How To Make Dell Laptop Run Faster

How To Make Dell Laptop Run Faster – Neil has a six-year-old Dell Studio 17 laptop and wonders if the driver might be missing. Is it a good time to upgrade to a faster SSD or buy a new PC?

My main computer is a 2010 Dell Studio 17 laptop (photo attached). I connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor in my home office. As a part-time lecturer at a university, I manage basic software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Illustrator, as well as specialized software such as ArcMap, which is part of the ArcGIS suite. I have no problem with it, but I do worry about the length and lack of detail. Do I need to replace my hard drive now? If so, is it worth the extra cost to go with an SSD? However, is it better to replace everything now if there are no other parts? One way is to transfer large amounts of data that are very important to my teaching and research. I have a couple of caveats: I’m more concerned about the ease of migration so that apps can keep their settings and access data if possible. This is important in ArcMap, where a map file contains multiple links to data spread across multiple folders. It takes time to rebuild these relationships. If it comes up in your article, I can say that Mac and Linux don’t care at all. Neil

How To Make Dell Laptop Run Faster

How To Make Dell Laptop Run Faster

The Dell Studio 17 is a compact desktop replacement laptop with plenty of power but not much portability. It still runs Microsoft Windows 10 with 8GB of RAM, so there’s no immediate need for an upgrade or replacement.

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Of course, hard drives become stronger after 5-10 years, but many fail in three years, some fail in more than ten years: there is no easy way to talk. After five years, the battery also dies. Otherwise, there are many common problems with the engine. For example, the hinge can break, especially when lifting the laptop sideways, and the power cable can break.

Replacing an HD (hard disk drive) with an SSD (solid state drive) is expensive. An SSD will make your computer boot up faster and programs will be more responsive. Programs can load data directly from the SSD without waiting for the hard drive to spin up or waiting for the read/write head to find the correct section on the platter.

Since SSDs have no moving parts, they are not subject to vibrations that can damage the hard drive when a laptop is bumped or dropped. It uses less power and has a longer battery life.

However, SSDs are more expensive than HDs. SSDs are prone to failure, but I believe they are less likely to fail than HDs today.

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Basically, installing an SSD is as easy as this. (1) Connect the SSD to your laptop with an eSATA or USB cable or to an external enclosure. (2) Remove the current HD from the laptop by “moving” it to the SSD. (3) Turn off your laptop and remove the battery. (4) Open the back of the laptop and replace the SSD with the HD. (5) Start your laptop.

Before doing this, check if your laptop’s BIOS supports SSD via AHCI, and if your hard drive is SATA I, II or III. The latest SATA versions are faster but backward compatible. For example, a SATA II laptop should work with a 6Gbps SATA III drive, but it will only work at the speed of a smaller 3Gbps SATA II drive.

There is a lot of diskette software around. Some disk manufacturers offer free software with their drives, while some suppliers sell bundled packages. (Crucial’s kit includes a separate USB cable.) But several backup programs will work, including Acronis True Image, EaseUS To Do, and CloneZilla. The thing to remember is that you need to create a disk from the disk, not just copy the Windows partition. It’s also a good idea to create a Windows startup/repair DVD in case something goes wrong.

How To Make Dell Laptop Run Faster

Dell Studio 17 has two drivers, one of which is free, so it will be easier for you. If so, you can install an SSD before closing the hard drive.

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Since you’re using your laptop as a desktop, you won’t get all the benefits of an SSD, such as battery life. However, the main problem is the price.

SSD needs more than HD for overclocking. Your Studio 17 has a 500GB hard drive and 50GB is free, so you’ll need a 500GB or larger SSD. Prices range from £100 to £200, but you can get the 500GB Samsung 850 EVO for £119 and the Crucial BX100 for £146.86 from (I have not tested these for compatibility with Studio 17.)

There are plenty of options, but even £120 is too expensive for a used laptop.

One solution is to delete more than half of your data so you can lock the HD to a 120GB or 240GB SSD. You can get these for between £35 and £50. If you have a 250GB movie, it’s easy. If your HD is full of ArcMap files, this might not be a good choice.

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Your Dell Studio 17 has a 2.40GHz Intel Core i5-520M processor from the first generation of Core chips. It was fast then, but now it’s below average. I think it would rank around 290-300 in Notebookcheck’s comparison of mobile processors. The new Core-i5 and Core-i3 chips should be faster.

For example, you can get the HP Envy 17 with a 17.3-inch screen, a Core i5-6500U processor, 12GB of memory, a 1TB hard drive and Windows 10 for £899.95. It’s faster, has more memory, and doubles Studio 17’s hard drive space. And the Nvidia GeForce 940M is a huge upgrade over your ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 graphics card.

There are a few variants of the Envy 17, depending on the specification and source. For example, you can get one with 8GB of storage for £699.97. And an older model with a Core i5-5200U and Windows 8.1 costs less than £749.99. Shop around.

How To Make Dell Laptop Run Faster

Honestly, I’ll stick with what you have. You can keep Dell Studio 17 running until it slows down to do what you want, or until the display or motherboard stops working. If the hard drive fails, you can replace it with a similar HD or SSD for around £35-£40. It might be cheaper then. For most of us, Dell computers aren’t as fast as we’d like them to be or as fast as they used to be. So, in this article, we are going to cover 10+ tips that you can try on Windows to make your Dell PC work better.

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Now, there’s nothing better than a hardware upgrade, but if you have a small Dell computer, some of these methods will help. If you have a high-end Dell computer or a new upgraded computer that is running slow, there may be other reasons why it won’t help.

Step 2: A new window will open and check “Optimize for best performance”.

What it will do is get a lot of interesting animations and maybe graphic effects. So Windows looks a little worse, but it’s a little weird because you don’t want to wait for animations and things like that, so it goes back to smaller and smaller devices for graphics management. It’s different, but if your computer is powerful, it probably won’t make much of a difference, so don’t choose it if you prefer a better look when using Windows.

Over time, your computer will fill up with useless programs that you haven’t used for years. These take up a lot of hard drive space and system memory, so delete what you don’t need and move on.

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By default, this will show as Remaining, but there may be other options that show up here. High performance may be your concern, especially if you’re on a desktop computer.

If you’re using a laptop that’s always plugged in, you can opt for higher performance, but if you’re using a laptop that’s not plugged in to run on battery power, be aware that the battery life will run out. So in this case, you don’t need to change it, but if you are running on AC and your computer is usually slow, it is better to have high performance.

If you’re concerned about power, remember that this causes your CPU to run at high clocks by default.

How To Make Dell Laptop Run Faster

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