How To Make My Website More Visible On Google

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How To Make My Website More Visible On Google

How To Make My Website More Visible On Google

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Maybe you’ve put the time and effort into building your store and getting everything ready for launch to launch your store, and you’re wondering where all the traffic is. Maybe you’ve seen steady growth for the past six months, but you’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic and sales. Or maybe you’ve had success with one traffic management tactic and are wondering what tactic to try next.

Whether you’re trying to land your first customer or a thousand, increasing traffic to your online store is an important part of growing your business. If your site is properly optimized for conversions, increased web traffic can mean more customers and sales.

From a marketing perspective, the good news is that the process of acquiring your first customer and your hundredth customer is the same. But in order for traffic to successfully lead to sales and profits, there are several important conditions that ensure traffic and cost stability. You should ask yourself:

Join the conversation on social media 6. Get friends and family involved 7. Promote your work on Twitter 8. Publish your store on Reddit 9. Add excitement with contests and giveaways 10. Offer time-based discounts

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Reach a new audience with influencer marketing 11. Send free samples to Instagram influencers 12. Connect with bloggers and click 13. Write a blog post with influencers and their advice

Attract customers with content marketing 14. Write blogs to provide information or solve problems 15. Import podcasts to reach new audiences 16. Use videos to educate or entertain

Use Search Engine Optimization to Increase Your Store’s Visibility 17. Write Titles That Match Search Objectives 18. Write Persuasive Meta Descriptions 19. Use Internal Links 20. Add Long-Term Keyword Variations to Your Pages 21. Stand Out From the Crowd with Different Snippets

How To Make My Website More Visible On Google

Some of these sources generate more quality traffic for your business, while others generate less.

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For example, let’s say you’re targeting young professionals who are interested in buying unusual office supplies. LinkedIn may be a better option than, for example, Pinterest. If your target audience is 20+, then TikTok might be your best bet.

Successful website traffic acquisition is defined by doubling the most relevant traffic. Of course, “the most relevant traffic you can find” is incredibly subjective and different for everyone, so let’s break down each tactic you can use to increase your web traffic:

💡 ADVICE. You should choose one tactic that you can do consistently. If you overwhelm yourself by trying too many tactics at once, you won’t see results, and then you’ll get frustrated and feel like you should give up.

In order to increase your website traffic, you need to be able to present your business to your ideal customers. Paid social media advertising allows you to create highly targeted campaigns that deliver personalized ads to customers who are most likely to click through and purchase your products.

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Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with 2.6 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2020. Facebook is full of opportunities to attract new customers and direct them to your online store. Its robust advertising platform allows you to target users based on their interests, behavior, location, and more. Facebook can also be a tool that saves you time and money by optimizing your ad delivery and getting your message to those most likely to reach out.

With Facebook Dynamic Ads, you can even serve customers who have previously visited your website by automatically generating ads for products they’ve already viewed or added to their cart. These powerful ads can help you drive users back to your website to make the most of the traffic you get.

According to Instagram, Instagram is an extremely popular platform with over a billion active users worldwide, with 90% of accounts following businesses.

How To Make My Website More Visible On Google

Searching for Instagram hashtags or creating videos or images for marketing are just a few Instagram tools to increase your followers. Creating Instagram ads will most likely lead to more website traffic and sales, so if you’ve already built up an army of followers on Instagram, you’re not going to benefit from it until you try its advertising platform.

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Make sure you sign up for an Instagram Business account or convert your personal account to a business account. This gives you even more ways to connect with your audience through Instagram advertising. The platform offers the ability to create ads in the form of photos, videos, carousels, collections and stories, so you can start creating ads in the simplest content format.

Pinterest is the perfect place to reach potential customers as they visit the platform to consider future actions and purchases. According to Pinterest, 72% of active users say they use it to discover new brands and services, and in another study, 90% of respondents said Pinterest gives them ideas about what products to buy.

Pinterest is very popular with niche groups such as home decor, remodeling, landscaping, and crafts, and is perfect for businesses looking to break into this market.

Pinterest has Promoted Pins, paid ads that place your Pin at the top of your customers’ search results and help you stand out from the crowd. Promoted Pins combine with other Pinterest content, making it a great tool to grab customers’ attention and drive them to your online store.

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Unlike social media advertising platforms, Google Ads offers a unique opportunity to advertise your products and services directly to people who are actively looking for them. Emarketer reports that 35% of users buy a product within five days of searching for it.

Google allows you to show your ads to users on two of the world’s largest search engines: Google and YouTube. Although the platform gives you the opportunity to increase web traffic and sales, the downside is that it is a difficult platform for beginners and you can spend a lot of money advertising to the wrong audience.

Google offers three ways to display your ads in web browsers. Search Ads (SERPS), Google Display Network (PPC) and YouTube Ads. Google ads work on the basis of an auction: the amount you bid for the selected keywords determines your position in relation to other bidders and the relevance of the search term. And if you’ve ever used Google Analytics, you know how powerful Google can be.

How To Make My Website More Visible On Google

Contrary to popular belief, TikTok is not just a platform for silly videos and memes. It remains an incredibly powerful platform for advertisers of almost any demographic. According to Data.Ai, “

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Ranks first among all apps and games by spending in both the first quarter of 2022 and the previous quarter, the first app to

Win the consumer spending game in a specific quarter – first in the last quarter of 2021 and again in the first quarter of 2022.

Quarter for any program or game. Consumer spending on the app exceeded $840 million worldwide, up 40% from Q4 2021.

Although creating quality content on the platform requires a significant investment, it can be a great platform to add to your marketing arsenal. We see the value of TikTok so much that we launched TikTok Shopping in partnership with TikTok. TikTok Shopping is the first commerce platform to add organic product search and shopping tabs to TikTok, helping content creators and sellers deepen their relationships with consumers.

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Be sure to check out our complete guide to TikTok advertising to learn more about how to increase your ad ROI.

Social media is more than just sharing a link to your online store via Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the hope that it will increase website traffic. Social engagement is all about encouraging conversations with the right people, responding thoughtfully, and building excitement and enthusiasm.

From channel selection to post selection, fill in the gaps and consider how best to use social media to meet your marketing goals.

How To Make My Website More Visible On Google

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When you’re starting your business, enlisting the help of friends and family is a great tactic for initial awareness, traffic, or even your first sale (thanks, Mom!). It’s not very often that people start a business, so starting your own online store is probably new to your circle of friends and family. Hopefully, they will want to share the news about your new business.

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