How To Make Windows 7 Faster For Gaming

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Sometimes you might find yourself in an annoying situation where you need to do something right away on your computer and it just freezes. Over time, a Windows 7 system slows down and requires regular maintenance if you want it to return to its former glory. You need to clean up unwanted junk files, temporary files, and other junk that affects overall performance. In addition, you need to make sure that the hard drive is not full of unnecessary data and programs.

How To Make Windows 7 Faster For Gaming

How To Make Windows 7 Faster For Gaming

A hardware upgrade will cost you money and there’s still a chance it won’t fix your problem. To speed up your Windows 7 PC, you can opt for full PC optimization. In this article, let’s understand What is computer optimization? Why should you optimize your Windows 7 PC and what are the best tips and tricks to speed up your PC and get maximum performance?

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Computer optimization is a specialized process of making effective changes and modifications to the system so that all available resources work efficiently and provide maximum performance.

Here are some possible reasons why you need to optimize your Windows PC now and then so that you can effectively speed up your Windows 7 and other OS versions.

A perfectly optimized computer not only saves you time and effort to achieve maximum productivity, but also saves you money. Because you don’t have to invest in a new computer system, you can make your old Windows 7 computer run faster and easier.

Here are some of the most effective optimization tips and tricks to keep your computer running and running like new.

How To Speed Up Windows 7 Pc: Optimize Windows 7 For Better Performance

When it comes to running third-party applications to speed up your Windows computer, then there are many applications, but Advanced System Optimizer by Systweak Software is the most suitable application for this purpose. You can download and install this product from the given button.

If performance is a priority rather than fancy effects, you can quickly minimize some visual effects in Windows. It will make your interface smoother and reduce memory and other system resources.

4. Select the “Adjust for optimal performance” option. Click “apply” followed by “Ok” button. If you are prompted to restart your computer, do so to successfully implement the changes.

How To Make Windows 7 Faster For Gaming

You will notice that the OS will now have a basic look and feel and you will notice that things load faster than before.

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Going further, you can set Windows classic theme instead of Windows Aero theme. For this, right-click on the desktop and click on the “personalize” option. You will find themes here; just scroll down and select Windows classic theme.

This will give your Windows a basic interface and thus consume less system resources than before. We hope these tactics help you make your Windows 7 run faster and smoother.

Windows 7 memory usage is higher than Windows XP, but lower than Windows Vista. If the use of the computer is more intensive and you need to run several programs simultaneously, you should try to increase the virtual memory.

Virtual memory works with your computer’s RAM (random access memory). Increasing virtual memory will allocate more resources to be used as virtual memory. By updating it, you can ensure that all programs and operating systems run smoothly. So, here’s how you can increase the size of virtual memory on your Windows 7 PC and speed up the overall performance.

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1. Right click on My Computer, Go to Properties. Click on the Advanced tab and click on the settings button under “Performance”.

3. Next screen under custom size > enter the amount you want to allocate for virtual memory (page file) based on your hard drive and physical memory size. Make sure the size is not smaller than the size recommended by the system.

. For example, for 3 GB of RAM, the virtual memory size is 4605 MB. So enter 4605MB in the Initial Size and Maximum Size fields.

How To Make Windows 7 Faster For Gaming

In Windows 7, indexing was added to increase search speed in Windows. When you search for a file or folder on your computer, the results will appear immediately if the same file you are searching for is already indexed. If you use a third-party indexing program, then two programs own the indexing data, which ultimately slows down your computer.

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Search results are meant to appear quickly from the indexing cache. If there are several programs in use, you will notice a significant difference in the performance of your machine.

4. You can also turn off Windows search by going to computer management from the start menu. Now turn off “windows search” from services and apps.

Did this help you make Windows 7 run faster and smoother? If so, let us know your experience in the comments section below!

Another simple trick to speed up your Windows 7 PC is to remove unwanted programs and services. When you start Windows, many services and applications are launched automatically when you log on to Windows. Normally, the computer does not take long to boot, but this program or application makes the boot process slow and sluggish. This increases the overall startup time, so it is better to minimize the number of startup programs.

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4. From here, uncheck only the programs you don’t want to start automatically at startup and disable them.

Now you will experience that your Windows 7 computer will start soon and be ready to use in just a few minutes. We hope it makes a significant improvement to your system!

Defragmenting works well to speed up your Windows 7 PC. It’s like arranging your data in an allocated space. You can understand this with a simple example of a bookshelf. If you arrange the books correctly on the shelf, then it will be easier for you to find them and it will also take up less space. When you have a lot of data on your computer, it is recommended to run the Defragmenter from time to time to make Windows 7 run faster.

How To Make Windows 7 Faster For Gaming

The defrag process is easy if you use a dedicated defrag tool on your Windows computer. To know the options, you can check out our detailed guide here!

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Disk cleanup does not mean deleting files from your computer. It is just a simple process to remove unwanted or temporary unnecessary files. This makes more storage available on the drive and helps speed up your Windows 7 computer.

To perform a disk cleanup,  you can go to My Computer > right click on any drive you want to clean up while clicking on the “Disk Cleanup” option. This will start the disk cleanup process. You can choose what you want to include in the cleanup process (such as temporary files, configuration log history, temporary Internet files, and others). You can continue with the cleaning process. Again, it depends on the size of the drive and how long the disk cleanup process will take to optimize your Windows 7 PC and get back to full performance.

On your computer, some programs run in the background without your knowledge. Sometimes the program shows no effect in the foreground, but continues to use resources. To close all such programs and services, you can use the built-in Windows Task Manager.

This is how you can remove all the unwanted Windows applications and processes that make Windows 7 run very slowly.

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3. Go to the Applications tab to find a list of programs running on your computer that are using resources. Select any software that you rarely use and select it to select the “End Task” option.

4. You can also go to the Processes tab to remove unwanted processes. Here you need to be careful because if you close any system related process it will result in an unexpected shutdown.

You can use this method when your system freezes or hangs frequently. It is also an effective solution to increase Windows 7 speed.

How To Make Windows 7 Faster For Gaming

Simply updating your operating system is not enough to speed up your Windows 7 system; you should still check for the latest driver updates and other installed programs. Sometimes you may not receive a notification when there is an update available for your operating system or any installed program. You should manually check for updates from time to time.

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Visual effects settings, but power settings can also help you speed up your Windows 7 computer. Saving power is a good habit, but if you need the best performance from your computer, you should change your computer power supply.

That’s all! Your computer’s power settings are now adjusted to provide the best performance, but note that it may use more power now. You’re ready to make your Windows 7 PC faster than ever!

Another thing that can be done to optimize a Windows 7 computer is to run the Performance Troubleshooter. In addition to some amazing tools, Windows 7 also comes with a performance debugger. To access it, type “troubleshoot” in the search box in Control Panel. Next, you will see the option “Check for performance issues”. Maybe a last resort. At this point, you need to run the debugger and it might search

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