How To Make Your Company Stand Out

How To Make Your Company Stand Out – As an entrepreneur, the thought of standing out from the endless stream of online brands can be overwhelming. Even if you know that your business really helps solve your customers’ problems, it can be difficult to articulate your company’s unique features and attract attention in a noisy online environment.

Here are five actions you can take to make your company’s brand stand out from the competition:

How To Make Your Company Stand Out

How To Make Your Company Stand Out

To differentiate your brand from your competitors, you need to know who your competitors are and what they are doing with your brand. Competitive analysis will help your business know what you’re up against, identify what others in your industry are doing well, and tap into the gaps where your business can thrive.

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When evaluating a competitor’s brand, consider brand elements such as logo, use of color, fonts, website design, content strategy, and brand voice. Look carefully at each element through the lens of a brand strategist – why do you think they used this circular shape in their logo? Why did you choose yellow as the main color of your brand?

Moderate their social media feeds and note what kind of images and content they use. Many companies find it helpful to have an outside expert complete their competitor research.

To truly dive into competitor research, I recommend enrolling in the Brand Clarity online course. You can find everything the course covers here, and the curriculum includes developing your unique value proposition as well as analyzing the visual branding of each of your competitor’s content to help your business stand out.

Too many companies combine a logo, website, slogan and social media presence without strategically thinking about how these elements will affect the perceptions of their target markets. Stay ahead of the curve by first identifying your company’s brand attributes and then communicating those attributes through a cohesive visual brand.

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Brand attributes are key attributes that your customers associate with your brand. From an Instagram Story to a press release to a TV commercial, everything your business creates should reflect these attributes to build consistency and trust with your potential customers.

As an example: a family bed and breakfast will have completely different brand attributes (comfortable, friendly, community, family, comfort) than a Four Seasons hotel (luxury, high quality, elegant, well-designed). The hostel website will provide a simple, friendly and realistic experience for guests who want to learn more or book a room, while the Four Seasons website will have a more corporate and global minded website design.

After identifying your business’ brand attributes (or working with a brand strategist to do so), the next step is to find and implement creative ways to express those attributes. To work on your brand attributes, here is a free mini brand workbook that will show you how to define your brand attributes and express them through color psychology:

How To Make Your Company Stand Out

Before they get a chance to read your mission statement or learn how your products can help them, your potential customers are already judging your business based on their subliminal impressions of the shapes, colors, fonts, images, and placements they see.

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You can say that one of your brand attributes is “feminine” and write articles from a female perspective on topics that matter to women. But if your business website has rectangular fonts, sharp lines, jarring images, and cool, bold colors, your audience won’t associate your brand with femininity because those images don’t reflect it.

Once your business has a visual brand identity that aligns with your brand attributes, you can work towards building brand awareness so potential customers can start getting to know your business and learn more about the products you offer. We’ve created a free mini-course to help entrepreneurs build brand awareness and you can access the free course here.

Why did you originally create your product? How were the first months of your job? What do your customers say they like about your company?

Resist the urge to hide these important brand stories to look professional. Even highly corporate brands use the power of storytelling to influence their customers, and people are drawn to the human element that storytelling provides.

How To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

Consider Apple: The story of how Steve Jobs was co-founded, overthrown, and then returned to Apple has become a crucial part of his iconic legacy and the Apple brand. The Steve Jobs story has inspired feature films, magazine articles, and graduation speeches, and the continued positive exposure of this single story helps promote the Apple brand.

If you’re not sure what stories to tell, analyze your customer testimonials and reviews to determine what your customers find interesting about your brand. Behind-the-scenes content, such as glimpses of new products or snapshots of a typical day for your team, can spark interest among your target market and make them feel like they’re part of something real.

Here’s a brand test that will help your business understand how to reach and emotionally connect with your customers. At the end of the survey, you will receive personalized recommendations on next steps to help your business grow:

How To Make Your Company Stand Out

Successful brands that have stood the test of time and survived major social and cultural changes have one thing in common: consistency.

Best Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out

Consistency is really important because it creates a sense of trust and recognition in your audience. “This sounds great and I want to know more!” It’s important to inspire your reaction. confusion or “Wait a minute, what is this company doing?” or worse: they don’t even notice your business because you’re involved.

To help entrepreneurs build consistency in their business, I created an online course called Brand Clarity so their customers can remember, trust and buy from. Learn more about how the Brand Clarity course can help your business attract more customers and create a memorable brand here.

Think McDonald’s. McDonald’s has had to make some changes to its company history, such as changing its logo and adding healthier menu options, but overall McDonald’s has been consistent. You don’t see them constantly changing their slogan, logo, menu or marketing plan according to fads and trends:

This photo of a McDonald’s in 1967 shows the brand consistency McDonald’s has displayed throughout its history. Source: McDonald’

How To Make Your Business Stand Out

At the end of the day, a McDonald’s is a McDonald’s, and customers know they’ll have a similar experience whether they’re visiting a venue in Las Vegas, Singapore, France, or rural Ohio. While your business likely operates on a smaller scale than McDonalds, the same principle applies: Once your business has identified brand attributes, focus on those attributes and follow the route.

An audience that is confused about what you offer or completely changes your business target market every few months will not have a chance to build trust in your company. Brand boards and brand guidelines are critical tools to keep everyone on the same page about what colors, fonts, tones, images and brand voice to use at all times.

When you look at these five keys to standing out from the competition, which ones do you think your company already excels in? Where do you see the greatest potential for improvement in your brand?

How To Make Your Company Stand Out

Now that you know the 5 keys to standing out from the competition, we’ve put together this infographic to help you remember how to apply these concepts to your business:

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Our team of experts at Aventive Studio work with companies ready to build a strategic, memorable and scalable brand. Our services cover the strategic and visual design elements of trademark branding such as brand strategy, website design, logo design, brand guidelines and boards, and more.

Contact us to learn how Aventive Studio can help your business build a brand that stands out from the competition. FREE MASTERCLASS: 3 Key “Ice on Fire” Listing Me from 0 to 40,000 Email Subscribers (and 10,000 Customers!)

The first time you encounter a new browser, your brand will be captivated, remembered, subscribed to, become a fan, and eventually a customer.

If you have a bland brand, no one will remember or admire your brand and blog. Think of all the famous brands you know in the world. Apple. Starbucks. Nike. They all do something different to the crowd, making them memorable and eventually popular.

Google My Business

A few years ago I had a certain garbage mentality that I’m so glad I got rid of. I thought that as long as I could post something, generate traffic, people would be attracted.

People came and went, some subscribed, but in the end, a sustainable business was not possible. I’ve become obsessed with the technical part of starting a business, but I haven’t been able to provide that OMPH in my brand.

People come and go.

How To Make Your Company Stand Out

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