How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry – Macrame and crystals go hand in hand, and a macrame pendant necklace is a great way to keep your favorite crystals close at hand when you’re out and about.

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How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

The best thing about this DIY jewelry project is that you can remove the crystal inside whenever you want!

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There are so many different crystals with different properties, and now you can match your crystal to your mood without making 50 different necklaces.

You can make your own macrame jewelry that looks like a regular outfit or something a little more casual.

And if you’re looking for an inexpensive gift idea that’s still meaningful and wonderful to receive, this is a great idea!

It doesn’t require a lot of crafting equipment, so you don’t have to worry about finding buckle rings, lobster claws, chain nose pins, or anything else. Wow!

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As for the yarn, I didn’t buy anything special, instead I took 6 strands of DMC yarn I had on hand and waxed it using beeswax.

You can do the same thing if you want (or use a different kind of candle if you want) or you can use wax thread.

Or if you want to skip the sky all together, that’s great! It helps hold the floss strands together and makes it a little more stable, but it still works without wax.

How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

For the crystal pendant part we only need a simple wristband. We’ll also make a basic 3-strand yarn to finish the necklace.

Moss & Crystal Pendant Diy

You don’t need any other knots for this DIY macrame necklace. It’s super easy! This crystal necklace is one of my favorite projects I’ve done here on the blog.

If you’d like to learn other basic knots (like throat knots, square knots, or half knot twists), be sure to check out my Basic Macrame Knots post where you’ll learn all these and other step-by-step instructions. Plus, get a free printable guide to the Top 5 Macrame Knots!

Below you will find a video tutorial for this project. Subscribe to Marching North on YouTube so you don’t miss my new tutorials!

4 Cut the pieces with thread. If you want to wax, the easiest way is to take the candle or wax and run the thread along the wax side 2 or 3 times.

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Fold one of the 48-inch strips in half and line up the ends. Lay the loop side down on your work surface.

Repeat once for the fourth part. Place the four parts north, south, east and west.

Take both ends of one rope and tie a top knot about 1/2 inch from the center of the rope.

How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

Repeat this for the other 3 sides, making sure the knots are in the same place so everything is nice and even.

Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace!

For the next row, tie another row of top knots, alternating from the previous row. This row will be 1/2 inch apart from the first row.

Repeat step 3 connecting alternate rows until you have as many crystal bags as you want.

You’ll want to do a few tests as you go to make sure your crystals are compatible. If necessary, you can make the rows of the intersection more distant.

Tie a top knot on each side, leaving about 1/2 inch of space from the last row of knots. Make sure the knots are even and lined up.

Crystal Gem Jewelry

Make a test fit and make sure the top of the crystal you want to fit does not go over these two joints.

Secure the bag side of your necklace to your work area (I only used tape) and braid the two sides of the necklace to make your necklace chain.

Since there are 4 threads on each side, you need to tie 2 threads together and then make a regular 3 thread stitch. Leave 2 inches or so untwisted at the end.

How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

Tie a top knot at the bottom end of the braid. Repeat on the other side.

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To secure the necklace, tie one last top knot on either side, this knot will be right on top of the two top knots already tied.

The next step is to choose which crystal you want to wear and attach it to the bag!

To change the stone, simply slide the wooden bead onto the chain, insert the crystal point and slide the bead down and under the braids on the top two knots.

This will keep your crystal nice and safe until you’re ready to exchange it for another.

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I hope you’ll make your own necklaces by following this tutorial, and they’ll make wonderful gifts that lots of people will love to receive! It’s a fun way to display your favorite jewelry.

If you make one of these, please share a photo on Instagram and @tag me so I can see it. I love seeing all your wonderful creations!

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How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

Her work has been featured on Creative Fabrica, Craft Gossip, Ravelry, as well as on her website and YouTube channels.

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1. Make a small circle with a round nose bend. Leave about an inch of wire at the end of the loop. Wrap the remaining wire around the bottom of the loop and clip the excess with clips.

How To Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

2. Place the loop on your stone and start wrapping. I still put the wire on the spool. Wrap it up exactly as you see it.

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3. When you have a looped look to go with, wrap the rope once around the bottom of the loop, then trim the excess with clippers.

4. Pass the chain through the loop, cut the desired length and attach your clips.

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