How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming – Anurag likes to play video games. Its guide and list revolves around popular games for iOS, Android, PC and console.

On a desktop computer, you can easily upgrade a game’s graphics by replacing your old graphics card. But in most laptops, the graphics chipset is built into the system board and cannot be removed or replaced. So new PC games may not run smoothly on your laptop and you may experience horrible graphics.

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming

However, there are many ways to make games run faster on a laptop. Instead of investing your hard-earned money on a new laptop, try the tips below to improve your gaming performance.

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You can access the 3D settings on an AMD or Nvidia laptop by right-clicking on the Windows desktop and selecting Graphics Properties.

Intel HD Graphics and Media Control Panel with custom settings and preset options. Below, I show the 3D settings of my laptop to explain each custom setting. You can apply these settings to your own graphics panel for a smooth gaming experience.

Custom settings are common on all graphics components, including Intel HD or Nvidia/AMD. Common options include texture quality, vertical alignment, and anisotropic filtering. You can change these settings or leave them as they are. Here are some tips:

1. Texture Quality: Changing this option will make the pixels in the text (texels). In my Intel HD Graphics display control panel, I have to select the “performance” preset to lower the text quality. This resulted in very good graphics performance, although it resulted in poor vision. You can keep it in “Balance” mode if you don’t want to bother with this option.

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2. Anisotropic filter: Changing this graphic setting will increase the sharpness and clarity of the text in the game. But I always keep it in App Settings and prefer not to change it. Keep it as it is.

3. V-relationship: When playing shooter games, you may experience stuttering and surgery, especially when playing a first-person shooter. This usually happens when the frame rate of the video game is higher than the refresh rate of your laptop. To avoid stuttering, turn on V-sync from the graphics control panel when the frame rate is higher than the refresh rate, and turn it off when it is lower. Enable V-connection while playing games eg

Changing in-game settings is one of the best ways to make PC games run faster on your laptop. You can access these settings by pressing the ESC key while playing. Some games allow you to adjust the display settings from a different start point at the start of the game.

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming

I set the detail and anti-aliasing levels to low, enabled V-sync to improve the frame rate, and disabled options like motion blur, surround lock, and dynamic shadows. Pay attention to the decision. If you have a low-end laptop, set it to the lowest resolution (640 x 480) and play it in windowed mode. Although this may not provide a very satisfying gaming experience, it will improve performance.

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Game boosters are an option if the above tips don’t work or you’re afraid to manually change settings. Other apps change graphics settings, disable processes, crash your system, and even overclock your CPU to improve performance.

Basically, these programs provide a way to adjust all settings automatically with a single click of the mouse instead of manually adjusting each setting.

Warning: Although game developers can improve the frames per second by changing key settings, they can be dangerous because changes in settings can affect system recording. Use them at your own risk.

IObit’s Razer Game Booster improves gaming performance by turning off unnecessary processes and functions on your laptop. Game Booster’s one-click enhancement feature makes it easy to use for those who are not familiar with computers. The processes listed can be disabled simultaneously or selected individually. The developers claim that the app cleans RAM and improves CPU performance.

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When I turned on Game Booster, I noticed a slight difference in fps, +2 increase.

Razer Game Booster is a good program that allows you to disable unwanted processes, but for the best gaming performance, you will still need to change the game settings as well as the graphics controller settings.

After I close the game, I have to restart my laptop to go back to normal settings when the game is closed. I even had to manually go back to my previous computer power settings.

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming

An application called Game Gain also makes the game faster and smoother on your PC and laptop. Game Booster is free but Game Access costs money. You can try the first trial version and then buy the full version if you are satisfied with its performance.

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Use an antivirus program with a built-in game mode. When playing games, many users turn off antivirus programs to ensure that they work properly, as these programs take up resources, especially on older systems. However, programs like Avast Antivirus and ESET Nod/Smart Security do not take up your laptop’s resources, are lightweight, have a nice gaming mode / which allows you to play your games while the program is running in the background.

Here are some tips to improve your gaming performance. Do you know any other tricks to make games run faster on laptop? Share your tips and suggestions through the comment box.

If your game is lagging, just press CLRT + ALT + DLT (control, alt, delete) and see which processes are using a lot of memory and kill them. I found gameboosters for the same thing, but sometimes annoying. Be careful when terminating a process that says User – System. Just get rid of the things you don’t need to use. If you don’t know what a process or function name is or what it does, basically just google the name you’re looking for and you’ll find a page or thread that will give you the answer. Don’t stop anything if you don’t know what it’s doing. Always do your research before doing anything if you are unsure

Well done, I have never used the software again. For me, I used a small software to capture memory. I use Soft Cleaner software. It gives good performance as long as I do it regularly.

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Interesting trick! I have never heard of the Razer Game Booster app. I installed the software on my computer and it makes the game run faster and smoother.

Good news. My current machine is not capable of doing much more than FB, but I will keep that in mind when I buy the next one.

It’s hard for me to play recently released games on my old laptop. However, I noticed that many processes are consuming resources, but I have no idea what it means. Thanks for understanding

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming

Great advice! I have never heard of the Razer Game Booster app. I will try it.

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Interesting trick, although I think that for the most part you provide improvements for game information rather than making your PC run faster at FPS. Have you tested IObits successfully?

Alternatively, you can use your flash drive as a RAM upgrade. It can be used to ReadyBoost your PC performance in Windows7 and Windows8. his audience supports him. We may provide services when you purchase through links on our site. That’s why you should trust us.

You can have a fast gaming PC with an integrated RTX 3080 graphics card and other accessories. However, if you have a slow connection, your online gaming options will be very limited. So that someone using a slow computer but a fast connection will be able to react well to your movements and beat you almost every time. This also applies to game consoles. Your opponent may be using the same equipment, but your game will depend on – well – frustration and salt words if you don’t have enough connections.

Of course, we can state the obvious and advise you to get a fast Internet connection or choose the best ISP in your area, but assuming that you already have what you can do or can do to enter your home, there are few. things you can try that can improve your existing relationship. Let’s get started!

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Before making any changes, let’s start by checking your connection quality and find out what ping you can expect in games. Ping is a simple way to measure how fast your internet connection can send data packets to a given IP address and get a response.

This has an immediate effect on online gaming, which you can describe as lag. For example, if your ping is 350ms, that means you can see the program in the game 350ms later. To play online games well, you need the lowest possible ping. However, this will also depend on the type of game you are playing.

Some titles will not use a ping higher than 200ms, and some have more than 50. As for the game itself, every other 50ms is noticeable and reduces the comfort of the game. Also, note that ping is not universal.

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming

You need to ping one location and this size will be fine for a direct server response.

Two Step To Fast Your Computer Or Laptop

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