How To Make Laptop Faster For Gaming

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Gaming on a laptop is never perfect—at least not compared to playing your favorite shooter on a desktop. There are the inevitable trade-offs of packing components into a relatively small laptop body, reducing their bulk and ensuring the entire case doesn’t overheat.

How To Make Laptop Faster For Gaming

How To Make Laptop Faster For Gaming

But these trade-offs don’t mean that gaming on a laptop isn’t a profitable business. Far from it – after all, the only way to enjoy PC gaming is to be outside, perhaps on a long and deadly boring train journey. And there are certainly ways to improve your laptop gaming experience, which we’re going to look at in these tips.

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It’s worth choosing games with less specific requirements because they’ll obviously run smoother on a laptop (especially a cheap or cheaper laptop). This means games with extra graphics or perhaps older titles.

That doesn’t mean you should play bad games, there are some great modern indie efforts that aren’t CPU or GPU intensive – think Cuphead (pictured above) or Thimbleweed Park – and some classics that are still classics. . . In the latter case, you can try something a little older, like The Sims 4 (which actually has a “portable” mode to make it easier to play). Check out the feature that lists games that save a lot of resources.

For best performance, especially in more demanding games, it is a good idea to lower the screen resolution. At the end of the day, it’s better to have a simple mobile shooter where you can actually aim and hit the bad guys than a fancy looking slide show where you peak and crash through a level with no hope of hitting a barn door.

Mind your own tolerance for low quality graphics, drop the screen resolution as much as you can without looking stupid. Likewise, visit the in-game menu to reduce detail and make sure you get rid of fancy effects like anti-aliasing, detailed shadows, water ripple effects, etc.

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Over time, your laptop – or really any computer – gradually accumulates more and more junk, making it slower as you install more games and software. To clean house and speed up your Windows notebook a bit, run Disk Reorganization (type it in Cortana/Search bar next to the Windows 10 Start button and click the icon to launch it). Alternatively, you can use CCleaner or a similar free utility; We have options in this area.

Also, make sure you don’t use any other apps or services that you don’t need while playing the game, as they eat up resources that the game could otherwise use. Close all running applications and you can also look at Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt-Delete together and then click Task Manager) to see which applications are using the most CPU, memory and disk space. It’s also possible to turn off background processes, but be careful not to turn off anything critical to how Windows works (if you’re not sure what something does, leave it alone).

Finally, as always, it’s also a good idea to make sure your laptop’s hardware drivers are all up to date, especially your graphics drivers – they’re really important and can make a big difference to the performance of some games. if you have a different GPU (ie not integrated into the CPU).

How To Make Laptop Faster For Gaming

Instead of playing games on a keyboard or trying to get by with a keyboard and a portable mouse – which can be difficult when space is tight, such as on a stretched train table – invest in a console game controller (or use one if you already have one). so yours exists). Many games work really well with a gamepad once you get used to it; And some are even better with pillows.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is surprisingly fully natively supported on Windows and is the best choice in this regard, although the PS4 controller works just fine too.

In addition to taxing components, games can also drain your battery, and when you run out of juice, it’s game over, of course. An easy way to save power is to lower the screen brightness as low as possible, but still have an enjoyable gaming experience.

On a related note, make sure your power plan (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options) is set to Balanced and not High Performance, as the benefits of the latter are not worth the added battery drain. Also, don’t forget that you can buy a portable battery charger for your laptop to give you more life on the go.

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Every laptop—even the latest, super-fast models—is prone to lag from time to time. This can be for a number of reasons, from simple fixes like too many different programs running in the background, to more serious issues like running out of RAM or disk space, and even a fragmented hard drive.

Whatever the reason, a slow laptop is the last thing you need when you’re trying to meet a project deadline—which, ironically, is when many people leave their devices behind. After all, a busy day often requires you to open several different files, tools and tabs at once, resulting in your laptop not being able to cope with your tasks.

How To Make Laptop Faster For Gaming

This can affect not only your stress level but also the overall productivity of your business. For example, if an employee works 7.5-hour days and experiences a laptop response delay of five minutes every hour, that’s about 40 minutes a day—and three hours a week—not waiting for your files or programs to load. . Depending on the employee’s hourly wage, this can result in thousands of pounds being lost each year just from a slow laptop.

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While one answer to this question is to invest in new hardware, this is often seen as an expensive option – especially for small businesses. After all, why pay hundreds of pounds for a new laptop when the problem can be easily fixed for free? To make up for lost time, we’ve rounded up 16 easy ways to speed up your Windows 10 laptop.

Over the course of your computer’s online life, you’ve probably loaded countless small applications onto it, only to find them running quietly in the background, relatively unnoticed. These small programs that can be run once can use a small amount of hardware resources. This is fine when you have one or two, but if you have several years of programs all using few resources, it can add up quickly.

Programs such as disk cleaners, desktop customization software, and virus scanners fall into this vast family of forgotten software that affects computer performance, not to mention programs downloaded by younger family members. These apps are relatively easy to remove, although Microsoft says you might not even know they’re running.

An easy way to stay on top of these chip removal tools is to go to Windows Settings and browse through the list of installed programs and remove unnecessary programs. You don’t need to check this regularly – once every few months should be enough to keep up – or get used to throwing things away as soon as you realize you no longer need them.

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Many programs (including some of the utilities mentioned above) are designed to start automatically as soon as Windows starts. Software manufacturers often set their programs to open in the background, out of sight, so that they open as soon as you click on their icons. It’s useful for programs you use a lot, but programs you rarely or never use waste valuable memory and slow down the overall speed of your system, slowing your machine from booting to the desktop.

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