How To Make Old Android Phone Faster

How To Make Old Android Phone Faster – WhatsApp will stop working on iPhone 5, iPhone 5C; iPhone 6, iPhone 6S too, if they don’t

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How To Make Old Android Phone Faster

How To Make Old Android Phone Faster

If you want to know how to speed up your Android phone, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these 5 tips and tricks to make your smartphone look like new.

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Is your Android phone running slow? Or is he old enough to change, but you’re not ready to let him go yet? Whatever your reason for keeping your old Android phone, there’s no need to settle for a slow phone. So, if you want to know how to make your Android phone faster, here’s what you need to do. What you can do is make him make up. We are entering a new year, and so you must be on time. It’s time to tidy up your home screen, get rid of unwanted apps and settings you’ve never done since you bought it! And if your device has Android 12, there are also some aesthetic features. Here we’ve listed some tips and tricks to make your old Android phone run faster and maybe even feel like it’s brand new.

Go through the list of apps and check all the apps, especially the ones you haven’t used in a long time. Without thinking about it, just delete​​​​or delete​​​​them! Not only do these apps take up a huge amount of space on your phone, they can also eat up a lot of other resources because they can update in the background.

Now it’s time to view the files, photos and videos that have accumulated after downloading from WhatsApp, Facebook or the Internet for a long time and have no value for you. The easiest way is to check the Files app in your phone’s storage. You also have another option if you don’t want to delete some of your memorable videos or photos – just upload them to Google Drive and access them anytime in the future.

After unlocking your device, the home screen is the first place you look. Messy, cluttered apps can make it unattractive. Start by looking at your phone’s home screen settings. Long press on an empty area of ​​the home screen to access the home screen options where you can change some settings. For example, the size of the application network. It may be a small adjustment, but one extra column can make a big difference. Here, you’ll also find options like viewing notifications by swiping down on the home screen instead of swiping down from the top of the screen.

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To customize your Android phone, make some changes to the settings. For example, enabling dark mode if you haven’t already used it, which saves your phone’s power and gives your phone a new dark look. You can make some more changes, like a new wallpaper for a new start of the year.

We’re talking about literally cleaning your phone! If you’re cleaning a device from a software perspective, why not its screen! Remove the case (if your phone has one) and replace it with a new one. Or wipe the phone screen with a soft, slightly damp cloth without damaging it. A few small changes can make it a whole new experience while using it.

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How To Make Old Android Phone Faster

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Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. However, with daily use, cell phones slow down over time. Of course, any gadget will eventually start lagging, and a mobile device is no different. This can often be annoying, especially at a time when most of us work from home and rely heavily on our smartphones for daily tasks. This means that it is important for our smartphones to run smoothly.

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Since not everyone can buy a new smartphone, here’s a list of five tips that will help you quickly boost your phone’s performance.

Every task you perform on your phone leaves a trace. All this accumulates like money in RAM. Cleaning the debris can help restore speed. Programs and other tasks leave a footprint, so they can open faster, but it takes up space and leaves less RAM for tasks you want to do later. To clear the cache, go to Settings > Storage > Cache. Tap the cache option and the device will ask if you want to wipe the cache partition, tap confirm.

The animations and transitions are pleasing to the eye, but the phone requires a lot of resources to make the UI transitions smooth. Eventually, the animation becomes jittery. Disabling the animations will make the user interface look much better, and at the same time save processing power.

How To Make Old Android Phone Faster

To disable animations, go to Settings > About phone > Tap on the build number until you see a popup that says Developer options are on > Go back to the main settings page > Open developer options > Windows animation scale > Animations are off. Disable transition animation scale and animator duration scale in developer options.

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Smartphones contain many viruses that you may not need. Also, you may have installed some programs that you no longer use. All these apps take up space in your phone, have cache traces and also take up screen area, thus slowing down your device. To fix this, simply clean your device, find unwanted apps and remove them. If you can’t remove them by disabling.

Chrome as a web browser is extremely capable and one of the best to use. In terms of optimization, it is not as good as some other options available in the market. Since it comes pre-installed on most phones and we’re part of the Google ecosystem, most don’t switch browsers.

One minor tweak you can make to improve performance is to enable Chrome’s data saver mode, which compresses everything to about 30-50 percent. So take up less space and increase speed.

To enable Data Saver mode, you need to open Chrome, click on the hamburger icon in the upper right corner, click on Settings, open the Data Saver option and turn it on.

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Live wallpapers look great, but they take a few CPU cycles to run. This puts pressure on the processor and battery, making the device slower and less efficient. To save resources, it is recommended to set a static photo as your phone wallpaper.

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