How To Make Your E Bike Go Faster

How To Make Your E Bike Go Faster – With the right parts and a little time, you can save a lot of money on an electric bike.

If you don’t think building your own electric bike is cool, we don’t know what to tell you. William Elcock

How To Make Your E Bike Go Faster

How To Make Your E Bike Go Faster

If you’ve ever been enamored with the idea of ​​owning a sleek, smooth-riding electric bike, you know how quickly that fascination can fade when you see the price tag, which averages $2,000 to $3,000. Build your own, but the price drops significantly.

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For those who have never considered e-bikes, know that they both take less effort to ride than a regular bike, but still offer some health benefits. They can open up cycling to those who cannot cycle due to the physical effort required and allow people to travel further than they could by sheer leg power. Whatever your motivation, you can turn a regular two-wheeler into an electric bike, and I can show you how.

Before we begin, it should be said that you need a bike. In addition to that, you can customize your project to suit your needs with a variety of components that will electrify your bike. The process will be a little different for everyone, but while the exact steps may vary, the general method I’ve used here will give you a decent, reliable e-bike at an affordable price. I’ll explain my choices in more detail below, step-by-step, but we also have a guide on what to consider when buying each part. If you are starting from scratch, we recommend reading this first.

1. Prepare to mount the motor. There are several types of motor installations. Without getting into it too much (we highlight the pros and cons in our aforementioned e-bike gear guide), these include mid-mounted, side-mounted, front hub and rear hub motors.

I chose a 250 watt side motor kit from L-Faster on AliExpress. side brackets are relatively simple to install and the least expensive of the above options. If you’re not sure where to start looking for motors, L-Faster is a good place to start. They have a wide selection of kits and you should be able to find one that fits your bike, or at least get your search off to a good start.

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2. Install the motor. Turn your bike upside down by leaning on the handlebars. I had to remove the rear wheel to complete the engine installation and so did you. Once it was off, I slid a friction pad into the center of the wheel, behind the spokes on the opposite side of the gear cassette, then another on the outside on the same side. I then placed the friction pad plates behind the inner pad and the rocker arm on top of the outer pad. (From the outside to the inside, the layers should be: bolt, pad, spokes, pads, plates). chain over the bolt (chain adjustment is done later). I put the wheel back on my bike, slid the motor mount over the rear axle bolt and started tightening the left rear axle nut.

As the nut started to tighten I adjusted the mount so the bolt holes for the motor lined up allowing the bolts to go through and allow the mounting bolts to fit snugly around the frame. While still able to push the engine and engine mount, I put the chain on both the propeller and engine. I then made sure the motor was installed so the chain was straight and tightened the axle nut. Finally, I bolted the motor together by threading the bolts that came with the kit through the bracket and threaded fasteners and tightening them.

If you also choose side drive, your rear wheel will look like this. William Elcock

How To Make Your E Bike Go Faster

3. Prepare the battery box. You can store the batteries in a frame bag that hangs from the bike’s top tube, and if you want to do that, you can skip or adjust this and the next two steps to suit your needs. However, I opted for a waterproof, lockable ammo box for added security. Your battery is valuable, and ultimately you want to protect it from theft and the elements.

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Drill two holes in each of the four corners of the bottom of the box to attach it to the rear shelf (eight holes total). Next, check your batteries and motor controller inside the box to see where all the wires connecting the battery to the motor, headlight, brake light, main switch, and headlight power switch should go. Finally, use a sharp box cutter to cut a rectangular hole in the left or right side of the box (depending on how you plan to run the wires).

4. Attach the battery box to the mounting bracket. You may already have a cargo rack on your bike, and that’s a great place for a DIY e-bike battery pack. I placed my battery box on the back. There was a trade-off I had to consider. Putting the box on the back meant the stability of my bike would take a bit of a hit, but creating a more complex waterproof frame-mounted solution would be more difficult. Now that I’ve been riding my bike for a few months, I haven’t noticed a huge loss of stability. The bike is heavier because of the batteries and the motor, but it doesn’t matter when you’re moving, it’s only a problem when you need to lift your bike.

Once I got my bike back on, I secured the box to the rack using a cable tie threaded through a couple of holes in each corner of the box and around my cargo rack tubes. I ended up with the box running along the shelf.

5. Place the battery in the box. I was able to purchase four used 72 watt hour 36 volt battery packs from IMGadgets in Canada where I live for about $60. I selected the voltage to match the motor voltage and tested the packs before using them, they were in excellent condition. Finding used batteries is a great way to cut costs, but you need to make sure you buy from a reputable seller and/or one that lets you try them out before any money changes hands. You can buy cheap batteries online, but you’re more likely to get safe, good working batteries at a good price from a local supplier. However, AliExpress and Battery Hookup are great places to find quality and affordable batteries online. Whatever you get, it should have a battery management system (BMS) so that each cell maintains the same capacity. This ensures consistent performance and battery drain.

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Before placing the battery module (all four 36 volt packs) into its case, I ran double sided mounting tape along the bottom and left side of each pack to ensure they didn’t bounce around on the road. . I used Scotch-Mount Extreme tape because it can hold up to 30 pounds, as a few layers was more than enough to hold my batteries in place. Finally, I installed the module in its housing by applying tape to adhere it to the bottom and side of the case. Where you apply the tape may vary depending on the shape of your battery. Just make sure to cover as much surface as possible.

6. Put in the rest of the ingredients. With the engine in place, I installed the front and rear brake levers, the headlight, the power switch and throttle, and the headlight on/off switch. For the brake levers, it was as simple as removing the old levers with the correct allen key, installing the new ones and tightening the supplied screws. I installed the headlight, headlight on/off switch and power switch and throttle in the appropriate locations on the steering wheel and secured them with the supplied brackets and allen keys.

Once these pieces were installed, I placed the “brain” (motor control) of my e-bike on top of the batteries in the battery box and mounted the battery box and cargo rack to the bike frame. Finally, I attached the brake light to the cargo rack with some cable ties. Where you place the “brain” depends on the remaining space in the battery box.

How To Make Your E Bike Go Faster

7. Connect the wires. I ran all the wires for the brake levers, on-off switches, lights and motor through the rectangular hole in the battery box and connected them to the motor controller. I then attached the wires to the frame with cable ties, but I had to do a little more work to get my charger to line up.

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My motor controller kit had a charging plug attached and my charger had a male barrel end so I had to connect the female barrel

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