How To Make My Samsung Tablet Faster

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How To Make My Samsung Tablet Faster

How To Make My Samsung Tablet Faster

If you are looking for a tablet to support your Android phone, your options have been few and far between for years. In fact, the Android tablet market has offered us so many options that even many Android enthusiasts want you to just buy an iPad if you want a tablet.

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The problem with buying an iPad if you have an Android phone is that you miss out on many of the integrations that come with using an iPhone and iPad together. The apps you have on your phone need to be reset from the tablet, you don’t get things like being able to hotspot your phone on the tablet, and two devices never felt connected or united as if they both worked. same track.

This is where Samsung’s latest Tab S8 and S8 Plus stand a chance, at least if you have the Samsung flavor of Android. (Samsung also has a third tablet in the Tab S8 line, the Ultra, which is larger and more expensive – I’ve reviewed it separately here.) Although they look and function very similar to Samsung tablets from before – and there are. still a lot of the same baggage – Samsung has successfully developed integration and ecosystem of its own equipment that will be enough to choose the Samsung tablet over the iPad if you also happen to carry a Samsung phone and use the Samsung wireless earbuds.

This is not to say that Samsung has gone all the way to Apple in integration, and it is not to say that the traditional complaints about Android tablets – a small pool of good apps – don’t apply at all. The Tab S8 and S8 Plus are also expensive tablets, starting at $ 699.99 and $ 899.99, respectively, before adding accessories like a case or keyboard. But they give us an unprecedented view of the Android-first ecosystem.

The device differences between 2020’s Tab S7 / S7 Plus and this year’s Tab S8 versions are as follows:

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The Tab S8 standard is only available in Wi-Fi configuration; The Tab S8 Plus can be purchased with 5G cellular connectivity. It is strange that this is not consistent between the lines.

Visually, the new tablet is similar to the previous model. They feature the same 11-inch 120Hz LCD or 12.4-inch 120Hz OLED screens and have the same four Dolby Atmos speakers. As before, the hardware is amazing and both tablets provide excellent video monitoring. Performance is also excellent, with good performance, fast load times and no “jelly creep” issues. These are similarly priced to premium tablets and they want them, which is good.

Of the two, I prefer the smaller Tab S8, which is easier to hold in one hand and easier for tasks I do on the tablet, like reading books or news. If you want a better tablet for watching movies, the S8 Plus’ OLED screen has the advantage, even if it lacks the power and brightness of Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

How To Make My Samsung Tablet Faster

Both models also have 16:10 aspect ratio screens, which are better for larger laptops than tablets. It makes them feel tight when viewing websites horizontally and incredibly tall when held vertically.

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The Tab S8 has the same fingerprint scanner built into the off / wake button as the Tab S7; Likewise, the Tab S8 Plus has the same fingerprint scanner as the Tab S7 Plus. Both performed well in my tests, although neither was smooth or fast in facial recognition. (You can enable facial recognition on both tablets, but it’s not as secure as a fingerprint scanner or Apple’s Face ID.) Neither tablet has a 3.5mm headphone jack, headphone, and relies on a ‘ single USB-C port for all its I / O.

One of the substantial differences between the two models is their biometric system; The Tab S8 Plus has a fingerprint scanner at the bottom, while the Tab S8 has a fingerprint scanner built into its sleep / wake key, as shown here.

Both models can be purchased with a respectable 128GB or 256GB of built-in storage. And unlike the iPad, the Tab S8 line supports microSD card expansion (up to 1TB), so you can add more after the fact.

Both come with Samsung’s S Pen stylus in the box, which has been improved to be slightly more responsive this year. I really like the S Pen, especially for writing on the screen. It has a softer surface than the Apple Pencil, which reduces distortion when writing on the glass and means I don’t have to specifically position the screen on the Tab S8 like I usually do with the iPad. And it’s doubly good that it doesn’t cost $ 129 more than the price of the tablet. I am not an artist at all, so if you are looking for that perspective, I recommend that you check out Brad Colbow’s YouTube video on the S8 line, but to write write, draw screenshots or just go to the tablet software. Every day, the S Pen is great.

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The S Pen magnetically attaches to a strip on the back of the tablet for charging and storage (though it only charges if it’s facing in a specific, different direction). The pen will work as a free access device: paying for it allows you to connect to the tablet via Bluetooth and use additional functions such as climate control that I have never learned. The magnet on the back of the tablet holds the S Pen in a particularly weak position, and because the pen protrudes from the back, it’s easy to put it in your bag. Some of Samsung’s magnetic cases attach to the back of the tablet and provide a cover for the S Pen, which makes it more stable, but this case will cost between $ 70 and $ 80.

Keyboard cases are available with or without a trackpad. The Tab S8 book cover keyboard (pictured) does not have the line function for environmental controls.

In terms of functionality, the Tab S8 and S8 Plus are compatible with the same options as the Tab S7. I was able to test the ridiculously named $ 139.99 / $ 159.99 Book Cover Slim Keyboard for two sizes, which combines design with a keyboard without a trackpad. The keyboard works fine – no Bluetooth along with headaches or charging needed thanks to the pogo pins that allow it to communicate with the tablet – but I didn’t have a trackpad available. It also offers only one angle of view, which is limited, and the back cover has a hole for the S Pen to pass through by changing the cover to hold it in place. If you want to spend more, you can fix all three of these issues with the $ 199.99 / $ 229.99 Book Cover Keyboard, which didn’t change when I tested it with the Tab S7 model and comes with the own restrictions (for example, it is too dangerous to use on the leg).

How To Make My Samsung Tablet Faster

Disturbingly, neither the $ 700 more Tab S8 nor the $ 900 more Tab S8 Plus come with a charging dock in the box, though they do support fast charging up to 45 watts. While this has become one of the high-end phones, these are the first tablets I’ve seen that don’t have a charger in the box.

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With many of the devices carried over from the previous generation, the greatest advances can be seen in the software.

Samsung can’t fix Android’s perennial problem of malicious apps that don’t look good on large screens, don’t support keyboard shortcuts, or don’t work well with Samsung’s desktop-style Dex software mode. So Samsung has taken some time to improve their apps and make the Tab S8 and S8 Plus work well with Samsung phones.

Much of what Samsung has created will be familiar to iPhone and iPad owners. I was able to disable the mobile hotspot feature of my Galaxy Z Fold 3 from the Tab S8 menu; Galaxy Buds Pro I have in my ear instead of the Tab S8 and my Fold 3 depends on the device that is playing the sound. Samsung also has Apple’s Handoff feature which allows you to continue using an app on another device, although it is currently limited to Samsung’s browser apps and notepad only and does not work with other third-party apps.

If you have a Windows PC, you can use the Tab S8 model as an external camera, just like Apple’s Sidecar feature. You can use the data keyboard with many devices, although switching between them involves Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth pairing

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