How To Make Club Car Go Faster

How To Make Club Car Go Faster – The EZ Go Golf Cart is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. The new cart is powered by a quiet electric motor and has a controller/sensor that regulates the speed of the cart. Many older buggies have gas engines with carburetors and throttles. Besides using the gas pedal to speed it up or slow it down, you have many options to adjust the speed of your EZ Go golf cart.

One way to speed up his gas-powered EZ Go golf cart is to add an octane booster when filling the gas tank. Carts have more lifting capacity and can reach speeds of up to 5 mph in some cases. Another approach is to remove the throttle control from the side of the carburetor, allowing more pressure on the gas pedal. However, golf cart engines have electronic cutoffs that stop the engine at a certain RPM, so this type of adjustment is limited. Given the short turning radius of golf carts, bypassing the shutdown feature of gas powered carts may compromise personal safety in some cases.

How To Make Club Car Go Faster

How To Make Club Car Go Faster

Looking at the EZ Go Electric Golf Cart specs, we can see that the cart with a 36-volt motor can reach a top speed of 12-14 mph. You can also see that a cart powered by a 48-volt motor can reach speeds of just under 20 miles per hour. With the exception of private kart racing, most people prefer a slow golf cart ride.Upgrading to a larger electric motor will increase top speed as you risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty on your new cart. To do. However, changing the speed controller on your EZ Go electric wheelchair can save you time and money on this type of modification.

High Performance Electric Golf Cart Motors & Motor Controllers

The speed controller regulates the power of the cart’s electric motor. The controller acts like a voltage regulator, maintaining a constant current supply at all times. When stopped, a sensor in the controller automatically minimizes current flow to the motor. With the throttle wide open, the sensor allows the motor to get the amperage it needs for top speed. You can purchase higher wattage speed controllers from the golf cart accessories outlet. Overall speed improvement depends on engine efficiency and performance level.

If you drive a golf cart on sidewalks or roads, you may want a cart that can achieve unattainable speeds by modifying the motor or speed controller. Setting a higher gear and turning on a special electronic chip to change the gear ratio will give you a speed that will hold your passenger. Again, the short turning radius typical of golf carts poses a safety risk in some cases. When riding a high-speed EZ Go golf cart, make sure the brakes are in place and the golf bag platform is not overloaded to one side.

William Machin started working in the construction industry when he was 15 while still in high school. For 35 years he has experience in all stages of residential construction, modernization and reconstruction. His hobbies are horses, motorcycles, road racing and sports his fishing. He studied architecture at his junior college in Taft. Ryan Fenters is the founder of his popular YouTube channel called Fentertainment. Ryan, in his own words, “does his DIY videos about building, painting, assembling, fixing, fixing…”

His DIY videos of his golf carts are very informative and I encourage you to transcribe them.

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This is the first video in his four-part series where Ryan overturns his 2014 Club Car precedent. In it, Ryan shows step by step how to upgrade the motor to twice his speed with the Plum Quick Bandit motor.

Ryan Fenters: What’s wrong? This he just bought his 2014 Club Car Precedent, but the first upgrade to do is make it faster. It’s currently going about 12 mph, but with the help of the Plum Quick engine, it’s going much faster.

Now we want to put the cart in the off position. There is a tow/launch switch under the seat. I want this switch to be in tow mode, so I disconnect the battery plus his cable from the pack in case the wires touch each other.

How To Make Club Car Go Faster

Access to the engine is through the engine cover. After removing the two clips, lift and slide the cover itself. The motor has 4 wires and the right side has the speed sensor plug

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The first thing I want to do is get my phone out and take a picture of where the wires are so when I get my new Plum Quick motor which wires go where I understand.

Now that you’ve removed the access cover, you can wipe the engine to get the number and send the Plum Quick. Now all 4 of his wires are removed from the motor. In the next step we need to release this connector leading to the speed sensor. Simply push down and pull away to completely disconnect the motor from the golf cart electricity. Take the wires and push them away.

The motor is fixed to the shaft with three bolts. Use a 7/16 inch wrench to remove the bolt. Note that this engine is very heavy and will not pop out as soon as you unscrew it. It has a shaft and needs to be slid off the shaft. Remove by hand when all bolts are loose. Loosen all three bolts and the motor will spin on its own. I had to remove the motor from the axle and now I have the motor.

Before packing the engine and sending it to Plumquick, be sure to remove the speed sensor to avoid snagging

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Damaged during shipping. Save this as you will need it for the new engine. A flat or 5/16 socket wrench can be used to remove it.

My motor of choice is the Plum Quick Bandit. This is an entry-level engine, priced at around $275. The motor is painted, has a handle and has new studs with nuts. A very clean motor, just add a speed sensor and bolt it to the cart. They make a ton of other motors that do things from speed to torque.

They have been in business since his early 80’s, a family his business that started with his father Carson and his two brothers Ricky and Robbie Steen. The Plum Quick also holds the World and Guinness World Records for the fastest golf cart.

How To Make Club Car Go Faster

This is his PH Bandit and mine is a PH Kart. This golf cart has an Excel controller and everything else.

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Prepare the wrench and put it back in the cart. Slide the motor into the hole and place the female shaft on the back male shaft.

Once you have the motor on the rear end shaft, take the mounting hardware and rotate the motor housing until the outer threads meet the inner threads and tighten them.

There is a small gap, and I don’t intend to force the engine to compress with the mounting bolts, but to fill this gap before tightening the bolts, I rev the engine constantly, rocking it back and forth.

You have to connect the wires to the motor. Remember, we took a picture of how the wires work.The golf cart is off and in tow mode. I think there was green on the big connector and orange here. Here’s what I do to put them together. The back wire is the invisible part, 7/16 is blue and 0.5 inch is white. We just started with the arms, so we’ll tighten them up. Now that all the wiring is done, snap the triangular connector on the end of the motor until it locks into place.Now everything is back together and everything is tight.

Speed Adjustments For The Ez Go Golf Cart

Go ahead and put the cover on, attach the clamps and let’s ride!

You will also need to reconnect the power wire to the battery. ok guys. This Plum Quick Bandit engine upgrade boosts standard golf cart speeds from 12 mph to 23 mph. Not bad considering the battery life

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