How To Make Laptop Run Games Faster

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A simple, practical fix for a Windows 10 PC or laptop experiencing performance issues. Most of the time, ironing some things is responsible for slowing down the performance of the computer.

How To Make Laptop Run Games Faster

How To Make Laptop Run Games Faster

You see, buying a new laptop with the latest specs or having a laptop with qualified specs is by no means a guarantee that Microsoft Windows 10 will run properly. More often than not, you’ll notice that Windows PCs in particular slow down after a few months of use. It’s not good news for those of us who spend our days (and in some cases nights), working from home; the need for a PC that performs well is more pressing right now and will likely continue to be so for at least a few more months. . We don’t know how long we’ll be working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and your laptop should work just fine.

How To Make Your Old Pc Faster

It’s even worse if you recently bought a new laptop or powerful PC. With new computing devices come high hopes, also because you’ve spent a lot of money on it. From a faster computing experience. Able to do tasks quickly. Slick performance. Good battery life, laptop case. And hours gazing at your precious new possession with loving eyes. The thing is, this all deteriorates pretty quickly when you set it up, start using it, and soon notice that its performance isn’t as good as it should be, or that it’s dropping rapidly. So what happens? There are several reasons why your Windows 10 laptop or PC might be acting weird and slow. And before you inevitably have to shoulder the responsibility of buying the wrong specs and something that isn’t as powerful as it should be, let’s rule out the other possibilities one by one.

To begin with, your PC or laptop is likely to be plagued with many unnecessary built-in applications. This, in more loving terms, is known as bloatware. Basically, what you don’t need, but laptop manufacturers go ahead and litter your new laptop with it. This will include unnecessary applications, application bundles, so-called utilities, game demos and free game bundles, shortcuts to websites, antivirus, etc. Go to Start Menu -> Settings -> Apps -> Apps & Features and select the app from the list, which you don’t really need. This can include everything from links to shopping websites, photo editing software, file transfer utilities, system management software and even Microsoft Office alternatives. Some may even lure you in with a “premium” membership, just don’t let your heart melt.

The thing is, almost every laptop manufacturer is guilty of loading apps and software onto the laptops they sell, be it Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP, you name it and they all follow this trend, to some extent. And it’s not limited to a specific price range: all laptops come with a different number of preloaded apps. Android phones, especially those made by Chinese tech companies, suffer from the same problem. It also leads to a somewhat different Android experience for many users.

Second, Windows 10 has something called Windows Defender, which does everything from keeping your PC safe from malware, viruses, spyware, and keeping your firewall running. So it’s a bit confusing for laptop manufacturers to drain more resources by loading an antivirus solution, such as McAfee or Norton security suites (with respect to both, putting them only as examples). If all you want to do on your new laptop is surf the web safely and promise not to go near dubious apps or websites, you can remove any additional antivirus packages that your laptop manufacturer included with Windows 10 on your laptop. This frees up important system resources, allowing it to run faster and better; this is more noticeable on low power machines with Intel Core i3 processors or machines with less RAM.

How To Make My Laptop Run Better

Third, many new laptops still run older versions of Windows 10 out of the box. You might not notice it, but no one is constantly updating Windows 10 on new, unsold laptops. For example, in the last few weeks alone we received several laptops with Windows 10 1903 ready to use; this version of Windows 10 was released in October 2019. Since then, we’ve had a significant upgrade with even greater Windows. 10 1909. and Windows 10 2004 Update as well as regular monthly patches. Yes, while Windows 10 is a live operating system and is always updated, you may not receive all updates on day 1. Take the time to manually update Windows 10 to get all the performance improvements and bug fixes that are coming with the latest versions of Windows 10. Go to the Start menu -> Settings -> Update & security and check for new updates.

It should also bring the necessary driver updates for your hardware, which can also optimize performance. While you’re at it, also check the support section of your laptop manufacturer’s website for system-specific firmware that may fix bugs or improve performance.

Finally, there are starter items. This is an application that is configured to run with Windows 10, every time you start the laptop. Not only does this slow down the time it takes for Windows 10 to get ready to run, but these apps continue to run in the background consuming RAM and processor resources. Some of the suspects include Google’s auto-update utility after installing Chrome and Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage app, and any driver utility. You can do Alt + Ctrl + Del -> Task Manager -> More details -> Start tab -> Disable all but the most important utilities. The next time you press the power button to turn on your laptop, Windows 10 will load faster and be faster in terms of responsiveness as well.

How To Make Laptop Run Games Faster

In the end, your laptop or PC will run as fast as it should. A machine with an Intel Core i3 processor will not be as fast as a machine with an Intel Core i5, for example. But if we do this new Windows 10 laptop cleanup, it will only remove any artificial ceiling that might be hoarding valuable system resources unnecessarily.

How To Make Games Run Faster On A Laptop

Chances are, a lot of storage space is being used up with files and folders that you might not even realize are there. You may want to check the storage status on your machine and remove some unnecessary files, such as software installers, that are in your downloads folder. Usually, cleaning up cluttered storage helps Windows 10 run better. And breathe a little better. Anurag likes to play video games. Guides and lists revolve around popular games for iOS, Android, PC and console.

On a desktop PC, you can easily upgrade your game’s graphics by swapping out your old graphics card. But in most laptops, the graphics chipset is built into the system board and cannot be removed or replaced. Therefore, newer PC games may not run smoothly on your laptop and you may experience choppy graphics.

However, there are many ways to make games run faster on a laptop. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a new laptop, try the following tips to improve your gaming performance.

You can access the 3D settings on an AMD- or Nvidia-powered notebook by right-clicking on the Windows desktop and selecting Graphics Properties.

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This Intel HD graphics and multimedia control panel has custom settings and preset options. Below I show my laptop’s 3D settings to explain each custom setting. You can apply these settings to your own graphics panel for a smoother gaming experience.

Custom settings are usually found on all graphics boards, including Intel HD or Nvidia/AMD. Common options include texture quality, vertical sync, and anisotropic filtering. You can change these settings or leave them as they are. Here are some tips:

1. Texture Quality: Adjust this option to improve texture (texel) pixels. In my Intel HD Graphics control panel, I had to select the “Performance” preset to lower the texture quality. This greatly improves graphics performance, although it results in blurry images. You can keep it in “Balance” mode if you don’t want to play with this option.

How To Make Laptop Run Games Faster

2. Anisotropic Filtering: Adjusting this graphics setting will increase the sharpness and clarity of textured objects in the game. But I always keep it in “Application Settings” and choose not to change it. keep it up

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3. V-Sync: When playing graphics-intensive games, you may experience screen stuttering and tearing, especially when playing first-person shooter games. This usually happens when the frame rate in video games is higher than your laptop’s refresh rate

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