How To Make Your Gaming Pc Run Faster

How To Make Your Gaming Pc Run Faster – Building your own gaming PC is a rewarding experience that gives you much more control over the parts and components of your computer tower. Those unfamiliar with the inner workings of a PC may find the process too complicated and opt for a built-in PC. But if you’re in that camp, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that building your own computer isn’t nearly as monumental a task as it used to be. If you’re interested, we’ve created this handy guide to teach you how to build your own gaming PC. We’ve also included some sample builds below that you can follow to build a high-end or budget gaming PC.

Before we dive in, we should note that this guide only covers the actual PC. You’ll need to pair it with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse (at a minimum). For peripheral suggestions, check out our picks for the best gaming keyboards, best gaming mice, best PC gaming headsets, best PC controllers, and best cheap gaming monitors.

How To Make Your Gaming Pc Run Faster

How To Make Your Gaming Pc Run Faster

Before we get to the actual building part, we need to talk about finding and buying parts for your PC. Finding the right parts can be confusing – and expensive. Gaming computers can cost as little as $500 or several thousand dollars to build. Of course, more expensive parts usually mean more power, but buying a build that fits your budget is often the biggest hurdle for beginners. There are several required components, each with a variety of models, specifications, and compatibility requirements.

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We know it can be overwhelming, so we’ve created example builds from the hardware available at the time of writing. The first is a high-end setup powerful enough for top-notch gaming performance, while the second is a more affordable $1,000 build that can run most games at decent settings.

However, take our desktop examples as suggestions rather than strict downloads, as many online retailers are experiencing product shortages and shipping delays due to the global chip shortage. We cannot guarantee that every piece in our listings will be available or even at the same price at any given time. In that case, consult resources like PC Part Picker or Newb Computer Build examples to find suitable replacements.

A final note: our example build includes all the necessary parts for modern PC gaming, but it only covers the PC itself. Additional parts such as optical drives are not included, but you need them to play games or media from discs. We’ve also missed accessories, but our buying guides for the best gaming mice, best gaming headsets, best capture cards for streaming, best gaming keyboards and best budget gaming monitors can help make your build.

For the vast majority of your assembly, you’ll use a #2 Phillips screwdriver, but if you’re installing M.2 SSDs into the motherboard, you should use a smaller #1 Phillips screwdriver for this. .

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Fortunately, almost every smartphone on the market can be used as a flashlight, and you’ll probably need one when installing certain cables and components in your case.

You will need a tube of thermal paste to keep the CPU cool during use. Most CPU coolers come with thermal paste already applied, which means you won’t need any extras. However, if you end up buying a tube of thermal paste, you can clean the paste out of the cooler and use your own.

We’ve tried to make the process of building a gaming PC as simple as possible here, but if you’re not familiar with PC hardware, some of the terms in this guide may need explaining. We’ve briefly explained some of the parts and the terminology we’ll be using below. Feel free to refer to this section while working on the build.

How To Make Your Gaming Pc Run Faster

GPU: GPU stands for graphics processor; Another name for the video card. This will display the images on your PC. The more complex and complex the images, the more power you’ll need from your graphics card. The two big names in the graphics card game are Nvidia and AMD.

How To Build A Gaming Pc, Plus Sample Builds To Get You Started

Central processing unit: The central processing unit (CPU, also known as CPU) handles all the processes and calculations on your PC. You will select an Intel or AMD processor for your PC.

Motherboard: The motherboard is where all the components are installed, allowing them to work together and perform their functions properly.

SATA: SATA is a type of connection like USB used for hard drives and SSDs to transfer data

PCIe: PCIe is another type of connection, although it is most commonly used for graphics cards and M.2 solid state drives

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NVMe: NVMe is a type of connection protocol that M.2 SSDs can support. This provides much faster access to save and access data.

M.2 SSD: An M.2 solid state drive is a small stick that provides storage space on your PC. You can get a SATA-based M.2 solid-state drive or a PCIe-based M.2 solid-state drive, the latter of which supports NVMe.

RAM: RAM (or RAM) is used to store data and information that is processed by the processor. The more RAM you have combined with a quality processor, the faster your computer can perform various functions.

How To Make Your Gaming Pc Run Faster

OS: OS stands for Operating System. Most gaming PCs will use Windows 10 – which is what we recommend – although some people may want to install Linux.

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Assembling the motherboard outside the case will make your job much easier. Our general rule of thumb is to install as many parts as possible before screwing it into the case. Before working with your motherboard, it is important to consult your motherboard manual as often as possible because your particular motherboard may suggest specific methods or locations for installing components. Also, keep in mind that some parts require some force when connected, while others simply need to be placed in the appropriate places. Please pay close attention to the following instructions before installing the components.

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you place your PC on a level surface. Don’t build it on a carpet – the mixture of static electricity and your PC parts is a dangerous combination and can cause component damage. This is unlikely, but we still recommend touching the metal case every now and then to ground yourself and avoid this.

Instead, build your setup in a room with wood or laminate flooring, such as the dining room or kitchen—we even went the extra mile and took the socks off. Remove the motherboard from its packaging and place it on a flat surface. You can put it directly on your desk, but we personally placed it on a box to avoid scratching our desk. At this point, you are ready to begin.

The easiest part of your build is also the first: installing our AMD Ryzen processor. Your motherboard’s CPU socket will be protected by a piece of plastic that you can remove when you open the tray. All you have to do is gently push the tray’s metal lever and pull it out. When it comes free from the tray, lift it up to open the slot and the protective plastic will fall out. Be sure to save this plastic in case you have problems with the motherboard, as you will need to reinsert it before sending it back to the manufacturer.

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At this point, the CPU socket tray should be open, allowing the CPU to be installed on the motherboard. Your CPU should have several small semi-circular indentations on the board. The CPU socket is designed to fill indentations, making it easy to line up the CPU and install it correctly. Once you’ve figured out how to put the processor into the socket, do it carefully. Do not press directly on the CPU – just close the tray and make sure the metal lever locks into place, which may require a little force.

The M.2 SSD is another easy step in the process, but be sure to refer to the manual to find out which M.2 slots you should use first. Your motherboard may have protective heat shields on the M.2 slots, so remove them first. Once you have removed the guards from the motherboard, you can insert your M.2 SSDs. They require a bit of force to fit into their respective slots, but don’t push too hard – they should slide in fairly easily. When M.2 solid-state drives are inserted into the slots, the opposite end should be facing up at a diagonal angle. At this point, you take the appropriate screw (which is often included with the motherboard), push each M.2 solid-state drive down, and screw them into place. At this point, you can take the heat shield and place it on each M.2 SSD, screwing it into place.

This is another step where you will want to refer to your motherboard manual which

How To Make Your Gaming Pc Run Faster

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