How To Make Psn Games Download Faster

How To Make Psn Games Download Faster – We are so used to this fast-paced lifestyle that we have lost the patience to wait even for a minute. And high-speed Internet connections have also joined this race. Whether it’s downloading a movie or your favorite game, no one likes to wait. Same with the PS4 game console. Even with a high internet connection, it takes a long time to download a single game on this console. And we know how annoying that is. So how to download PS4 faster?

If you want to know about it, we are happy to present this comprehensive guide on how to increase the speed of PS4. So go ahead and read this guide to increase your PS4 download speed.

How To Make Psn Games Download Faster

How To Make Psn Games Download Faster

Indeed, over the years, Sony PlayStation 4 has received criticism for its slow download speeds. And to solve this problem, you can follow these methods.

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Yes, you should get used to multitasking. While some find it great, others are completely against it. However, if you focus on one task instead of several tasks at once. It can give you good results.

Likewise, if you are looking for a way to download games faster. It is better to close all applications in the background. When playing games in the background while downloading games or downloading multiple games at once, this can lead to slow speeds. So leave all other activities on PS4 to speed up PS4 downloads.

To do this, press the PS button and open the menu on the controller. Now select Applications. On the screen there will be a list of running applications, select the applications you want to close and confirm.

A Domain Name System (DNS) server contains multiple IP addresses of a network. And it acts as an intermediary between domain names and existing IP addresses. Although the default DNS server translates domain names to IP addresses to provide the actual data entered by the user.

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However, there are some ways to improve PS4 download speed by using other DNS settings. And the best of the list is Google DNS servers (88.88 and 88.44). Manually change the DNS settings to access this DNS server on the PS4 console.

Finally, restart your PS4 console and wait for it to restore the content. PS4 download is sure to get speed after you follow the right steps.

Hibernating your system can be a solution to how to download PS4 faster. On the PS4 console, sleep mode is a small button that allows the system to sleep. And with a few settings changes, you can even start downloading the game in pause mode.

How To Make Psn Games Download Faster

After you complete all these tasks, you can increase the download speed. To see the progress, you can restore the system.

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If you are trying to increase the speed of pS4 download, this method should be tested once. Just go to download and pause the download process and restart it. It will take some time to continue the download process of the game. And when it is done, it will definitely show the minimum time required to complete the download.

Go to the context menu option on the screen and select notification. Then click download and quit the game. After a while, resume the game to start downloading again. You can try the method when you see the PS4 download stop again.

Although you might be wandering around looking for different ways on how to download PS4 faster. But have you stopped and looked at your internet connection. Yes, this can be a major reason for slow download speeds. Therefore, it is most important to look for the best service provider that claims to provide more Mbps which is required to increase the speed.

Keeping the game console updated is the most important task. So, check for regular updates of all related firmware. This will improve the overall performance of the console and improve the download speed of PS4.

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To check for updates, go to Settings and select System Software Update. And the best part is that if there is an update, it will be installed automatically.

The PS4 console has a download related issue. And some of the reasons behind it are hardware or software related issues, low wifi connection or other network issues. And these problems can be solved by the method mentioned above. So, go through this article and learn how to download PS4 faster. The methods described here are all safe. So it can be tested whenever needed. When it comes to choosing sides in the console wars, I’ve always sided with Sony. But I can’t help but admit that slow download speeds have plagued PlayStation consoles for as long as I can remember.

The game has come a long way in recent years. It’s common practice for triple-A games today to take up more than 40GB of space. This is not a big deal if you play your games on a physical disc. But if you buy the game digitally, make sure you’re comfortable and just wait. Regardless of your internet service provider, it can take forever to download the new game you recently purchased on PSN. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your PS4’s download speed. Some of the solutions will temporarily increase your download speed, while others offer long-term improvements.

How To Make Psn Games Download Faster

Without a doubt, below you have a collection of methods that have helped many users to improve their download speed on PS4. Keep in mind that not all solutions are right for you. I suggest you go through each method until you find a solution that really helps.

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You can’t blame Sony for not trying to fix the download speed problem. Over the past couple of years I have seen at least 4 dashboard patches that claim to fix this problem. Although it won’t increase the speed immediately, it can still make a difference.

A quick way to check if your PS4 console is running on the latest firmware is to connect it to the Internet and open the notification bar. If you are not prompted to update immediately, scroll down until you see an entry with System Software.

Although the PS4 Pro has a more powerful Wi-Fi receiver, the thinner and thinner version does not have the same capabilities. But even on the PS4 Pro, the download speed over Wi-Fi will be slower than an Ethernet connection.

If you want a higher speed, you need to connect your PS4 to the Internet with a cable. Keep in mind that the end of the Ethernet cable is interchangeable, so it doesn’t matter which side is connected to the router.

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The download speed on your PS4 may also be limited by your modem (router) bandwidth. This is even more likely if you are working with an old or cheap modem or router.

Even if your ISP guarantees megabytes per second, that doesn’t necessarily mean your modem can handle it all. Before proceeding with the configuration below, make sure that your modem is strong enough to support the download speed provided by your internet service provider. You can do this by checking your bandwidth and making sure you get enough according to your plan.

Another thing you need to do is make sure your network isn’t overloaded. You might think that the download speed of your PS4 can be severely affected if you have other devices connected to the same internet network.

How To Make Psn Games Download Faster

The next solution is a temporary solution. But it has served me many times, so I decided to highlight it. This is similar to restarting your PS4, but faster.

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Important! – Downloading many games/updates will be slower. If you want the best speed, download each file separately.

If your download starts perfectly but slows down, follow these steps:

It’s a permanent solution that I’m sure works. By default, DNS and MTU are automatically set on your PS4 when you connect to the Internet in Easy Mode. But you can improve the download speed by running additional problems. Here’s what you need to do:

I know it sounds strange to use a proxy server to improve download speed, but there is a practical explanation behind it. By default, the PS4 does not download large amounts of data at once. But if we move the data through a proxy it will force the console to fetch a little data faster.

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Before you go for it, you need a computer that is ready. Also, your computer and PS4 must be connected to the same network. Without further ado, here’s what you need to do:

Warning! If the connection is set up like this, PSN may not work with some online game features. I’m just suggesting

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