How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets

How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets – This is how you can make your laundry smell wonderful! Great-smelling laundry secrets and tips to make your laundry smell nicer, so that you and your clothes always smell fresh!

Whether it’s the horrible smell that lingers in the washing machine for days, or the smells and unpleasant odors that come with everyday life, smelly laundry is a real pain!

How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets

How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets

If you’re wondering how to make your laundry smell better (and keep it fresher for longer), check out these great smelling laundry secrets!

How To Keep Closet Clothes Smelling Fresh

If you’ve left your laundry in the washing machine for too long (we’ve all done it!), it’s likely to be soft and smelly even after drying.

Quick tip: If you know you can’t throw it in the dryer quickly after washing, add a few drops of lavender essential oil. (It has anti-mold properties that prevent musty odors.)

Maybe your clothes smell of a certain stain (like the one from changing a dirty diaper).

In this case, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a little water until it forms a paste. Apply this paste on the offending spots to treat the spots.

Fabric Softener: Why You Shouldn’t Use It

If you want particularly smelly clothes, don’t put them in the bag to mix with other clothes. Just wash it immediately or as soon as possible!

. Check out this super helpful cleaning planner—with daily and weekly checklists, spring and fall checklists, and room-by-room checklists—to make sure everything’s done.

If you’re less concerned about using only natural ingredients and methods, try these laundry deodorizers for stinky laundry.

How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets

Now that you’ve removed bad odors from your clothes, you can add delicious smells to your clothes!

Queen Of Clean: How To Get Your Clothes To Smell Better

If you want your clothes to always smell “just washed” and smell like soap or fabric softener, you need a strong scented laundry detergent.

Adding a scented fabric softener in addition to a pleasant-smelling detergent can strengthen the good smell, reduce stickiness, and make the laundry feel softer on the skin.

I love using Snuggle Laundry Scent Booster and Gain Fireworks Scented Crystals, especially in my towels and bedding.

If you prefer more natural products and frugal ways to make your laundry smell perfect, here’s how to make fabric softener!

How To Clean Gym Clothes The Right Way Without Losing Elasticity Or Wicking

There is a risk of fire when essential oils are used in a dryer. If you want to use essential oils in your dryer, please do your own research.

If you’re worried, make the DIY fabric softener below and soak your homemade dryer sheets instead of oil.

Now that we’ve covered a number of things that will make your clothes smell good, let’s look at some tips to keep your clothes smelling good.

How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets

Quick deodorization of clothes: If you don’t have time to wash your clothes (but you want to freshen them up), throw them in the dryer with a fabric softener (such as Gain) for 5 minutes.

Chemical Free Ways To Boost Your Laundry

Making sure your washing machine is odor free goes a long way in keeping your clothes smelling good.

As a bonus, here are even more easy ways to make your laundry smell good and keep the laundry room under control!

I hope these tips on how to make your laundry smell good really help you with your laundry.

These deodorizing laundry solutions are actually pretty easy to do, whether you’re into scented products or going natural.

How To Keep Your Luggage And Clothes From Stinking

It’s much easier to keep your clothes smelling fresh by making a few adjustments to your laundry.

If you follow these simple steps, your clothes will smell great and you’ll be breathing fresh the next time you open your closet or dresser drawer. There is something wonderful about the fresh smell of fresh laundry coming out of the dryer. Is not there?

Before we can talk about how to make our clothes smell better, we need to first talk about how to smell

How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets

A few weeks ago I noticed that our laundry had an unpleasant smell coming from the dryer. This drove me so crazy that I decided to do some research and get to the bottom of the problem. Not only did I learn why clothes fresh out of the washer and dryer can smell bad, but I also learned how to get the best results for clean smelling clothes – without using fabric softener or dryer sheets!

How To Make Your Clothes Smell Good Overnight: 9 Steps

In addition to good detergent, I also keep a container of baking soda and white vinegar in my laundry room.

Add your favorite essential oils to a wool dryer ball to get great smelling clothes without using dryer sheets or fabric softeners that contain harmful chemicals!

I have to admit, I love the strong clean scent that comes with dryer sheets and high quality fabric softener. However, after realizing how many harmful chemicals they contain, I switched to using wool dryer balls.

A friend of mine told me that a natural way to keep your clean clothes smelling good is to put every ounce of your favorite essential oil on a dryer ball. You can do this before drying wet clothes, or you can dry them first, then apply essential oil to the balls and place them in the lint cycle for a few minutes.

How To Make Your Clothes Smell Good?

Sign up today and get 25 home hacks to save time, money and sanity delivered to your inbox! Most conventional fabric softener and dryer sheets are not only toxic (learn more from the Environmental Working Group here or at, but they also coat. Fibers that make clothes and towels difficult to clean because they are produced by fabric softeners. If you love your washer and dryer sheets and the smell of clean clothes, you might not want to switch to something natural if it’s fragrance-free. I have 4 natural alternatives that are not only cheap, but natural, non-toxic and work. Combine them to suit your needs or use just one – you’ll be a natural rinse-aid user in no time.

Vinegar (softening) – Simply add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a fabric softener dispenser or one of these fabric softener balls. I love the sheets and towels – it makes your towels unexpectedly soft and fluffy. For a little scent, add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil to about 16 ounces of vinegar. Shake it up before each use because the oil separates from the vinegar and you don’t want oil on your laundry. I keep my white vinegar in a glass bottle (it’s the same bottle I use with my spray bottle if you’re interested.)

Wool Dryer Balls (Using essential oils will reduce stability and may give off a faint smell) – Wool is naturally anti-bacterial, making it great for washing. Place 3 wool dryer balls next to each item of clothing. Wool dryer balls last up to 1,000, making for an inexpensive dryer sheet option. If you want a little fragrance, add two drops of essential oil to each ball.

How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets

DIY Laundry Scent Booster – If you like commercial scent boosters, this is the recipe for you! It’s definitely more delicious, but I’ll take delicious and safe any day. (See this post for more instructions.)

Skip The Most Toxic Fabric Softeners

Add the Dryer Sheets to the container and add the essential oils. Keep the lid closed until the ‘sheet’ is completely dry – at least a day or two. Add a sheet or two to each drying cycle – wash, then refill when the scent dissipates.

If you love essential oils or are just starting out, here are some of my favorite combos – try one in your wash, you’ll love it! Find essential oils in my store here.

What do you think Are you ready for the DIY rinse train? I bet you’ll never look back!

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How To Make Clothes Smell Good Without Dryer Sheets

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