How To Make Your Phone Run Faster Android

How To Make Your Phone Run Faster Android – Our devices mirror our bodies in a way. At the peak of our youth, it seems we can do everything at our best speed and with our best performance. However, as we grow older, we can see how our strength and health begin to decline, especially when we stress and carry too much weight.

Like any other device or digital device, the performance and speed of the Android operating system (OS) will start to slow down after a while. An OS like Android should be light and fast enough to run tasks while being able to run multiple apps for entertainment.

How To Make Your Phone Run Faster Android

How To Make Your Phone Run Faster Android

However, when we install or run multiple applications at the same time, your Android device’s battery drains and everything slows down, especially CPU processing, file transfer rate, and browsing speed. Other hardware problems can also occur such as volume and display.

Tricks To Make Your Android Run Faster

Although these cases are expected because we use our devices a lot, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about how to speed up your phone.

With these Android tips, you can find the answer to how to speed up your phone. Also, since we want all Android users to upgrade their phones, we also have financial tips to upgrade your phone. Avoid live wallpaper

Using moving wallpapers for your phone is really cool and interesting, but it consumes a lot of energy for your display. What’s worse is if you use a bad live wallpaper, it takes a lot of CPU cycles to run and in turn drains your battery. Every time you open your phone, you create not only the home screen and apps, but also live wallpaper that consumes your battery.

It’s also a good idea to stick to a background with fewer colors, as the display will consume more energy if it produces too many different colors. Also, black is best if you have an OLED panel to avoid the backlight problem.

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You need to do some kind of housekeeping to make your phone run faster. Since there are many junk and unwanted things that remain on your Android device such as system cache, temporary files, and junk data, it becomes slow and sometimes unresponsive. So you need to clear your saved data after sometime to avoid performance issues and speed up your Android.

There are well-designed tools for cleaning stored data. You can look for a built-in phone manager with this feature on your device. Close unnecessary apps

You might be wondering why your storage is getting smaller over time, but you’re not installing new apps. This may be due to some apps not appearing on your home screen or app tray. To check this, go to settings and check your application manager. Once you find out about these apps, you have the option to remove or disable them.

How To Make Your Phone Run Faster Android

If you want to keep these apps but stop them from running in the background, you can disable them so you can re-enable them to use them whenever you want. You can also use the “Activity Assistant” from Android ICS to disable apps you don’t need. Extend battery life

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The most important thing I consider to ensure that I upgrade my phone is to extend its battery life. To do this, you need to make sure that your phone will be fast enough to speed up your Android. Start by removing apps that you no longer need and are draining your battery. Take another look at your app management and decide which one you need the most time for. You will be satisfied that your phone runs faster after deleting some apps.

To uninstall an app, go to the app drawer, tap and hold on the app, and tap the uninstall option. Another option is to go to the Settings app and go to the Apps section. Clicking on any app will bring up information about that app, including how much space it’s using and other facts such as permissions. Below, you will find the “Uninstall” button and press the prompts until the application is removed.

Another useful way to save/extend your Android battery life is to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. You can also check and use power saving mode on most Android phones. Keep a few widgets

They may be small and cute to look at on your home screen, but widgets also drain your battery. Unlike apps, widgets run in the background even if you’re not using them. Although these are useful in some ways, if your goal is to make your phone run faster, you’re better off not using them at all.

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You can search for something else like checking the browser instead of an important date or the weather report, so when you’re done, you can close the browser and save the battery from draining. Know your device.

Even before buying a phone, you should do some research and listen to some forums about its capabilities and limitations. It is important that you manage your expectations by checking its storage capacity like its RAM and ROM, battery life, and other important factors.

If you miss learning your phone’s strengths and weaknesses and buy it just because of its beautiful design or attractive ads, you can pass your phone through reading hungry apps and expect it to run faster. This will not only affect the performance of your phone but also affect your mood.

How To Make Your Phone Run Faster Android

Manage the process and update your phone needs by installing the latest OS version when the OEM releases it. Updating your phone to the latest OS will prevent previous version bugs from bricking your phone. It will also speed up the design and make your phone run faster. Let the correction work for you, not against you.

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Save time and peace of mind by making sure you’re not sending texts and emails to the wrong people. First set your dictionary correctly by checking your language settings. You can also check out other keyboards in the Appstore that have better optimization features.

Using a default layout for the keyboard instead of a fancy or animated circle can also save your phone’s battery life and prevent you from hitting the wrong keys due to an unclear keyboard dashboard. Upgrade the Chrome browser.

Using less bandwidth can help speed up mobile surfing and help you gradually increase your monthly data allowance. Best of all, converting data to preferred options is as simple as clicking a button.

To do this, open your Chrome app, tap the menu icon at the top right of the screen (or tap your phone’s menu button, if you’re using an older device) and select Settings. Click the “Bandwidth Control” button and select “Reduce data usage”. Click the switch to enable the feature and Chrome will start optimizing content to reduce the amount of data sent to your phone. Remove unwanted applications

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We have reiterated that the applications we install on our phones take up a lot of storage space and perform some backup processes that add to the phone’s data usage. These features consume more memory and keep the backup process running on your phone; So, these are the sure ways to reduce your phone’s performance.

Avoid installing apps you rarely use and keep only the ones you need. You can always download specific apps and then uninstall them if you only use them once. Remove/disable bloatware and unused apps

Another factor affecting battery life and storage is bloatware. Bloatware is pre-installed software provided by your device manufacturer. Examples of these include task managers, music players, or even pre-installed games. Unlike other apps, bloatware is difficult to remove and can be removed by flashing the device.

How To Make Your Phone Run Faster Android

In addition to rooting, you can prevent bloatware from consuming power and data by disabling automatic updates. You can avoid using bloatware as your default app. To avoid bloatware altogether, you can buy a phone that runs a pure Android OS, such as those from Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and Google. Fix wrong applications

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If the wrong app or web browser appears when you click a link or view an image, go to the device settings and see which app is selected as the default for certain functions.

You can delete them all together and start over, or you can do them one by one.

Sync is a trusted OS service that connects your data to Google servers. With sync enabled, you can receive notifications when new messages arrive, as well as new notifications or app changes.

However, the connection can be improved but it also consumes data and battery; So, another way to prevent your phone from running too fast. Sync refreshes at a certain time (for example, it checks your email background every 5-10 minutes) and it will feed back to your Android device for activities.

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To avoid it, protect yourself

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