How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes

How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes – There are many reasons to use a homemade baby wipe solution. This recipe takes less than a minute to make, is gentle on baby’s skin, and saves money on disposable wipes. Ouch. This is one of my diaper bag staples and unlike other baby wipes recipes, it doesn’t use mineral oil or regular baby soap.

Yes, it adds another thing to my to-do list, but honestly, this recipe is so simple I don’t even notice it anymore. It uses essential oils to keep my baby’s bottom clean, fresh and rash free. It’s so easy and much cheaper than buying natural baby wipes at the store.

How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes

How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes

The phrase “baby oil” sounds pretty innocuous, but neither baby oil nor mineral oil is. Mineral oil and petrolatum are highly refined by-products of the fossil fuel industry. Some research showing that mineral oil is a potential endocrine disruptor may be linked to cancer and paradoxically may contribute to skin disorders. Baby oil is a mineral oil with added fragrance that has been linked to problems such as cancer and brain cell death.

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“A highly toxic compound produced as a by-product in some manufacturing processes … is a serious and persistent environmental pollutant.”

Some research shows that if mineral oil is sufficiently refined, the final product does not contain harmful chemicals. However, I like to be on the safe side and make those choices that make me feel good.

There are many options here, and really any liquid oil will work. I often use olive oil for this recipe. It is conveniently available in my kitchen cupboard. Good choices are grapeseed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. Virgin coconut oil is solid at room temperature, and while I love it for many things (like this marigold eczema salve), it doesn’t work for this recipe.

I really haven’t had to use diaper cream since using this recipe. If the baby sits in his cloth diaper for too long and his bottom gets red, I use a homemade diaper rash cream. However, the soothing oils in this baby wipe solution prevent irritation and redness in 99% of cases.

How To Make Non Toxic Baby Wipes

(Update: I got lazy and started using store bought wipes. My baby has had more rashes since then, so I may have to switch to a homemade wipe solution!)

I usually stick to lavender essential oil to keep the homemade baby wipe solution simple. This is my favorite oil because it’s gentle on the skin, safe for babies, and soothes just about any skin problem you can think of. Here are some other essential oils that are good choices for a diaper wipe solution.

I like to store my wiping solution in a small cloth bottle. I use the peri bottle the hospital gave me after I gave birth, but any reusable bottle will work.

How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes

You can put the solution in a spray bottle, although I find it takes more effort to get the wipes sufficiently wet this way.

Ingredient, Diy Zero Waste Baby Wipes

The wipe solution can be poured into a box of cloth wipes and stored in a wipe thermometer. This only works if you use all the wipes within a few days or if they are coated. I don’t want to use a wiping solution every day, so I never do.

The wiping solution will last about a week before it goes bad. I found that I used it in 3-4 days so no problem. Mold is more of a concern if you use it in a wipe warmer and pre-soak the cloths. Using an antifungal essential oil such as tea tree provides some protection against mold, but it is not a cure.

The soap cleans the baby’s skin and removes unpleasant odors. The oil moisturizes, protects and allows the cleanser to glide smoothly over the skin. Essential oils help soothe and prevent skin problems.

Tip to make it even faster: I have a soap dispenser with natural castile soap in the bathroom. Instead of measuring the soap, I put 1 pump. I no longer measure the carrier oil, but I poured a little and estimated 1 tsp. Finally, I add a few drops of essential oils.

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Traditional Foods Body Care Essential Oils Health Information & Research Herbal Medicine Herbal Remedies Natural Homemade Food for Baby Health & Supplements Real Food DIY Garden Recipes Homemade Cleaning Wipes are so easy to make, zero waste, and so healthy for you and the environment!

Before we switched to natural, green household cleaners, there was one product under every sink in my house: a tall plastic cylinder filled with disinfectant wipes.

They may be convenient, but those Clorox® or Lysol® disinfectant wipes can wreak havoc on your health, your home, and the environment. Here’s why:

How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes

” report. Read my post on antibacterial sprays and why killing 99% of bacteria might not be so good.

Best Non Toxic Baby Wipes With The Safest Ingredients

There are certainly safer business alternatives out there now, but you’d be surprised what you’ll find when you dig a little deeper into the brands you know and love.

For example, one of my favorite brands – Seventh Generation – their wipes actually get a “D” rating! In fact, when I searched for “disinfecting wipes” on the Environmental Working Group website, I found only 2 products with a perfect “A” rating: Whole Foods Market® brand and one brand I had never heard of – Greenshield Organic ® (which also biodegradable).

There is a better way to provide the convenience of wipes without the waste and harmful side effects and without breaking the bank…

When you see how easy it is to make homemade cleaning wipes, you’ll wonder why they weren’t made sooner. I know I am!

Homemade Wet Wipes

I use a combination of old baby washcloths and some old quilts that I cut into about 8 inch squares with pinking shears. The quilt has 16 squares.

You can cut up some old t-shirts or use thin cloths. A soft cloth (such as blankets or t-shirts) is fine for simple wiping, but “rubbing” the cloth works well for heavier jobs.

No matter what you use, you may need to adjust the liquid ratio to work with your fabrics, so be prepared to experiment. 🙂

How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes

I use a recycled quart size pickle jar. A mason jar works great, or any quart container with a tight-fitting lid. You can use an old baby wipe container or even your old Clorox or Lysol wipes tub (just make sure you wash it thoroughly first)!

How To Make Your Own Disinfecting Wipes

Ideally, if you are using the essential oils of your choice, you may want to stick to glass containers as they can react with plastic. However, it is not very concentrated, so if you have a plastic container, go for it!

There are quite a few variations of the recipe online, and after tweaking this recipe over the years, I got it right: quick and easy.

Many of the recipes I’ve seen online use vinegar, so I used some in the beginning. But after discovering a really handy all-purpose cleaner (!), I updated this homemade cloth recipe to include a secret ingredient called soap (surprise, surprise).

You can also add essential oils for their antibacterial properties (suggestions are included in the recipe below), but they’re not necessary if you want to make a homemade cleansing wipe.

How To Make 1 Minute Homemade Baby Wipes Solution (with Only 3 Ingredients!)

I still mostly prefer my all-purpose cleaner (especially for big, heavy jobs in the kitchen), but sometimes I use a quick, pre-soaked cloth to wipe down the counter or clean the table. … take a quick look at the bathroom before the guests arrive.

When I’m done deleting? I throw it in the little tub in the laundry room where it waits with my microfiber cloth until wash day!

I also made a second jar of wipes to use in the bathroom to remind me to wipe it down every few days. Bonus: this way I can extend the time between deep cleans!

How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes

A few readers commented and emailed me asking for an old recipe I posted in 2016. Although I don’t use it anymore, I’ll add it here if you’d like:

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I don’t think protecting your family from harmful chemicals is necessarily a big deal. Everyone can take one small step at a time. Are you ready to take responsibility for your family’s health? Making baby wipes at home takes a little more effort than buying them, but I enjoy them and save money. By signing up for coupons, extra care dollars and/or rewards, you can get products super cheap or even free! I don’t have to worry about buying baby wipes!

I estimate that there is enough oil to mix with about 2.5 jugs of distilled water. It will take

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