How To Make An Old Computer Run Faster

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Anyone who has been using a computer for a long time has probably already encountered computer slowdowns. All of a sudden, all installed programs start behaving slowly, web browsing is questionable, and the computer’s uptime is worse than ever. But before you spend hundreds of thousands on a new PC, we recommend making a few changes to Windows to speed up overall performance. So, without further ado, let’s start implementing the following tips to make your computer run faster and smoother!

How To Make An Old Computer Run Faster

How To Make An Old Computer Run Faster

1. Clean up temporary files. Freeing up disk space on your system will help your old computer run faster. Windows has a built-in tool called Disk Cleanup to find and remove such files.

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2. Close unused tabs. We understand that you need to have a lot of tabs open to be productive. But when you’re done, close unused browser tabs. They take up a lot of system memory and slow down your computer.

4. Rely on the task manager to find memory-hungry resources and applications. Here’s how you can get the most out of the Windows Task Manager to improve the overall performance of your system.

5. Delete web browsing history, cookies to free up space and increase your productivity. You can find the settings for cleaning these traces in whichever browser you use.

6. Run Disk Defragmenter. This is another useful feature of Windows that allows you to consolidate fragmented data scattered all over the disk. The defragmentation process reorganizes the data on your hard drive to make it more efficient. You can even use third-party tools to make the process easier.

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7. Organize your desktop icons. Properly categorizing desktop icons into folders cleans up the background and significantly reduces your computer’s RAM usage.

8. Make sure you never miss updating your operating system to the latest version. This will allow you to enjoy the latest service packs and other features with bug fixes. This will undoubtedly help your computer run smoothly.

9. Change the location of the My Documents folder. Move files and folders to a different location so that they are on a separate partition or hard drive.

How To Make An Old Computer Run Faster

11. Try the performance troubleshooter. The feature is available with Windows 7 and other versions that can help you fix any issues that may be hurting your computer’s speed and performance.

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12. Reduce the startup timeout. When the computer is turned on, the boot menu is displayed for a period of time before the entire operating system is loaded. This allows you to enable Windows Safe Mode. If you want, you can shorten this time frame from the boot time by changing the boot menu timeout.

13. Make sure there are no bad sectors or hard disk errors on your computer. Follow our guide to fix common mistakes!

14. Change your desktop usage plan. However, the feature is not available for all PCs. So you can search for it with the search option. If you find it, change the mode to a high performance or balanced program. This will give you maximum speed for your computer, while the first option will drain your battery faster.

15. Store your old photos in the cloud. Well, if your system contains a huge collection of photos, videos and other multimedia files, we suggest moving them to the cloud or an external hard drive. This will help you save tons of memory and ultimately speed up your old computer.

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16. Shut down and restart your Windows computer frequently. Well, when your system is active for hours, all the installed programs start draining resources in the background without any trace. So shut down or restart your computer at least once a week to prevent these unwanted files and programs from taking up your storage space.

17. Although this will not make a significant difference and is also less certain. But you can always set up automatic login to your computer. This will help you boot directly to your desktop after rebooting.

18. Again, this may sound silly, but having multiple files stored in one folder can definitely slow down File Explorer. A better alternative? Create and manage multiple folders with limited files in each.

How To Make An Old Computer Run Faster

21. Microsoft Edge user? Check out our guide to find the best ways to improve and speed up your browsing experience.

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22. If you use Outlook, you can try these tips and tricks to reduce memory usage and speed up the process.

23. Increase system memory with ReadyBoost. This is a clever feature that Microsoft introduced as part of Windows Vista. The feature works amazingly to expand the memory using the flash drive as additional capacity. So if you are using an older version, this will help you a lot.

24. Clean up your Windows PC – literally. If you use the same computer for a while, dust can accumulate. Any more leads to overheating issues and makes your system behave slowly. A thorough cleaning with a blower can help remove these dust particles and unclog your computer’s vents and airflow.

25. Periodically clean your mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals to ensure that dust does not accumulate on them.

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26. There are certain files and folders that we have no idea where and how they were created. Here is a list of them that you can safely delete to reclaim your Windows storage space and speed up the whole process.

27. Are you just tired of slow internet? Well, try this internet booster software for Windows 10, 8, 7 to see a noticeable increase in your browsing speed.

28. Speaking of increasing your internet speed, it is equally important to monitor your Wi-Fi network with various tools that can help you track down who is stealing your Wi-Fi. Plus, check out our guide to securing your wireless network.

How To Make An Old Computer Run Faster

29. Switch to Google DNS or OpenDNS to speed up your browsing experience on Windows 10, 8, 7 PCs.

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30. Reduce the number of fonts you use. Check out our list of the best font managers and delete fonts you no longer use as they use limited resources to load at startup.

31. Off Get tips, tricks and suggestions while using Windows. To help users get the most out of their PC, Microsoft includes a dedicated tips section. The functionality scans your entire computer to provide you with the best mods and hacks. This process has a slight impact on your performance. So you can turn it off to save a bit of process.

32. Remove the widgets from the widgets control panel. While these little apps make it easy to access your favorite programs at the same time, there’s no denying that they take up a lot of background resources. We recommend removing these space wasters to restore performance!

33. If you’re an overclocker, you’ll want to use Best RAM Cleaners & Boosters for all versions of Windows.

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34. To dramatically improve your browsing experience, use dedicated ad blockers to ensure you’re not bombarded with unwanted ads. Offers for users of Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.

35. Still using Windows XP? It might be time to delete the Windows paging file to see if your RAM is reaching 100% of its capacity.

36. Optimize hard drive storage space. The site is mainly full of temporary files, hibernate files, caches, logs, cookies, browsing history and other leftovers. To keep your computer in good condition, you need to clear the time regularly. You can also use a tool like Advanced System Optimizer to see what’s taking up space on your computer and delete them.

How To Make An Old Computer Run Faster

37. Update your computer software. Well, upgrading your system to the latest version is worth it if you want to speed up your old Windows PC. Running recent updates also fixes certain bugs and errors that can slow down your system.

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38. Are you bothered by Windows 7 slow startup and shutdown problems? Read on for our top 10 fixes to fix problems and restore your PC’s performance.

39. Is it possible to eat an egg on a computer? Well, I guess it’s time to take a break! An overheated computer cannot provide the smoothest performance ever. Stop using for a while and let it cool down. It is equally important to ventilate your computer, so be sure to point the fan at it and use it on a flat surface to allow air to flow properly.

40. Use a dedicated boot manager to boot your old Windows computer faster. Using such software helps users speed up computer startup time and delay program startup. You can even manage startup items to make sure your computer doesn’t take a long time during startup.

41. Speaking of startup items, we don’t understand, but many useless programs are automatically added to this list, which makes the startup process time-consuming. You can rely on the MSCONFIG utility to disable such items.

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42. Manage your right-click menus with the best context managers for Windows 10, 8, 7 to exponentially improve your productivity.

43. There are many Windows programs such as EaseUS Disk Copy, FastCopy and others

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