WordPress speed. Ultimately, your goal should be to optimize WordPress performance and reduce your site load time to under 1.5 seconds. This guide will show you how to achieve this result.

First, we recommend that you get a benchmark of your current website speed. You can use the Pingdom website Speedtest Tool or to do this. In this article, I’m using Pingdom to test the site, but you should get good results using any testing tool as described in this guide.

Did you run the test? What’s your load time? Always less than 2 seconds is fine, but still optimizes. Be careful if it takes more than 2 seconds. That’s why.

A slow-loading website can negatively impact your website traffic and revenue. Basically, the performance of your WordPress site directly affects the performance of your business.

How To Speed Up A WordPress Site That’s Slow To Load

In 2010, search giant Google announced that it would start considering site speed as a ranking factor. This means that no matter how good your SEO is, or how many great articles and resources you provide, if your site loads slowly, you won’t get enough traffic from Google. The same goes for Bing and other search engines.

I just clicked on a google search result and found that the page wouldn’t open for the next few seconds. What’s wrong? According to a recent survey by Akamai and Gomez, nearly half of internet users expect pages to load within two seconds. For more information, press the back button and click another result.

If you run an e-commerce website, you should double down on optimizing WordPress speed. In the same survey cited above, 79% of online shoppers reported performance issues with their website. In some cases, they said they would never buy from the site, and 44% said they would tell a friend if they had a bad shopping experience on the site.

How To Make Your Website Load Faster WordPress

Since both your traffic and revenue are at risk, you should take steps to ensure your site is extremely fast – we recommend loading times of less than 1.5 seconds. This guide will show you how to optimize WordPress for this speed.

A Beginner’s Guide To Website Speed Optimization ⚡ Fix Your Slow Site

We’ll use a sample WordPress site to test and demonstrate how the steps described in this guide can improve speed.

The test site uses a linear WordPress theme with some plugins installed and enabled. This is our first benchmark for page load speed on our test site.

As you can see it loads in 1.87 seconds. After performing the steps below, repeat this test to see a speed improvement.

The rest of this article describes steps you can take to speed up WordPress. If you want to skip all the work, let a WordPress expert take care of speed optimization and make your site super fast. Can. You can apply for services here.

How To Boost WordPress Speed & Performance: The Ultimate Guide 2022

The WordPress optimization steps in this section are easy to follow and can be done by regular WP users. Each is critical to WordPress performance and speed. After following the steps in this section, you can load test the page again to see how the speed improves.

When a request is sent to your site, WordPress will process your php script and generate html and other content. Cache plugins allow you to save HTML content processed in a previous request and send it in the next request without running a php script, resulting in faster page load times.

Good caching plugins include WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache. These help improve WordPress performance.

How To Make Your Website Load Faster WordPress

To do this, log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New. Search for WP Fastest Cache and install it.

How To Make Your Blog Load Faster Than 80% Of Other Websites

Then click on WP Fastest Cache in the left menu. This will open the settings page for this plugin. Enable the option as shown in the screenshot below.

You should also set a cache timeout. This is the amount of time before the cache is cleared and flushed. To do this, switch to the Cache Timeout tab and click Add New Rule.

Select All for If REQUEST_URI. After that, choose the duration for clearing the cache. This time should be determined by the traffic to your website. If you get a lot (like 5000 hits a minute), you can choose a shorter time, like 5 minutes. Then click Save to activate this payment plan.

If your site doesn’t have a lot of traffic and you choose a shorter time, the cache will already be cleared when the next user visits your site. This means that the content must be loaded via PHP and this plugin has no effect. at your speed.

How To Disable Wp Cron For Faster Performance

One thing to keep in mind about caching is that with caching enabled, WordPress may still be serving cached pages, so changes you make to your site may not be reflected immediately. This is a natural problem. If you encounter this problem, you can see the changes by clearing the cache using the Clear Cache tab.

Minifying code means removing unnecessary characters, spaces and lines to make the file smaller. The resulting smaller size also means your code will load faster, making WordPress faster.

Combining code means combining all the Javascript and CSS files needed to render the page. Having one Javascript file and one CSS file combined reduces the number of http requests required to load the page. This optimizes WordPress performance and speeds up your website.

How To Make Your Website Load Faster WordPress

You can use the WP Fastest Cache plugin installed in step 1 to minify and combine your WP code. To do this, click on WP Fastest Cache in the main menu of the dashboard. Then tick the four options to enable code minification and merging (see image below).

Plugins For Faster Loading WordPress Including Asset Cleanup

With Gzip compression, web pages are compressed to a very small size before being sent to the browser. This size reduction means your pages will download faster, improving WordPress speed and performance.

You can enable Gzip compression using the WP Fastest Cache plugin. On the plugin’s settings page, check “Gzip”.

Images are important to all websites. You won’t be able to write engaging content, showcase your products, or tell a story on a travel or news blog without using good images.

However, images are often larger than most other content on a web page and can slow down your site.

Speed Up Your WordPress Website With A Content Delivery Networkcdn In 2018

– First you need to save the image in the appropriate file format. For rich and realistic images, use JPG. Use PNG for line art, simple graphic work, and text-heavy images such as screenshots.

The two images look exactly the same, but you might not realize that the first image is 3.57 MB and the second is 960 KB. Using the compression tool, I was able to reduce the size of the second image by over 74%. Pages with optimized images load much faster than the first image.

The good news is that you can install plugins in WordPress to help optimize your images and compress them automatically. A really good plugin is “Smush Image Optimizations and Compression”. Please install and enable this plugin.

How To Make Your Website Load Faster WordPress

After activation, you will be directed to the plugins page. Click on Bulk Smush Now to start optimizing all your images.

How To Speed Up WordPress And Boost Performance: Top WordPress Optimization Tricks [2022 Edition] • Crunchify

However, please note that the free version of this plugin only optimizes images smaller than 5 MB.

Here’s another way to optimize your WordPress images so your pages don’t slow down. With lazy loading, the image is loaded onto the screen only when the user scrolls to the part of the page where the image appears.

This way, the page will render faster because the user doesn’t have to wait for all the images to load. This will improve WordPress performance.

This plugin starts working after activation. However, you can customize your options by going to Settings > BJ Lazy Loading in the Dashboard.

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Update: The Smush plugin now has lazy loading in the free version, so you may decide not to install the BJ plugin.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are similar to caching, but instead of storing static files

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