How To Make My Lenovo Laptop Faster

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How To Make My Lenovo Laptop Faster

How To Make My Lenovo Laptop Faster

There are ways to maximize the life of your laptop if you don’t want to buy new stuff.

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Pro tip: If people refuse to touch your laptop without PPE, it could be a sign that it needs cleaning. When you have to touch someone else’s ugly laptop and don’t want to use disposable protective gloves, you can try putting a pad between your fingers and the keyboard.

Before splurging on a shiny new computer, you might want to consider giving your current system some TLC. There are many things you can do to take better care of that old laptop and extend its life as long as possible.

The lifespan of a laptop is comparable to that of a human: partly due to responsible behavior, partly genetics, and partly due to luck. There’s no guarantee of that

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And there’s no guarantee that if you treat it like crap it won’t last longer than expected – in 10 years you might be scolding it. “Fail then you’re late to the POS so I can justify buying a replacement!” That’s the argument I have every day with my 7 year old iPad. (Which I still use for some things even after I finally bought a new iPad Pro.)

For example, I was shocked to realize that my friend’s 7-year-old Lenovo Yoga 2 13 still works, and actually works well. He’s shy, knocked off his perch by flying cats, sits in the hot sun, endures the summer with 90% humidity indoors, and his OS hasn’t been updated in… I don’t think so. It did not fill the 128GB drive. She recently asked if she should upgrade to Windows 11 (from Windows 8.1). After picking my chin up off the floor, I pointed out that she probably couldn’t; Even if it qualifies, it might be slower than it is now.

But I have to report that it ended up going into the big dustbin in the sky. Just because she dropped it one too many times. It’s time to recycle.

How To Make My Lenovo Laptop Faster

I continued to use it, thinking the trackpad was just bad, until it broke, disappeared, and I know the battery underneath it had swollen. Ah, the joy of early ultra-thin models! (This is a 2013 Samsung ATIV Book 9.) Lori Grunin/

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However, in the meantime I’ve gone through at least two laptops, one with a swollen battery and another with cable issues and broken plastic that rendered the screen unusable. They left this world in a state of exquisite beauty. And she had to return her 13-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 after a year of working from home due to connection failure, even though it looked broken.

Data backup is on my long, long list of “do as I say, not as I do” tips. But the longer you keep your laptop, the more irreplaceable files and data you’ll lose. And they are more likely to end up in e-waste. So before you touch your laptop for any troubleshooting – including cleaning – you should back it up.

The unwritten rule is this: if you don’t back up your laptop, it will suffer a serious breakdown. But if you do, then nothing will happen. Because that’s how the universe works.

I don’t mean singing a lullaby before you put her to sleep every night, or even treating her to ginger. Just use a little common sense when it comes to handling and storage. For example, don’t think, “Awww, cute. Instagram that!” When your cat curls up on your computer keyboard looking for attention or warmth. Think, “That cat is going to destroy my MacBook’s butterfly keyboard.”

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You should check the adapter cable periodically, especially if you have pets. Run your finger along it to feel the teeth marks. Twisted cables won’t destroy your laptop — they’re designed to stop working if the rubber insulation is punctured — but they can be expensive to replace. My cat, Iris Destroyer, got her name by chewing through two Dell AC adapters priced at $70 each (among other reasons). If you catch them early, you can divert them to safety. In addition, it is not good for animals.

If your cat likes to sleep on the keyboard, get a laptop stand that tilts – Felix may find another spot on your desk less convenient – or create a space near your desk where your cat can still keep an eye on you. imitates the warmth of the keyboard.

It’s easy to overlook basic maintenance, especially if you use your computer every day. After a while you just stop noticing the roughness. But taking a minute every once in a while to check entry points around the keyboard, keyboard surface, touchpad, speaker grilles, ports, vents, and screen can save you pain (and money) in the long run. A dirty touchscreen can also make it less responsive.

How To Make My Lenovo Laptop Faster

But even if none of that causes long-term health problems for your system, you don’t want to wait until the detritus builds up so much that it’s nearly impossible to get in or out. Keeping the vents clean and free of dust is especially important.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life

Bypass apps and files, as well as programs and services that run at startup every time, and send everything you don’t need. Does it extend the life of the system? Probably not, except perhaps by reducing some of the heat generated by unnecessary processor activity.

Faster, just like cleaning a room can make it feel bigger. And best of all, you’ll experience some real performance improvements, including increased battery life. It may also turn out that you don’t need the memory or storage upgrade you thought you did. And if you’ve never bothered to uninstall the bloatware that came with your Windows system, try uninstalling it. An unobtrusive start menu can improve performance a bit.

The best way to make it feel new is to refresh the operating system, which is essentially reinstalling it while keeping your data and files intact, rather than wiping the drive and starting over. In Mac OS, use recovery mode. Windows has two options: Refresh to reinstall the operating system while keeping files; and Fresh Start, which updates the operating system but without all the bloatware that originally came with it.

At some point you may feel that the incremental approach is no longer working for you. Then it’s time to think about wiping it and starting from scratch: you’ll have to reinstall the operating system and applications. This can be more difficult, as it may require repurchasing old programs, customizing every aspect of the operating system or application behavior, debugging the system.

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It’s software. What is hardware? Apart from the upgrade, the laptop’s hardware remains relatively stable. There’s no magic wand that will make your trackpad feel five years younger. One exception is battery life: changing software settings can make a big difference in battery life.

An external hub can greatly extend the functionality of legacy systems, as well as reduce wear and tear and disconnection. Lori Grunin/

Using an accessory like an external keyboard, mouse or monitor – even an inexpensive one – can save wear and tear on internal components and hinges. More importantly, when those laptop components start to suffer, the system itself will still be usable if you can find external replacements.

How To Make My Lenovo Laptop Faster

If you’re constantly moving between desktop locations, it’s worth having a docking station or hub for those external devices. This will save wear and tear on the connection due to constant plugging and unplugging. It also adds additional ports, which is another benefit that will extend the life of your laptop. Here are some additional tips:

Should I Fix My Six Year Old Laptop Or Replace It?

Since the actual upgrade involves some cost, this may be the last step you consider. But small, incremental upgrades can make a big difference. There aren’t as many laptops that support internal storage or memory upgrades as they used to — even fewer removable batteries — but if you can, you should definitely take advantage of that option when you start running into limitations. That’s one of the benefits of keeping an older laptop – it’s more likely to be upgraded.

That is as long as you feel comfortable opening it to attach things. Before going down this route, be sure to check your particular system’s upgrade or maintenance manual to make sure it’s supported.

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