How To Make Mailing Labels On Word

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Please note: this method will not work if your A4 labels have less than 4.2mm spacing between rows and/or columns.

How To Make Mailing Labels On Word

How To Make Mailing Labels On Word

With a blank document open in Word, click the Mail tab at the top of the page, and then click Labels. This will open a box called “Envelopes and Labels”. Click the Options button to create a new label template. This will open another box called “Tag Options”. Click on “New Tag” which will open a box called “Tag Details”.

How To Make Labels In Word

Fill in each required field. Here’s what you need to know about A4 labels:

This seems simple enough, right? Well, yes and no. Word is really picky about how you use its built-in tools, so we recommend that you follow these top tips to make sure your measurements are what Word expects.

Although you’re supposed to start filling in the measurements in the order they’re listed, Word will sometimes start autocorrecting your measurements before you finish adjusting all the fields, and other times it will reject your measurements when you try to create When labeling patterns.

You also need to be careful about how you enter your measurements. All your measurements (except horizontal and bottom numbers) must be expressed as a value, followed by a space, and then the unit symbol for the measurement used. In other words, if the label width is 70mm, you must enter it as 70mm.

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If Word is set to use centimeters as the default measurement, you can divide the measurement by 10 to convert millimeters to centimeters, or you can change the default measurement to millimeters.

At Label Planet, we provide detailed measurements for all label sizes on our template information pages. To find label template information for a specific label size, you can browse our Label Templates homepage (select your label shape, then label size) or visit your label size’s product page and click the purple ‘Label Templates and Printing Information’ “Link .

Give your label template a name and click OK. You will be returned to the Label Options box where you must click OK. You will return to the Envelopes and Labels box, where you must click New Document.

How To Make Mailing Labels On Word

This will open a new document containing your label template. In Word, tag templates are made using tables whose cells represent your empty tags (and any spaces between them). Therefore, the Word label template cannot display any shape such as rounded corners for rectangular labels and square labels, nor can it display the outline of circular and oval labels. Instead, each empty label will be represented by a rectangle or square, and each label will fit where its outermost points touch the four sides of the table cell.

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You may also want to make some formatting changes. For example, we recommend centralizing the label template and the content of the label template to ensure that your design fits well on each blank label.

To focus on the template itself, select the entire table by moving the cursor to the upper left corner and left clicking the four-way arrow icon once. This brings up two table tool tabs at the top of the page; click Layout, then Properties—in the Table tab of the Properties box, set the Alignment to Center option.

You can also turn on table gridlines using the Table Layout tab; if you can’t see the outline of the template, the table gridlines are disabled – there’s a “View Gridlines” button to the left of the Table Layout tab that you can use to turn it back on.

To center the content of the template (or choose any alignment you prefer), select the entire table as above, then select one of the nine icons included in the Alignment section to the right of the Table Layout tab.

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There are two main benefits of using Word’s Create Label tool. First, if you don’t have much experience with Word and Spreadsheets, this tool will do most of the work for you automatically. Second, label templates created with the Create Label tool are also fully compatible with Word’s mail merge tool (compared to stand-alone templates that require some mail merge steps to be done manually).

The main disadvantage of using Word’s Create Label tool is that the tool does most of the work for you automatically, and not necessarily in a way that produces the most accurate label templates. Word uses a default set of formats and options that are not always optimal for creating and designing label templates. For example, as we mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, the Create Label tool cannot create gaps smaller than 4.2mm. However, if you create the label pattern manually, you can create gaps as small as 0.4 mm.

For maximum control over label templates, we recommend using Word’s Spreadsheet to create label templates manually.

How To Make Mailing Labels On Word

Next week’s Pattern Tuesday – How? – How to Make Label Templates Using the Word Sheets Tool This tutorial shows you how to use Labelmaker to create and print labels for mailing lists in Google Sheets. While our Google Sheets add-on offers powerful formatting features (bold, italic, alignment, etc.), if you’re looking for more options, check out our guide on printing and formatting labels in Google Docs. Depending on your use case, there are many other guides and tutorials here.

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Open the spreadsheet containing the mailing list data you want to use. If you haven’t already, create a new spreadsheet and add your data to it. The first line should contain headings (eg address, city, zip code, state).

In Google Sheets, click on the “Extensions” (formerly “Add-ons”) menu and select “Create and Print Labels”. If you don’t already have the add-on, be sure to install it first. After installation, reload the spreadsheet by closing and reopening the spreadsheet.

In the Labelmaker sidebar, click Select Template and see the available templates in the list. As of this writing, more than 5,000 labels are available, in several categories, including “Avery US Letter”, “Avery A4”, “Avery Zweckform”, “”, “”, and “Herma” .

In the content field, use the double arrows to add merge fields. For example add address <

> and city <>. Apply some formatting when you’re done, such as bold, italic, or center alignment.

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Click Create Tags to create all tags in a new document. Each row in the spreadsheet will be converted to a new tab with the appropriate merged fields. This allows you to create a mailing list with hundreds of contacts in seconds.

Open the newly created document and make sure the mailing list is correct. If you need to make some adjustments, go back to the spreadsheet and make changes in Labelmaker. Again, click “Create Label” when you’re ready and a new document will be created.

Now that your mailing list looks good, click File > Print in Google Docs. In the Print dialog, make sure Margins is set to None and Scale is set to 100%. Depending on the format of your label product, you may need to adjust the page size. For example, Avery US Letter 5160 requires a “Letter” size.

How To Make Mailing Labels On Word

If your labels are misaligned or printing incorrectly, read our guide How do I fix misaligned label templates?

How To Print Labels From Word

Still have questions? Ask for help in our Google forum. Be sure to share a screenshot of the tag problem you’re having and include useful information. If you want to create and print many return address labels, you can manually type them into a blank label document. But there is a better way, and it’s called mail merge. Watch this video to learn more.

If you want to create a bunch of recipient address labels, you can manually enter them in a blank label document like this one.

Word adds blank tabs to new documents. To view the labels, click the TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tab, then click View Gridlines.

Next, we need to add the address to the label, which we will do by creating a list of recipients.

Making Your Own Label Template

Click the box below the title row and start typing. To save time, you can press Tab to move right or Shift+Tab to move left.

The last thing we need to do is decide how we want the receiving addresses to see these tags.

In the first section, you can choose how the name is displayed. Let’s choose a less formal format.

How To Make Mailing Labels On Word

Here you can see how to preview when you select an option here

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