How To Make Wifi Faster On Laptop

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A slow WiFi connection is not a common problem with laptops. In most cases, the problem is with your ISP.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Laptop

How To Make Wifi Faster On Laptop

Sometimes this can be caused by technical issues with the device or router. While the former is something you can’t exactly fix, the latter has issues you can resolve yourself.

The Most Common Wi Fi Problems And How To Fix Them

Here we provide some common practices and solutions to fix slow WiFi on your laptop.

Why is the internet slow only on my laptop? Your laptop’s WiFi speed is slow because it is too far from the router. In general, walls, large objects, and other objects that use radio frequencies can interfere with WiFi.

What you may not have noticed is that your laptop has gone beyond the range of your WiFi network. In this case, you just need to move the device closer to the router.

Also, make sure there is no obstruction, such as a wall, between the computer and the router. Such obstacles significantly reduce WiFi signals.

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For example, your connection can be significantly weakened if you browse upstairs while the router is downstairs.

Solving the problem requires you to move to a location where your router has an unobstructed line of sight.

If the first recommendation doesn’t work, try looking for programs and/or devices that use a lot of bandwidth.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Laptop

These bandwidths naturally cause your laptop’s Wi-Fi to slow down, especially if other people on your network are watching movies or downloading large media.

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Some apps can also take up a lot of bandwidth, including Dropbox and other cloud services that run in the background.

That’s why you might not notice them at times, and you’re left wondering what’s causing your slow WiFi connection.

Opera GX Browser Network Limiter solves this problem by allowing you to set maximum limits on how much bandwidth you want to allocate to your browser.

Because of the extra network bandwidth available, Opera GX stays within this limit, meaning your Wi-Fi connection outside the browser will run more smoothly.

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Don’t worry because we won’t make any changes to your router. It’s even simpler because you can boost your Wi-Fi signal using a great software called Connectify Hotspot.

With this program, you can turn your computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot, like a router, but it’s easier to use, because it has a very comprehensive interface and menus.

And if you choose the Hotspot PROorMAX versions, you can also share your 3G or 4G LTE network. Yes, you can also share your Internet connection via wired Ethernet.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Laptop

The best part is that the signal is boosted, so you have to say goodbye to your laptop’s slow internet connection.

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It is also good to mention that you can limit the bandwidth of other devices so that you can enjoy using the Internet the way you want.

If you’ve verified that there are no issues with your ISP or anything draining your bandwidth and you still can’t fix your slow WiFi connection, try restarting your laptop and router.

Some PC problems are difficult to solve, especially when it comes to corrupt archives or missing Windows files. If you are having trouble fixing the error, your system may be partially corrupted. We recommend installing Restore, a tool that scans your machine and identifies the error.

We recommend that you troubleshoot the device you are using. This usually solves the connection problem.

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Rebooting your device will actually reset the WiFi connection and hopefully fix the problem. Processes clogging up your laptop can sometimes cause a slow WiFi connection.

If it’s a router, turn it off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it back on. This popular fix works in many cases.

It may have escaped your notice, but you may have inadvertently forced the power saving setting on the wireless card.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Laptop

Your slow internet connection problems may be caused by a dead spot or fluctuating signal. You can fix that by using a Wi-Fi range extender.

How To Fix Slow Wifi Connection On Your Laptop In 6 Easy Steps

We recommend the NETGEAR Nighthawk because it creates a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal, just what you’re looking for.

Installing and connecting it to the router is easy using the WPS button or the application assigned to it. Plus, it’s a really small device that won’t interfere with your other settings.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk has Wi-Fi coverage of up to 2,500 square feet and can connect to more than 30 devices, including laptops, phones, tablets, or IP cameras.

You can restore the router settings to factory settings by following the user manual, which varies from device to device. It’s not a bad idea to do this.

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However, it will also be useful to go to its menu and clear all settings for later use.

Depending on your router, you can connect to a wireless network in different ways. Sometimes you can have 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

2.4 is slower but has a wider range, while 5GHz has a limited range but faster speeds.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Laptop

If your laptop is connected to 2.4GHz and your other devices are connected to 5GHz, you will notice a big difference in speed.

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Try connecting your laptop to the same band as your other devices and see if that changes things.

Nowadays, laptops are either too expensive or too cheap. If you’re lucky and have a fairly well-built device, your laptop has a good wireless network adapter.

If you’re having trouble with WiFi on multiple networks, the problem may be with your wireless card. Sometimes manufacturers save a few cents and use a less powerful WiFi adapter.

If you have the means, consider buying a new, more powerful and stable wireless network adapter to solve all your problems.

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These simple steps to fix slow WiFi on laptops will act as first aid for your connection problems. If you know other methods, leave us a comment below. editors select and review products independently. If you make a purchase through affiliate links, we may earn commissions that help support testing.

Browsing slowed to a crawl, the inability to stream, Wi-Fi signals dropped, wireless dead zones – each of these issues is annoying in a world where access to the web has become as necessary for some as breathing. (Well maybe not

If you think your Wi-Fi connection is slowing down, there are several tools you can use to test your internet speed. You can also try some tricks to troubleshoot network problems. However, if the only way to get decent reception is to stand next to your wireless router, these simple tips can help optimize your network.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Laptop

Before you blame the Wi-Fi connection, make sure the internet coming into your home is working as it should. Find an Ethernet cable and connect your computer directly to the modem – you may need a USB-to-Ethernet adapter (opens in new window) if your laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet port.

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Run a speed test (opens in a new window) to see your internet speed. If it doesn’t match the speed stated on your Internet bill, you may need to call your ISP or replace your modem. If your speed test matches your internet bill, but it still seems slow, it may be time to look for a better plan. (My grandmother was convinced her Wi-Fi was broken, but I told her she subscribed to a snail-speed 3Mbps connection.)

If the modem appears fine, try running the test again wirelessly while standing next to the router. If you’re getting the same great speed next to the router, but not elsewhere in the house, Wi-Fi coverage could be to blame. If your internet connection is still slow right next to the router, you may have old devices that need to be updated.

Before you start tweaking things, it’s a good idea to update your router. Router manufacturers are constantly improving the software to get some speed. How easy or difficult it is to update the firmware depends entirely on the manufacturer and model of your device.

Most current routers have an update process built right into the management interface, so all you have to do is press the firmware update button. Other models, especially if they are older, still require you to visit the manufacturer’s website, download the firmware file from your router’s support page, and upload it to management interface. It’s boring, but still a good thing because it would be a simple fix.

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In fact, even if your wireless network isn’t having problems, you should regularly update your firmware for performance improvements, better features, and security updates. You can get help here, we have a user manual

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