How To Make Your Own Fidget Cube

How To Make Your Own Fidget Cube – While fidgets may seem like a fad, for kids (or adults) who need to fidget, they’re anything but. For those who need them, fidgets are a way to calm anxiety, calm nerves, relax the body, focus attention, and improve concentration.

While fidget wheels and fidget cubes are the obvious fidget choices these days, there are plenty of fidgets you can make yourself at home.

How To Make Your Own Fidget Cube

How To Make Your Own Fidget Cube

Make your own stress balls – they’re super easy (and cheap) to make. You can attach them to backpacks or lockers and they are great quiet wheels for school.

Make Your Own Lego Magic Folding Cube With Just A Few Pieces [instructions]

Homemade Emoji Squishies – This is another relaxing fidget that is great for squishing, making them a great relaxation tool.

OT Toolbox has some great suggestions for DIY fidgets using things you probably have around the house, like paper clips or beads and pipe cleaners.

Carolyn from Wise Owl Factory suggests using coffee mixers because they can be whisked noiselessly on the table.

Of course, if you don’t want to make your own fidgets, there are also some really cool and unique fidgets you can buy, like these spinning fidget rings and pens.

Detailed Images Of Mlp Fidget Its Cubes & Spinners Revealed

Read more about toys for anxiety and nervousness and more when it comes to sensory processing explained in Sensory Processing. I made this infinity cube for M a while back and figured it was time to share! I made it for you to share. This tutorial is super easy and when you’re done, you’ll have a fun and inexpensive toy that’s a great alternative to a fidget spinner – less of a choking hazard (if you use bigger cubes) and a lot quieter!

Update: This post was originally published in 2017 when fidget spinners were all the rage. Now that the Pop-it is a fun sensory trend, I find that kids are driven back to fidget toys and decide to upgrade and re-release with functional connections. My kids play with these now – and yes, the original one I made four years ago is still in good condition and gets a lot of use!

A while ago I made an M case fidget spinner and sensory toys that he loved so much, so I decided to make another toy for him.

How To Make Your Own Fidget Cube

I was inspired to recreate this toy. I wanted it without all the nails, screws and fasteners…

How To Make A Wooden Fidget Cube

In this post (and especially in the video you will find before the written instructions) you will find THREE sizes of dice.

One is the jumbo size, made of one-inch cubes. It’s not as easy to use as others, but it’s great for people who like to have weight in their hands. Get 10% off wooden blocks from Woodpeckers by using code at checkout!

The last one is a mini (the one I was showing the tutorial) made from 5/8 inch cubes. It’s really mini – perfect for when you need a one-handed toy or when you need something compact and light.

M enjoys playing with all of these (he didn’t want to lend them to me to photograph them all for the post!)

Diy Easy Fidget Spinners — Thrifty Mommas Tips

They are made of simple wooden blocks and thin adhesive tape. I had to cut the ribbon in half on the small ribbon as well.

Duct tape sticks very well. I taped it backwards – meaning after installing the base tape to hold the cube in the right places, I added another piece to support it.

At least, I decided to make it more colorful. I painted my cubes using Martha Stewart Soft Gel Watercolors, which I received for free as part of their ambassador program, in hopes of sharing them with you.

How To Make Your Own Fidget Cube

The color blends well into the blocks and I love how natural it looks! M loved that I added color to it (I ditched the old versions that made her natural) and I’m glad I did.

My Kids Are Having A Blast With The Original Fidget Cubes!

Overall, this is a fun DIY toy, a great craft for older kids, and a fantastic DIY gift that can be made in a reasonable amount of time (hello teachers!)

1. Add a little splash of watercolor paint to a bowl and mix it with water. I like to have a very thin wash to really show the wood. Stir until the color is completely dissolved. Mix in your cubes and let them sit for a few minutes. Remove, place on a paper towel to dry, and dry completely before continuing.

3. Glue them horizontally in four groups of two as shown in the picture: two together at the top right, two at the top left, two at the bottom right, and two at the bottom left.

4. Turn everything on its side and a piece of tape connects the two center cubes horizontally. Repeat with the other side.

I Disassembled My Fidget Cube Clone. Here’s What I Found!

5. Turn the cubes so that the side you glued in step 3 is now facing down. Add two vertical pieces of tape to the two right and two left cubes.

6. Your cube is now completely glued in place, but to secure it, you’ll want to find the places shown on the back of the tape – like in the picture….

What is your child’s (or your) favorite toy? Have you ever tried to build an infinite cube? Comment below!

How To Make Your Own Fidget Cube

I just updated this and can’t wait for my kids to interact with it when we get on the plane this week! Thanks If you’ve ever met my son, you know he never sits still. And by chance his body is still, his fingers are moving. We learned a long time ago that one of the most effective ways to relax busy fingers is to give them a fidget. We used everything from fidget spinners to DIY fidget hacks from things around our house. The truth is, he needs something in his hand, and we never stop finding things to use to help him. His fidget wants and needs are probably one of the reasons why he loves Lego so much, which led to this awesome DIY Lego Fidget that seems magically infinite.

The Fidget Cube Is Basically A Baby Toy For Adults And I Love It

Now, I know there is a big debate about fidget spinners in class and the overall effectiveness of fidget spinners. I won’t go into all that yet, but know that I’m on the side of the fence that thinks the world would be a better place if we stopped thinking that everything our kids do is OK.

Now I want to focus on the awesomeness of this Lego fidget brick. We made a simple Lego fidget brick a few weeks ago and what we love most about it is that anyone can build it with any of their pieces. This is different. After seeing this video on Youtube, he had to make it himself. It never seems to stop changing. It’s a never-ending puzzle that my kid just can’t seem to figure out. He loved wrapping his fingers around this project!

Take 1 cross block and turn it so it looks like a “w”. Insert the pin with the central slot into the opening on the left. Draw another cross block with the same color on the needle. Turn the other cross block so it looks like a “c”.

Connect the beam to the opening of the cross block in the shape of the letter “c” with a shaft. Turn the block and push the other part of the shaft into the cross block “w”. Do not push the bar all the way in as you are attaching the blocks.

Easy Diy Fidget Toys

Repeat steps 1 and 2 using the red and blue pieces until you have 4 blocks. You should have two red and two blue.

As you did in steps 1 – 2, make 4 more blocks, except this time turn the cross block so it looks like an “m”, the second cross block will still look like a “c” when you assemble it.

You should have a total of 8 blocks, four blocks that make an “m” shape and four blocks that make a “w” shape.

How To Make Your Own Fidget Cube

Connect the blocks to make two rows of four blocks. Alternate connection of “w” and “m” blocks. Try to keep the connecting parts up so that you form straight lines.

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When you have two straight lines, place them next to each other and connect the ends. Your Yoshimoto Fidget Cube is now complete. Just close it and watch the endless magic.

Pictures just don’t do this fidget cube justice. The way it unfolds, twists and moves is so much fun (think Jacob’s ladder). There’s constant twists and turns, what’s not to love?

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If you want to use a REAL fidget cube, these are our favorites

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