How To Make My Wifi Go Faster

How To Make My Wifi Go Faster – One of the biggest questions that tech-savvy people ask is, “Do you know how to make your internet faster?” This is a tough question because there are many possible reasons why your internet might be slower than expected. If you’ve tried the best network monitoring tools and software and your speed keeps dropping, then there’s something else. you can try.

If you’re not sure what a good internet speed is or if 100 Mbps is fast, check out this explanation. There are a few things you need to know when answering the question of how to increase your WiFi speed to increase your download or upload speed. speed. Here are a few different things you can try to get your internet speed back to the speed you want. Also, if your internet connection keeps dropping or your internet speed fluctuates, see how to fix the problem. For example, if you are troubleshooting your router, see detailed instructions for accessing your router. Speed ​​also depends on your connectivity. Whether you get CAT6 or CAT 6A Ethernet cable, for example, depends on your purpose and desired performance. And if you get CAT6 or CAT 6E Ethernet cable, you can expect differences in shielding, bandwidth, speed, etc.

How To Make My Wifi Go Faster

How To Make My Wifi Go Faster

Before learning what Mbps is and how to increase your internet speed, you need to know what speed is (make sure 200 Mbps is fast enough). There are tons of free tests online, so check somewhere like This will tell you how fast your internet is and also let you know about its stability. How fast can the internet be another thing is done.

How To Set Up Your Wi Fi Extender For The Best Signal

They have the best speed test in the world and they just opened a new beta that can work with HTML5 here! You can also monitor your router’s network traffic with these tips.

If you have problems with your router, it can affect your download speed. We’ll talk about repositioning the router below, but you should look for certain obstacles. For example, anything metal, stone or brick can block your router from communicating with Wi-Fi. So it could be tons of walls or floors. Avoid places with lots of windows, appliances or metal. Many people work their way into the kitchen, but this is one of the worst places to choose for this reason. Switching your router can make your internet faster and more reliable.

Most people only reset their routers if they run into problems. This is one of the first things tech support will have in their troubleshooting process if you lose your internet connection or your internet goes down every hour. Did you know you can reset more often to help your internet speed?

If you reset your router once a month, it will reset and refresh your internet connection. This will boost the connection to the ISP. Doing it every month means you can just set a calendar date reminder so you don’t forget. In addition, there are other ways to connect to the Internet without an ISP.

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Here is a quick and cheap technological solution. Your router may not be optimally positioned for high speeds. If your router is in a remote area of ​​your home, move it to a more central location. The Wi-Fi signal must be able to travel from the Wi-Fi router to your device, and if the router is in a corner away from devices using Wi-Fi, or near thick concrete or distracting gadgets, it may prevent your device from receiving of a strong internet signal. quite strong. Place the router in the middle of the house on the floor that is most often used for the Internet. Also, you can get the best WiFi extender for gaming to increase the speed.

If your network is not secure, securing it is the first thing you need to know about how to make the internet faster. There are many bandwidth thieves using packet sniffers in the world and you may not know it’s happening because it’s a silent crime that only reports to your internet service or company and affects your speed, connection, data and coverage . Worse, if it’s used for criminal activity, you’ll be in over your head when the authorities catch you. We “What does a firewall do? “The guide is a good starting point for learning more about internet security.

You need to make sure your network is secure. Find the router’s IP address, log into it, and check the router’s settings to disable the network sharing option. Next, add a password to your router and Wi-Fi that will protect your signal.

How To Make My Wifi Go Faster

Speaking of Wi-Fi, you should choose a very strong password protected by WPA or WPA2. The longer the password and the less obvious it is, the better for you. Use tons of letters and include symbols and numbers. Don’t make up real words. In theory, you only need to set up your device every now and then so you can store your password anywhere in your home. You should also replace it periodically.

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For more security, you can hide the network name, create another separate network for guests who want to allow temporary access to the access point, add a firewall to prevent virus downloads, and use a virtual private network (VPN) . ) to encrypt everything.

Wi-Fi is one of the most convenient inventions that ever happened. It’s a great way to access the internet from anywhere and it’s really convenient. Everyone ditches the cables to access from anywhere, even restaurants, cars and more! Unfortunately, while Wi-Fi is definitely the most convenient way to access the Internet, it doesn’t have the same speed that cable can provide. If you go this route, click here to find out what to expect if you get CAT 6 or CAT 7 cable, or if you get CAT 7 or CAT 8 Ethernet cable to boot.

Ethernet connections are always faster and more stable than wireless connections. The same goes for the LAN Internet cable, the purpose of which is described here. This is because the cable can receive the signal and send it directly to the device without a third party sending it over the air. It’s like talking in person instead of sending a letter. Although it’s not realistic to connect everything to a LAN cable, and most iPads and other devices are better served with Wi-Fi, you can take advantage of a quality Ethernet splitter and connect many devices to the Internet. An Ethernet cable frees up Wi-Fi for other devices, resulting in faster speeds for each device. A TV, any gaming console (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.) and any desktop can be connected to a LAN. Even your laptop can do better if you connect or turn it on via cable instead of Wi-Fi for gaming sessions that require optimal speed and no lag. As an added bonus, wired Ethernet connections are also more secure than wireless internet. Let’s just remind you that if you get a CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cable, you’ll have coverage for basic office work.

You should periodically scan your computer for adware and malware. When you scan your system for viruses, you can catch and remove them. This malware will take up all your bandwidth and on top of that it will send viruses to infect other machines as well. It slows the internet and your computer to a halt and endangers the computers of everyone you interact with regularly.

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If your internet is running slow or you’re seeing random pop-up messages, you may have a virus. This is true if your hard drive is overloaded or the program starts and stops by itself. Removing malware means turning off your computer and then turning it back on from safe mode. You should delete all temporary files and download a virus scanner. We provide a complete guide to How to optimize Windows 10 for gaming? article.

If you want to know a quick and easy way to increase your download speed, look at your ad. Almost every website runs ads these days. This is how most internet based businesses make money and as more and more people are online, many retailers are left alone and relevant.

Unfortunately, these ads are huge resources. Whether it’s a popup or a banner, it automatically plays unwanted videos or GIFs and prevents your content from loading quickly.

How To Make My Wifi Go Faster

Getting an ad blocker will help you get rid of these hogs and free up your internet speed for content that’s truly yours

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