How To Make Wifi Faster On Iphone

How To Make Wifi Faster On Iphone – All iPhone models starting with the iPhone 12 can use the faster 5GHz WiFi band to improve hotspot performance. However, if your customer’s system is having trouble with the 5GHz band, you can set your personal hotspot to use the lower 2.4GHz WiFi band. Follow the instructions to learn how to switch between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for iPhone hotspot tethering.

Prior to the iPhone 12 series, the Apple Personal Hotspot feature was limited to the slow 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band. It doesn’t matter if you have a dual-band WiFi router that supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, the phone always uses the lower 2.4GHz band for the hotspot -Connectivity.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Iphone

How To Make Wifi Faster On Iphone

The iPhone 12 models brought fast 5G networks to the table. When using 5G, speeds can exceed 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. In this case, your iPhone will download content much faster over 5G networks than any personal hotspot client, such as B. an iPad or Mac or Windows PC, can connect to 2.4 GHz. Surprisingly, Apple’s website and the company’s support docs make no mention of this.

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Forcing the iPhone to use the faster 5GHz band improves hotspot tethering performance but reduces compatibility with other devices and routers.

The iPhone 12 and newer devices use the 5GHz band for hotspot connectivity. If you are having issues or problems connecting to other client devices, consider switching your hotspot back to the 2.4GHz band to resolve any issues.

This allows your cell phone to switch to the lower but more compatible 2.4GHz band, provided your router supports it. “Internet usage may be reduced on devices connected to your hotspot when this option is enabled,” the description reads.

Conversely, flipping the switch back to OFF will cause your Apple smartphone to switch the Personal Hotspot feature to the faster but inconsistent 5GHz band. To get the most out of your wireless experience, we strongly recommend checking Apple’s support documentation for official updates for wireless routers and access points.

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Note that Personal Hotspot performance depends on factors such as signal strength, distance between the connected device and your iPhone, type of Wi-Fi band used, walls and other obstacles, etc. Personal Hotspot also works with a Lightning connector, which is useful if you want to connect your Mac or Windows PC using a high-speed wired Internet connection.

You can turn on Personal Hotspot in the Settings app on your device. Note that some carriers require a special hotspot tethering plan. Personal Hotspot requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to open your iPhone and any client devices using Personal Hotspot. Slow Wi-Fi can be annoying, especially if you’re studying or working from home. Slow internet speeds can ruin your day, whether you’re uploading work-related files to the cloud or watching your favorite show on Netflix. Luckily, slow WiFi is a problem you can fix. Slow Wi-Fi is often a little easier to fix. Follow this guide as we list different ways to fix Wi-Fi connection issues.

There are many factors that can cause Wi-Fi to be slow. These are some of the steps you can follow to diagnose and fix Wi-Fi connection problems.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Iphone

Before you conclude that you are dealing with slow internet speeds, make sure your internet speed matches the internet speed you are getting. To do this, go to any website that allows you to test your internet speed, e.g. B. or If the speed results match the advertised speed from the ISP (Internet Service Provider), we can say that your connection is very good, and to speed things up you can opt for an upgraded plan that offers faster internet speeds. .

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Sometimes all you need to do with your Wi-Fi router is a quick reboot to fix Wi-Fi connection issues. Just turn your Wi-Fi router off and then back on after a few seconds and see if you’re still experiencing slow internet speeds. If that doesn’t fix the WiFi issue, try restarting your computer, phone, or other devices. Sometimes the reason for a slow internet connection can be one of your devices, not the internet.

Are you facing slow internet speed even though you have high speed internet connection and good Wi-Fi router? The problem may be the location of your router. It is always recommended to place the router in a high place, e.g. B. on clothing. Also, you can always move the Wi-Fi router to different locations in your home or office to see which area is getting the strongest signal before landing on site. Note that Wi-Fi signals can penetrate walls and other objects most of the time, but sometimes thick walls or metal will block the signal. In such cases, it is recommended to keep your router away from microwave ovens or refrigerators and place the router in a high place and a convenient location as mentioned above.

Placing the antennas vertically on a Wi-Fi router directs the Wi-Fi signals in one direction. You should therefore always align the antennas in different directions. For example, most WiFi routers are equipped with two or three antennas. In this case, make sure to align the antennas vertically and horizontally so that the Wi-Fi wheels can cover more areas.

If your Wi-Fi security isn’t strong enough, finding your password can be easy. Your neighbors may be hacking your Wi-Fi connection and that may be the reason you are having slow Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is recommended to use the WPA2 protocol on your router. You can change this through your router’s settings. To set a WPA2 password, enter your WiFi settings by typing your router’s IP address into any browser on your phone or computer. You can find your router’s IP address on the back of the router, or you can look it up by accessing the WiFi network settings on your phone or computer.

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You may have a high-speed Internet connection that is shared by multiple users at home or in the office, and while a Wi-Fi router won’t slow down Internet speeds when many people are using it, it does waste the available bandwidth. This means you can download files from the cloud, while your child can download the latest games from PlayStation Network, while your partner can download their favorite movies or TV shows. In such cases, you can both experience slow Wi-Fi as each device uses a small portion of the available bandwidth.

Here you can try to reduce your internet traffic by stopping all streaming or downloading. This may improve WiFi speeds for some. Modern routers support technologies that ensure equal bandwidth for all devices, and if you’re having trouble with just one of these routers, the limitation may be your internet speed.

One of the best features available that is often overlooked is QoS or Quality of Service, whose function is to share the bandwidth available on the Wi-Fi network between applications. It’s a great place, you can watch wild videos on YouTube in 4K resolution without stuttering and make sure your latest game is downloaded on Steam. QoS lets you choose which service to prioritize on your Wi-Fi network and allocate bandwidth accordingly. Note that there are different ways to access QoS settings for routers, which means accessing QoS on a Netgear router is different than on a TP-Link router. To check your router’s QoS settings, enter your router’s IP address into a browser and look for the QoS tab to find the settings.

How To Make Wifi Faster On Iphone

Software updates for your router are very important as they improve stability, performance and security. Most routers available today can be updated automatically. However, if you have an older router, you may need to install software updates manually. Different routers have different software updates. For more information, enter your router’s IP address into any browser on your phone or computer to access your router’s WiFi settings.

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Every ISP, regardless of their different internet plans, uses DNS (Domain Name System), which helps translate the IP address of the servers into domain names like or In most cases, the default DNS server provided by ISPs is slow and unreliable, so simply changing your DNS server can bring you relief and a significant benefit to your internet speed and performance. To learn how to change DNS, you can read our guide on how to change DNS on iOS or on your computer. If you’re using Android, go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and look for Privacy

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