How To Make Your Own Canvas Shoes

How To Make Your Own Canvas Shoes – Follow this tutorial and learn how to perfectly pair a pair of white canvas shoes with metallic greeting cards to make beautiful floral sneakers.

When I came across a pair of floral Keds shoes, I was instantly inspired to make my own pair of floral sneakers. Instead of paying $70 for a pair of shoes, I found that I could spend a lot less by going the DIY route.

How To Make Your Own Canvas Shoes

How To Make Your Own Canvas Shoes

Not to mention, white sneakers are extremely difficult to clean. Knowing me, they probably only last one season, so there’s no need to splurge on a pair of shoes.

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This DIY flower sneaker project will be the perfect shoe for spring and summer. It’s also something you can do for all the girls in your family. Go with matching shoes or let everyone choose their own flower pattern.

Older children can join in and do their own thing. What a fun way to do something as a family and add a unique piece to your shoe collection!

With the exception of the floral pattern, all of the supplies I purchased for this project came from Hobby Lobby. Don’t you love that place?!? Depending on the season and sales for the week, you may be able to find some of these items at a discounted price.

I found my pattern on Etsy and let me tell you, there are TONS to choose from. You are sure to find your favorite design and color in no time.

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A little note here: For this project, you’ll want to choose something with a small floral design. This will make it much easier when things overlap or when you need to touch certain areas.

Just to break it down, I wanted to share what the supplies cost so you can prepare:

These are Hobby Lobby prices before discounts, so just plan to spend about $10! It’s definitely worth paying $70, right?

How To Make Your Own Canvas Shoes

If you’ve ever done a project that involved ironing, you probably know that as soon as the heat hits, the design will begin to transfer quickly. To make ironing these handmade floral shoes a little easier, cut the paper to size.

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Be careful not to burn your hand, but you want to apply pressure to the back as you iron. A small hand towel can be folded up and used to prevent heat-related burns.

You need to peel the paper while it’s still hot, be sure to work in small batches. If you iron it up and let the transfer paper sit, the paper will not come off. It will stick to the shoe. It should be warm when you remove it, but if the paper is cold, heat it again with the iron and continue.

Small designs are the most useful because if there is a part you miss, you can move the edge of the iron and fill it in without disturbing the whole design.

If you like to give and love to give gifts to others, these flower shoes will be a great gift. Also, you can use the same idea on other things, like pillows, t-shirts, aprons, curtains, and more! Just make sure that what you put on the template is compatible with the transfer. In most cases, it works best with cotton or fabric blends.

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I want to hear from you! Is this a project you want to try? Let me know if you do and how it went in the comments below! I saw a picture a while ago on Pinterest of painted oxfords and thought, “I could do that!” Since then, I have seen many styles of painted shoes. A friend of mine commissioned someone to paint a pair, Toy Story style, for her! Suddenly I was happy again.

So, as a result, I found a suitable pair of shoes. They are the last pair left, in my size, white canvas, and only $3.50! Thank you, Wet Seal. So, here’s how to paint your own pair of oxfords.

There are many types of shoes that work. If you go for the oxford box, I recommend the box I bought, with straps and a pull button. I’ve also seen people paint Vans sneakers, but that’s better for other designs.

How To Make Your Own Canvas Shoes

You can find these types of shoes anywhere, really. At Amazon, at Payless or Wet Seal, like me. Do some shopping, you’ll probably find it cheaper online.

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It doesn’t matter what color the shoes are. White is best, but if you can’t find it, don’t give up! You can prime any colored shoes and paint them white.

Speaking of paint, you’re going to need some! It’s obvious. But make sure you get acrylic paint. Acrylic, unlike watercolor or oil paint, is usually made of pigment and plastic. Once the plastic dries, the color will set. It won’t run or rot!

You can buy small bottles of paint at Walmart, usually for less than a dollar each. Or take a trip to Michael’s or your local craft store, because along with your paint, you may need to pick up some paint brushes. I used one brush, although two are easier. For this project, the best types of brushes are flat and compact. Get two sizes so you can paint more details!

I did a quick search online to find an oxford pattern that I liked and then tried to copy that pattern on my shoes. I used a pen to draw the pattern, but you should always use a pencil. Write easily!

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Below is a picture of how I did my eyeliner, step by step. Be sure to take off your shoelaces. On each side of the lace holes, draw a dotted line. Draw lines in a zigzag border. Then, add another stitch around the stitch under the string.

Turn your shoe inside out and follow the heel seam, drawing dots on the inside and zigzags on the outside. Go back to the front and make a very old wall. Add dots on the inside and zigzags on the outside.

It’s not very difficult, just a lot of small dots and zigzags. Measure your shoes against each other to make sure you are all wearing the same pattern. Once you have it, it’s time to paint!

How To Make Your Own Canvas Shoes

I like to mix colors. I wanted a light mint/teal color, so I mixed a tablespoon of white paint with 4 drops of green paint and 2 drops of blue. I love it! If you have a color in mind and need help figuring out how to mix it, contact the all-knowing Google.

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Now that everything is mixed, it’s time to start painting. I started with the big pieces first, just putting in the color. I took care of the zigzag and polka dot details later and used two coats of paint on each part.

It takes a long time to paint, especially with a lot of detail, so be patient! However, the reward is a cheap pair of shoes, so I’d say it’s worth it.

I painted and painted and wasn’t happy with my design until I added the final touch: white dots on the drawer and string. I love these mint oxford wannabes, and I hope you enjoy making your own!

There are so many designs out there. It’s true. If you’re having trouble deciding what to do with yours, just search for “painted canvas shoes” and save. I found patterns that I liked: Starry Night, Abbey Road, and even a simple flower pattern.

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Don’t worry if you can’t decide on a design! The beautiful thing about acrylic paint is that you can paint over it. Once I get tired of my mint oxfords, I plan to polish my shoes and paint them a different pattern. Hello, shoes!

Thanks for sharing this resource!!! Many years ago I painted sneakers for Valentine’s Day. It turned out great! Deep, interesting, useful and beautiful.

Thanks for the share, I was wondering if the paint would bleed or bleed. You did a wonderful job on your sneaker project.

How To Make Your Own Canvas Shoes

It looks good. I needed this place last year when I bought some new white sneakers (sneakers), I decided they were too white and tried to paint them. I didn’t plan a pattern, but I decided to make it up as I went, and it turned out bad! The next time I am in a similar situation, I will visit this center again. 🙂

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Thanks for sharing your information and step by step design. I started an Arts and Crafts board: Painting Shirt ‘n Shoes and here it goes. Finding the canvas shoes I want in the sizes I want has been a problem, but I’m inspired to look again now.

I’m so glad this was shared. What a wonderful way to spice up shoes. I was in love. Recorded, tweeted and shared.

This is a fun activity for kids.

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