How To Make Your Samsung Tablet Faster

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Big and bold, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family of devices seeks to redefine what a tablet is and can do. In addition to their gorgeous 11-, 12.4-, and 14.6-inch screens, the Tab S8, Tab S8+, and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra combine a faster Snapdragon processor and improved S-Pen stylus to give you a device that’s perfect for anything. Featuring the latest episodes of “The Expanse,” shoot and share 4K videos and take notes without pen or paper.

How To Make Your Samsung Tablet Faster

How To Make Your Samsung Tablet Faster

In other words, the Tab S8 family offers something for everyone, and like Goldilocks, one of the three tablets should be just right for whatever you want to do. Whether you’re writing a to-do list with the S-Pen, blocking out traffic noise on a video call, or making your laptop more private, Samsung’s Tab S8 tablets offer plenty of useful features.

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To help you get the most out of it, I’ve compiled this handy list of tips you should know and features you should enable to get the most out of your new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Each one takes no more than a minute and requires no prior experience with Android, but can dramatically improve your tablet experience. In other words, these tips and tricks make a good thing even better.

The Tab S8’s rear camera supports 4K UHD video clip shooting at 30 frames per second, perfect for creating a baby’s first look for a family or preparing a home guide for a real estate agent.

Start on the home screen by opening the Camera app and tapping on the videos below. There are now icons for settings, flash, aspect ratio and shooting resolution. I took UHD (3840 by 2160), but I could have used HD (1280 by 720) or Full HD (1920 by 1080) if I wanted to record a video that took less space. Be careful when shooting 4K video, because using the UHD setting eats up storage space faster than a snack on the set of “My 600 Pound Life.”

Once set up, click the red dot on the right to start taking photos and the black square when you say “cut” — the videos will appear in the tablet’s Gallery app.

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I have my show on a digital can, and now all I want to do is show the world my young Spielbergian talents – or at least my assistants. After you’ve highlighted a video to share in the tablet’s Gallery app, a black checkmark will appear in the top left. Next, I tapped on the three circle sharing icon at the bottom left and selected YouTube from the app icons.

The interface allows for emailing and other sharing methods, but video files can be too large for easy sharing, especially if you’re shooting in 4K; A 3 second UHD clip can be 20MB or more.

If I want the public to see after adding the title and description, there is a place to put the location tag. I hit Next to take my first step onto the Oscars stage.

How To Make Your Samsung Tablet Faster

The world is tired of seeing my messy kitchen on video calls. Fortunately, the new Tab S8 can make the background pop up on Google Duo and disappear. After opening the Duo app, I tapped the camera icon on the right to open the Phone Effects window. After tapping Background, I chose Blur to make my kitchen mess an unrecognizable place for video calls. Other options include using an image or colored background.

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With the Phone Effects screen open, there are two more useful video conferencing features that I recommend trying out. First, I set the auto-frame so that if my head moves slightly out of frame, the camera will keep me on the screen. It’s a great way to look more professional and it will follow me when I don’t sneeze. Next, I set the volume to Voice Focus, which will cancel out common household sounds like dogs barking and children crying. It is a must listen.

Most of us, myself included, have no memory of ever agreeing to give up our privacy online. The Tab S8 can restore some of them using the permissions dashboard.

Here’s how you do it: Open the Privacy Settings section and tap Use permissions to see which apps and parts of the tablet are allowed to share data. Enable and disable multiple checkboxes to enable and disable privacy-related features to protect the camera and microphone.

One of the most significant improvements to the Tab S8 family is the new S Pen. Its fast response time makes it great for lists, drawing selfies, and using the Tab S8’s interface. After going to the Advanced Features Settings section, I tapped on the S Pen to customize the pen. I recommend enabling the pen’s ability to show the pointer without touching the screen and write notes on the screen with the display turned off.

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My favorite is that the Tab S8 automatically opens the Samsung Notes app when I take the pen out of the case, so it’s ready for my drawings. This can be activated by scrolling down the S Pen page and tapping Create a note that opens when the S Pen is removed.

You can also avoid the problem with a feature designed to prevent the S-Pen from dropping. After enabling the “Warn if S Pen left” feature, you will be alerted if the tablet and pen are too far apart.

Now, with the screen off and the S Pen out of range (about 50 feet), I get a notification that I dropped it.

How To Make Your Samsung Tablet Faster

You might have some trouble charging the Tab S8, not because it doesn’t come with an AC adapter. Once you’ve figured out which USB-C charger to use for this, “What about the S Pen?”

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First of all, you don’t need an S-Pen charger: it adds fuel (briefly shows the charge level) when firmly attached to the back of the tablet. To check its charge level, tap the stylus-shaped Air Command icon while pressing the S Pen button; The level appears above the air command icons.

Samsung’s DeX desktop environment started as a way to use your smartphone or tablet on an external screen with cables, but now you can go cable-free. Almost like magic, your laptop can appear on a large screen, perfect for showing off the latest TikTok videos or a presentation at work.

Note that you need a device that supports Miracast (check manufacturer) for this to work. Using a 55-inch TCL Smart TV with Miracast, I started the connection process by pulling up the Tab S8’s notification panel and tapping DeX; The keyboard also has a DeX shortcut. After opening Connect Wirelessly, it will display a list of possible connections. Within seconds of picking up the TCL TV, my Tab S8 desktop was on the big screen, ready for anything. This magic trick works on a bunch of Miracast Smart TVs and add-on receivers, like the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

All Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 devices support refresh rates of up to 120Hz, which will make scrolling and pen usage smoother. However, if you don’t mind that, you might want to drop the refresh rate below 120 Hz to a battery-draining 60Hz.

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Regardless of which Tab S8 you choose, it’s easy to change the refresh rate to match the material, maximizing the tablet’s battery life when the refresh rate is low. Go to the Display section of the Settings app and tap Motion Smoothness. I chose High (120 Hz screen refresh) for showing videos, but I’ll use Standard (60 Hz) for email and web surfing. Unfortunately, it lacks the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone’s ability to adjust the level in small increments.

Like recent Galaxy S and Note phones, the Tab S8’s built-in SmartThings app can remotely control the Samsung Smart Monitor as a remote control. If you have a smart monitor lying around, here’s how to remove it.

The SmartThings app doesn’t look like much, but it lets you use your new Samsung computer to remotely control a nearby Smart Monitor. (Photo Credit: Future)

How To Make Your Samsung Tablet Faster

Using the M7 43 Smart Monitor, I went to the SmartThings app and checked the devices. It detected my display and I agreed to control the Tab S8 display by entering the PIN code from the screen and pressing the OK button on the unit’s remote control. Now, I have full control with the ability to adjust the sound and control the video

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