How To Make Shopify Website Mobile Friendly

How To Make Shopify Website Mobile Friendly – “Creating an e-commerce website that is mobile friendly” – a few years ago it was one of the big challenges for e-commerce companies. Fortunately, that has changed as most site themes now come with mobile-friendly features.

If you’ve chosen Shopify to build your online store, you’re in luck because the Shopify platform is unmatched when it comes to ensuring a smooth mobile experience. Responsive themes, mobile-friendly checkouts, and mobile stores are some of the mobile-friendly features available on Shopify.

How To Make Shopify Website Mobile Friendly

How To Make Shopify Website Mobile Friendly

If you haven’t updated your store theme in a long time, your store is probably not mobile friendly. Therefore, you should update your store theme to keep it current.

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Modifying Shopify themes to add new features to your store will affect the responsiveness of your Shopify site. In other words, if the HTML or CSS (liquid code) of a theme is changed in any way, it can lose compatibility with mobile devices.

Small tweaks can make the difference between a beautiful mobile friendly theme and a theme that doesn’t work. As a result, the mobile user experience on your store could be compromised.

To fix this problem, you may need to check your Shopify website and help your store stay responsive. Let’s take a look at a great tool that’s perfect if your Shopify store is mobile friendly.

The Google Mobile Testing tool lets you find out how Google interprets your ecommerce store and whether it considers your Shopify store to be a mobile-friendly site.

How To Make A Shopify Store Mobile Friendly?

Paste your store URL and click the Test URL button. It will analyze the given URL in different resolutions and show you the test result. The best way to test the responsiveness of your Shopify store is to check each page one by one.

A tool can never be 100% accurate because it’s not someone checking your shop. You can also manually check if your Shopify mobile store is mobile browser friendly.

Take the time to sit down and visit your store on different devices. This will really help you find out which page or part of your site is affected and needs to be improved.

How To Make Shopify Website Mobile Friendly

I hope you have a list of required modifications! Now, I would like to suggest a few points that may need your attention to improve your Shopify store for smartphone buyers.

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Check the navigation structure of your Shopify store and try removing extra layers to simplify store navigation. Organize your navigation menu and keep it simple. Keeping nested content on one level is good for both search engine bots and visitors.

Users do not like to wait long. Check your store’s load times with site speed testing tools. Good pages start loading in less than 1 second, while poor pages start loading in 2.5 seconds.

Google Test My Site checks your store’s loading speed on mobile devices. After analyzing your Shopify store, it will give you the mobile page speed of your store within seconds. What I really like about Google Test My Site is that it gives you a complete mobile page report for your website that tells you where you can improve to make your site load faster.

The UI is very important when visitors come to your store to find out what is best for them. Check if the mobile view of your site is as attractive as your web view.

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A poor user interface (UI) can discourage visitors from continuing to buy from your store. Let’s improve your website’s mobile user interface until it is soothing to the user’s eye.

You may have added various Shopify apps to your store for upselling or other features. As mentioned above, it can change the default theme and also affect the responsiveness of your store.

To solve this challenge, you can use the iCart upsell app, a comprehensive Shopify upselling app that is fully responsive for all devices. It will help you increase your sales without affecting your mobile responsiveness.

How To Make Shopify Website Mobile Friendly

An online store that is not mobile friendly is likely to lose SEO reputation, sales and business. Therefore, it is important to check them regularly and correct them as necessary.

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Mobile friendly themes Mobile sales Mobile App Mobile friendly Mobile friendly test Mobile friendly test Responsive themeshopify mobileshopify mobile themeshopify mobile website Shopify Store Themes Themes Shopify Update ShopifyShopify is a leading e-commerce platform that helps merchants create and run online stores with the tools of – simple. However, starting a website is only half the battle. The next step is to increase your conversion rate, and to do that, you need to understand how your customers buy your products. So what does the data say?

Well, more than half of online purchases in the US are made via mobile devices, which account for 75% of e-commerce traffic. The problem is that Shopify’s average conversion rate on mobile devices is only 0.9% compared to 1.4% on desktop. All this makes customers ready and willing to buy products online, but websites are useless.

Do you want your Shopify store to be mobile friendly? Here are three simple strategies on how to do this.

When you think about user experience, loading speed is one of the main factors you should consider, especially when it comes to Shopify product pages. You also want to make sure they look nice on all devices, not just desktop. To achieve all this, follow these rules.

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First, let’s check your website’s loading speed with Google PageSpeed ​​​​​​Insights. Click on the link, enter your url and click “Analyze”. The report will show you a lot of data and statistics, but the main parameter we are looking at is performance. The higher it is, the faster your mobile store loads.

Unfortunately, the average score for e-commerce sites is 25, and the ideal minimum is 90. In other words, there’s a lot of work to be done to optimize Shopify’s speed. Here are some tips on how you can improve it.

It is really easy to create a mobile friendly online store and get more customers with Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This technology can turn even the most static Shopify product pages into eye-catching displays. But what is it really?

How To Make Shopify Website Mobile Friendly

Sounds interesting? If so, tell us how you can turn your Shopify store into a mobile storefront with our app called Jiffsy. It is a simple program that you can use without any technical knowledge. All you have to do is apply for a trial version and set up the app in your store. It will then generate a mobile-focused store based on your existing product pages. You get the link and it’s ready! The app does not change your website; it just creates a new url for your mobile store.

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Another thing to know about Jiffsy is that it’s not just about posting beautiful pictures. Yes, our app changes the way you shop online, making your product the focus of customers. Thus, it helps you achieve a massive 40% improvement in your Shopify conversion rate. People who visit your site on mobile devices are more likely to stay and make a purchase.

Adapting an online store to mobile devices is not just about user convenience and aesthetics. This is an essential step towards increasing sales. So, if you really want to build a successful online business, we strongly recommend that you focus on website and product page optimization in particular. Also, check out all the tools available to increase your conversion rate. Don’t be afraid to try new things and you will surely find effective solutions that work for you. According to Statista, m-commerce retail sales in the US in 2021 exceeded $360 billion. Needless to say, every e-commerce website owner should consider optimizing their store for current or potential customers with mobile devices.

Shopify is a great platform for ensuring a smooth mobile experience. Every theme you find in your Shopify store is fully responsive, meaning it adapts to the screen size of the device it’s rendered on.

That said, if you’re serious about mobile Shopify optimization, being responsive alone isn’t enough. There are many other things you should consider to turn your website into a true mobile app. Here are some of the biggest problems that an improperly optimized mobile eCommerce site can cause:

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The good news is that you can avoid all these problems if you follow the basic tips we have prepared for you.

Have you ever pressed a button on the mobile app to select another button next to it? Very annoying, right? From a UX point of view, defining the correct dimensions of the threaded die is extremely important.

Ideally, all buttons or images should be wide enough to be clicked with your thumb. You should also determine the optimal distance between the tap targets. This post in Smashing Magazine gives you a very good insight into this aspect of Shopify mobile optimization. Although different vendors recommend different sizes for buttons and other touch elements, we recommend that you set them to a minimum width of 48 pixels and separate them with at least 32 pixels of space.

How To Make Shopify Website Mobile Friendly

Be sure to test your Shopify mobile site

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