How To Make Jail Time Go By Faster

How To Make Jail Time Go By Faster – Yes, we’ve all heard: “Quarantine is like a prison!” I’m here to help you debunk this myth. There are countless reasons why it’s not even close, but here are just a few of the highlights: I’m assuming there are no prison riots in your home; you don’t have to worry about getting beaten while you sleep; you don’t have probation officers raiding your bedroom in search of contraband; you can use the bathroom at your leisure (what a luxury); and most of you probably have cold, clean drinking water. From food not made for human consumption to food that does not receive sunlight, to the shackles on your feet and hands as you move appliances.

So even though quarantine is downright boring, you’re still not in jail. Plus, there are a million ways to use your time wisely while dealing with quarantine. And please don’t let my sarcasm take away my empathy for the current situation. Whatever the scenario, no one wants to be locked in a confined space all day, every day. I feel you on it.

How To Make Jail Time Go By Faster

How To Make Jail Time Go By Faster

You’re probably wondering: So what makes you an expert? “Well, Jim,” I went to jail as a young man and institutionalized more times than I admit, and I learned these invaluable life and work lessons by intimately experiencing the great challenges of life in lockdown. Yes, yes I am! You can read more about my life story on my website. I’ve also written a comedy book about prison called Don’t Quit Soap, which shares some tips on life, exercise, and even recipes. Check it out if you want a good read during quarantine.

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Every day in prison inmates focus on something they call their “program”, which is essentially their daily routine. It’s the backbone of a successful jailbreak as it keeps you focused and active. Most of the prisoners live and die according to their schedule, and as a freshly issued quarantine I suggest you do the same.

While in prison, I taught myself how to build websites with my number 2 pen, textbooks, and a notebook, so I don’t want to hear your excuses. (I even have a course you can take.) This is a great time to learn a new skill to make a lot of money, expand your mental capacity, or make the most of your time.

During my two years in prison, I read more than 300 books. Reading keeps your mind sharp, expands your imagination and improves your language. Even fiction has its place, especially in a narrow space. What are you reading now? I would love to hear. Send me your list on Twitter @andrewmedal.

As s and leaders, we should always strive to be the best communicators and learn how to articulate our messages and words clearly. In prison, your written word becomes your outside voice as long as you disconnect from other means of communication (personal communication, email, calls, text messages, etc.). Writing every day in prison had a profound effect on how strongly I communicated in every area of ​​my life when I was released. If you don’t know what to write, keep a journal of your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Start writing every day and take your time.

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Don’t you have any weight? Who cares! Bodyweight exercises can wreck you and make you super ripped. Plus, the dopamine and discipline you’ll gain through exercise, especially .

Harvard meditation research has shown benefits against a range of physical and mental conditions, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The most “awakened” people I have met in person in my life are inmates in prison, many of whom have devoted their lives to daily meditation or some form of spiritual contact. There is something about captivity that reminds us how insignificant the human species is and that there must be more to life. It is also the secret formula of living with empathy and looking beyond oneself, much needed in our modern society.

The underlying structure of the prison system is based on an unbreakable foundation. Every prisoner in the prison has a life. This life could be the farm tattoo artist, the laundress, the sports bettor, the farm cook, and the millions, both legal and illegal (i.e., it’s a prison, so what are you waiting for?). Side hustle and bustle outside is all the rage and this is the perfect time to do it. The fastest way to create a side life is to monetize your skills and hobbies. For example, if you enjoy writing in your spare time, start a content agency, or if you have a passion for baking, start selling baked goods to your friends and neighbors. A side hobby can earn you a few extra dollars a month, and everyone loves the extra money. I share tons of hobby ideas on my Instagram account so contact me there @andrewmedal!

How To Make Jail Time Go By Faster

The prison is full of hobbies around the clock, from drawing to exercise, chess, reading, handball and card games. The prisoners have to pass the time unfortunately, but it becomes a nice way to escape their current situation. This is a great way for you to do the same. One of my wife and I’s new favorite hobbies is playing cards after dinner after we put our newborn to bed. We’ll even throw some money into the pot for bragging rights. This new hobby has been something we’ve been looking forward to all day and offers a fun way to escape and bond.

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If you want to improve your memory, decision making and overall cognitive health, you have to dust off that ol Espanol dos libro and get to work. The prison language is its own dialect, and like a fresh fish, you must learn how to communicate quickly with other inmates if you want to survive with its guts intact. For those who want to learn practical prison slang, I previously wrote a helpful article titled “13 Prison Slang Terms You Should Use With Colleagues.” And instead of using it with your colleagues, you can use it with your quarantine friends and Zoom calls.

Sharing stories in prison is almost a rite of passage. Prisoners gather around the courtyard and share their most epic stories from the streets. Sharing stories is a great way to entertain, teach and learn from each other. Our culture as a genre is built on storytelling, and it’s a . Storytelling can help you raise capital, gain new customers and build brand loyalty. We live in the attention economy and there is no better way to grab the audience’s attention than with a good story.

Above, I briefly talked about programming in prison and how it became a lifeline for every inmate and how they managed their day. Establishing a consistent schedule and routine is the most effective way to spend time. It teaches programming discipline, provides structure, and is a super useful productivity trick. I have applied programming to my life as a whole and have had great benefits in the return on investment of time and energy. During quarantine, it can be very easy to forget your usual routine and let the day fly by.

Just for fun, here’s a quick list of things to avoid during quarantine: uncontrollable gambling, drugs, treating quarantine like a long spring break, and extreme video gaming. Some of these flaws are how inmates are a wreck while passing their time, and you can also learn from them what not to do. Make the most of your quarantine time and come out of quarantine smarter, more combative and in a hurry. Then you can have that “slammer swagger” too. Be sure! In all these situations and more, I’m dying to make time pass faster. I want to advance the clock and move on to the next thing.

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I’m sure you are too. So I did some research and gathered the best evidence to answer the question: Is it possible to literally pass time faster?

You can’t make time flow faster as a physical phenomenon without building a time machine or using relativity-based time dilation tricks. But what you can do is make it feel like time is passing faster.

And I have a set of tricks that have proven to work. Read on to learn how to speed up time.

How To Make Jail Time Go By Faster

Before we can effectively find ways to pass time faster, we need to examine why time is slow.

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Experts of all kinds seem to agree that one of the best ways to tell time faster is to stop just looking at the clock. An article in The Atlantic reported that time enthusiast Alan Burdick and psychologist William James agreed on the basic concept. James wrote: “An exciting, non-stop day is said to be ‘time as we know it’. On the contrary, it’s a full day.

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