How To Make My Scooter Go Faster

How To Make My Scooter Go Faster – Today, we will look at different methods that allow us to increase the speed of the electric scooter. There are some amazing ways to increase the top speed, but what we will focus on is how to get rid of the speed limit on an electric scooter.

But first, we need to understand what the electronic speed limit is and why it exists in the first place. What I should point out is that it may be illegal in some states to remove the speed limit on your electric scooter. Before doing this, check local laws to see what the maximum speed limit is. Exceeding the legal speed limit may require road vehicle registration.

How To Make My Scooter Go Faster

How To Make My Scooter Go Faster

This information is provided for entertainment purposes only. I take no responsibility for your safety or your tickets. Do so at your own risk.

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A speed limiter is a software configuration of an electric scooter that limits the maximum speed to a certain limit specified by the manufacturer.

This is not like a mechanical limitation that can be easily overcome. It is built into the control unit of the electric scooter and cannot be easily removed.

Being a software configuration, there are only two ways to pull it and go as fast as your engine and battery will allow.

The simplest way before we get our hands dirty is to get the right hands in the first place. If you just bought a new e-scooter and it doesn’t meet your speed, you can return it and get a new one. If you already have one for a long time, you can always sell it and find the difference for a new one. Check out the fastest scooters available in the market in this article.

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If you can do this, you are lucky. To be honest, I’m happy. Owning an E-Twow Booster scooter (also known as UScooter Booster) I can draw the limit directly from the scooter’s display. Just by pressing the buttons. Some of the scooters allow this to be called “sport mode”, but they only recommend going up for more power.

My scooter is limited by the manufacturer to a maximum speed of 30 km/h. In fact, this is also adjustable because I have 5 levels: 6km/h, 12km/h, 20km/h, 25km/h and 30km/h. However, I also have a sport mode which removes any speed limit. In this way, I can go up to 36 km / h, but if you want to go down, it is possible or even more.

You will notice that if you have activated the speed limit, you cannot exceed the set speed, even if you are going downhill. This is because if the speed increases, the computer slows down the engine.

How To Make My Scooter Go Faster

This sport / booster option removes any electronic limitation. This option also increases speed and torque.

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Now, your e-scooter will be limited only by physical conditions (maximum engine RPM, wind, slope, weight, etc.). The manufacturer recommends that you activate it for growth only. There are some safety concerns when going over this speed limit, as you can put yourself in dangerous situations.

P1 – No start – does the scooter engine start at 0 km/h or does it wait until 5 km/h. This prevents the speed from being accidentally pressed when not riding.

This is a more complicated operation and usually voids your warranty. I’m not a fan of this because it can be very useful even after a few months of purchase.

For example, the Xiaomi Mi M365 electric scooter cannot be unlocked directly from the screen. It doesn’t even have a display, but a phone app. To overcome the limitation, you need to rewrite the software on the scooter controller. This is a dangerous operation. If the process does not go smoothly, you can even brick your electric scooter (it cannot be used at all).

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However, if you are ready to do this, your Xiaomi Mi M365 can reach 30-31 km / h, which is impressive considering that it has air tires.

Keeping your battery charged will help you reach higher speeds and also help you last longer. Although a supercharged battery will not improve your scooter’s top speed, you will get faster acceleration and torque.

The lower the battery level, the lower the speed. If there is only 10% left in your battery, the electric scooter will not be able to move at full speed. When you run out of juice, you’ll notice two things in this order: slow acceleration and high speed.

How To Make My Scooter Go Faster

When your battery reaches around 40% depending on your model and specifications, you will notice slow acceleration.

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When your battery level is below 20-25%, you will find it difficult or impossible to reach high speed.

Airless tires have less friction with the ground so you can achieve higher speeds. Airless tires also improve range so you can drive more miles.

If your electric scooter is new, this is not really a good option. But if you have an old scooter, spraying some oil (WD-40) on the sprockets or better yet, replacing them can make a big difference. Over time, the sprockets wear and cause some friction with other components.

This is not possible in all models, as it is difficult to find batteries that fit in the small space of an electric scooter. But, at least in theory, a better battery that can provide higher capacity will allow you to go at higher speeds.

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However, there are some caveats as the scooter is not built for higher voltages. An overcharged battery can damage electrical components or the electric motor itself.

A more complex solution that would be difficult to implement. In theory, you can back off the electric motor to get less torque, but higher RPM. You are obviously voiding your warranty, so this is a dangerous operation that I do not recommend.

Many countries have legislation that places speed limits on unregistered vehicles such as electric scooters. Therefore, many manufacturers limit their scooters to a certain speed.

How To Make My Scooter Go Faster

There are other reasons for this restriction, security being one of them. It is not safe to drive an electric scooter at a speed of more than 30 km/h. The risk of injury is very high as you can easily lose your balance and fall. Always wear protective clothing.

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Not all scooters can exceed the manufacturer’s speed limit. The UScooter Booster and the Xiaomi Mi M365 obviously can, but these are mid-range scooters. Cheaper scooters can be limited to 20-25 km/h, and many can’t even go higher than that without a speed limit. However, there is a limit to going down.

If you are not sure if you can remove the speed limit on your particular model of electric scooter, look around. I found many videos on Youtube describing the process and the results. Other opinions can be found on forums or even in Amazon reviews.

Complex questions usually lead to the answer “it depends”. In this case, it is difficult to summarize and give an exact answer. Some models, such as the UScooter Booster, can provide excellent performance without speed limits.

Other models can break down because it drains a lot of battery power quickly and the engine is hot because of the high RPM. If your scooter doesn’t have a simple way to override the speed limit, it’s unlikely you can remove it by flashing the controller or other tricks.

The Truth About Removing A Speed Limiter On An Electric Scooter

If you want a fast electric scooter and local laws allow it, look for it early. This will save you a lot of trouble.

The higher the speed, the greater the risk of an accident. It is difficult to maintain balance when driving at speeds of more than 30 km/h on such narrow tyres. Probably good in a straight line, but don’t take corners at speed. Always slow down and ride defensively.

Higher speed requires more power transfer. Even if the battery can handle it, the heating process can damage it in the long run.

How To Make My Scooter Go Faster

It will run out of juice faster so you will need to refill it more often as you will get less range/power. Lithium batteries have limited charge cycles, so keep in mind that going faster may reduce battery life.

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Shocks and bumps when driving at high speed affect the part of the electric scooter more. If your scooter has pneumatic suspension and tires, this is better, but can still lead to faster wear and tear.

Limiting speed isn’t a bad thing after all, and there are some good reasons why manufacturers do it. The main reasons for speed limits on electric scooters are safety concerns and laws.

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