How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming Windows 10

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming Windows 10 – Any gamer who strives to make their PC faster knows that by default Windows is one of the most optimized operating systems for the PC space, but it’s not perfect. Regardless of your specifications – low or high end – you can optimize your gaming PC to give you better performance.

If your gaming experience is hampered by constant stuttering and frame rate drops while playing, take note of the following PC optimization steps and make sure to implement them the next time you sit down to watch your favorite game play.

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming Windows 10

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming Windows 10

Please note that the suggested settings are intended to improve game performance as a general starting point. Each game has a specific affinity for certain optimizations. After implementing the suggested optimizations, we recommend that you review specific optimizations for your game.

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WHAT IF Elden Ring’s PC optimization was actually designed to give you pain, i.e. a meta way of making the game even harder?

Let me speak up. WHAT IF Elden Ring’s PC optimization is actually designed to give you pain, ie a meta way to make the game even harder?

Before continuing to optimize your PC, we recommend that you create a restore point. It will allow you to restore the system to the state before modification if certain settings do not work positively. Follow these steps to create a restore point:

Power Plan is a Windows setting that regulates power consumption and performance. Switching to high performance prioritizes maximum performance based on additional power consumption.

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This setting is not worth the trouble for the average user, but for gamers it is highly recommended. Follow these steps to change the power plan to High Performance:

Temporary files, as the name suggests, are files that Windows creates temporarily to build a cache for the PC to load things or to protect old system files in case of future need.

Usually they are deleted autonomously, but sometimes they can linger for too long. They take up space and slow down your system. Fortunately, you can delete these files yourself. To do this, follow these steps:

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming Windows 10

Certain Windows programs keep running in the background while you play games. They use unnecessary resources on your PC and this takes a toll on your game’s performance.

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This optimization is based on tuning Windows appearances and animations for best performance. Note that this optimization makes general operating system navigation and animation poor. But if you just want to prioritize getting high framerates in the game, this will help.

Crazy difference between no optimization and my advanced PC optimization. (Both PCs are running stock speeds, no overclocking only XMP, this is to simulate a realistic situation)

Crazy difference between no optimization and my advanced PC optimization. (Both PCs are running stock speeds no overclocking only XMP, this is to simulate a realistic situation) Left photo has a GTX 1660, right photo is a GTX 1650 Zotac single fan card. Tested in Ascent map https://t .co/nEC3ibZFQA

Game Mode is a one-step solution from Microsoft to prioritize Windows for gaming. It has greatly benefited games like Forza Horizon 5.

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Enabling Game Mode automatically adjusts the system to maximize system resources for gaming. The feature works variably, for some systems it will greatly improve performance and reduce stutter. However, it may also reduce performance for certain specifications. It is recommended to test it and see if it works for you.

By following these steps, your PC will be much faster in no time. While the improvement may not be very noticeable in everyday tasks, a difference in gaming will definitely be noticeable. You will find a lot of interesting and useful information that we would like to share with you. Useful tips, interesting facts about our work, news and much more.

If everything slows down, your work becomes inefficient, which can lead to frustration. Learn how to speed up your PC in a few simple ways!

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming Windows 10

Wondering why your computer is running slow? There can be several reasons. If you have been using your device for several years, slowing down the operating process is a natural part of its life cycle. But don’t worry, you can always find a local computer repair shop. Specialists help you improve and speed up the operation of your device, for example by:

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How to speed up your PC yourself before going to a specialist? Well, you can uninstall unnecessary programs and remove temporary and large files that you don’t even need. Disabling automatic startup programs can also speed up your PC.

Are you worried that your PC is not working properly? Don’t hesitate to call the nearest computer troubleshooter for more information on cyber security. Our team has 25 years of experience in repairing, optimizing and installing security in the computer and network you use. Click here to learn more about the services we offer. editors select and review products independently. When you make a purchase through affiliate links, we may earn commissions that help support our testing.

As PC hardware continues to accelerate, so does software, and the Windows operating system is no exception. This especially applies to start-up time. Once you get started, however, there are other performance factors to consider. Even the latest version of Windows is not immune to delays, and not everyone is ready to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 just yet. These tips to speed up Windows work equally well if you have version 10 or 11.

The problem with many articles that tell you how to speed up Windows is that they tell you to disable some of the more fun features of the operating system, such as visual animations. Most of our tips show you ways to speed up your Windows system without compromising on its appearance and functionality. Most of the tips can be done for free, but some involve spending a little money on software or hardware. For people with older, low-powered machines who want a speed boost but don’t care about extra stuff, a few of the tips you’ll find at the end of this list

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Note that you should watch out for these “Speed ​​up your PC!” ads for registry cleaners, which often lead to malware. Microsoft categorically does not support the use of registry cleaners (opens in a new window) for Windows 10.

, although we didn’t mention this as a tip because everyone should be doing it regardless. Periodically go to Settings > Windows Update to see if there are security and reliability updates you need to install. Your PC may run faster after an update, as it may contain hardware driver updates. Do it even if you don’t want a big feature update – you can delay the big updates in the same section of Settings.

There are a few third-party system cleaners for Windows 10 that can speed up your computer, but this category of software isn’t as popular as it once was. Most of these utilities increase PC performance, but sometimes only by a modest amount. There are plenty of malicious downloads that claim to speed up your PC, so make sure you stick with a product that has been tested and verified. For example, Iolo System Mechanic is a good option.

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Gaming Windows 10

Although the situation is improving, a problem with some new computers is that they come with a lot of unnecessary software, sometimes called bloatware, crapware or PUPs for potentially unwanted programs. A few years ago, a Lenovo PC we tested had nearly 20 so-called utilities that popped up from time to time and interrupted what we were doing. Even Microsoft is not guilty of this game as it has included a few games and mixed reality software on computers that you may not be interested in.

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Right-click any unwanted app tile in Start and select Uninstall. Doing this will uninstall the program immediately. You can also right-click on the Windows logo Start button and select the top option Programs and Features. Or just type Programs in the search box next to the Start button.

You can usually find crapware culprits by sorting the list of installed apps by your PC manufacturer’s name. Other good options are to sort by Recent to see if there are any programs you didn’t know you installed; or by size, to get very large items you don’t need. If you find unwanted apps you don’t want, select them and click Uninstall. Unfortunately, you can only remove one at a time. Set aside half an hour or so for this project if you have a lot of bloatware.

Don’t forget to take the leap to apps you’ve installed yourself but no longer want—and to software you don’t want installed along with software you

Remember that Windows 10 and 11 have two types of applications: traditional desktop apps and modern Microsoft Store apps (formerly called Windows Store). You can see both types in apps and features in the modern Settings app. For non-Store apps, Control Panel opens, where you can remove the good old desktop

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