How To Make An Ebike Go Faster

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Electric bikes are fun to ride but deep down we all wish our bikes could go a little faster. No one said going slow means going fast when you’re running anything. How to make an ebike fast and fun? There are a few things you can do to increase the speed of your bike. Let’s see how we can give our electric bikes a little more juice and more fun.

How To Make An Ebike Go Faster

How To Make An Ebike Go Faster

Our electric bikes are powered by electric motors. There are some basic physics at work with the motor that governs how far your ebike can go. It also affects what we can do to make the ebike go faster. Some electric bikes have speed limiters built into them. Some of these can be turned off to make your bike faster.

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A word of warning. Most of the things you can do to speed up an electric bike will likely void the warranty and make it illegal to ride on the roads you’re on. You can also increase the power beyond what the bike is designed for. This can cause electric shocks, sudden breakdowns, etc… You are not responsible for damaging your bike or your bike while trying to run it.

Why does your ebike have a speed limiter? It has a lot to do with how fast they can go and how fast they can go before they are called mopeds or motorcycles. It helps determine which ebikes can be transported on roads not designated for motorcycles or other motorized vehicles. California has created a 3 classification system for electric bikes. Many other countries and federal agencies have also adopted it. The classifications are as follows:

If you remove the accelerator pedal from your e-bike it no longer qualifies as a Class 1, 2 or 3 e-bike. You may need a moped or motorcycle license if you can exceed 28mph. Check your local ordinances to determine what is and is not legal for your e-bike. Find out what the licensing, registration and insurance requirements for your e-bike can go faster than a class 1, 2 or 3 e-bike.

There are a few simple things you can do to make your ebike faster that don’t involve tuning it or changing settings. 1 – Always ride with a charged battery

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Your battery will always produce maximum power when it is 100% charged. As the battery discharges, the voltage drops. A filled lithium cell will produce 4.2 volts. At 50% charge it produces 3.6 volts and when fully discharged it drops to 3 volts. Your bike will go faster at 4.2 volts per cell and will perform at 3.6 volts per cell. If you want to go faster, remove the batteries from your bike before riding 2 – Change the tires

If your electric bike came with off-road or mountain bike tires, replace them with road tires. Road tires are smoother and have less traction. If you have flat tires, replace them with slick tires. Your ebike will go faster because it doesn’t work on tires. 3 – Add some air to the tire

Adding more air to your e-bike tires will reduce their rolling resistance. This will increase the diameter of the wheels which means you will travel less with each wheel revolution. This will make your electric bike faster. The downside is that the quality of the ride will be difficult. You will see many cracks in the roads. You’ll also get less traction from oversized tires.

How To Make An Ebike Go Faster

Some electric bikes have a wired in speed limiter that can be disabled. To turn off the speed limiter you remove this wire. This is usually one of the wires connected to the speed controller. It may be different for each ebike. Different colors, different places, etc. The video below shows and example of how to turn it off on a different type of ebike. Check your electric bike to see if it has a wired speed limiter.

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If you have a mid-drive ebike, they use a wheel speed sensor on the rear wheel. They do this instead of measuring the speed with the motor idling. There are ways to trick the speed sensor into thinking the bike is going slower than it is.

The best way I’ve found is to move the sensor to your crank instead of the wheel. Your crank will always turn less than the rear wheel. Your speedometer will no longer work because it will be based on your speed instead of the wheel. You will no longer have a speed limiter. The video below shows how to do this.

Some electric bikes have a speed limiter programmed into the software or settings. This can be turned off through a setting in the software. In some cases it can be disabled by installing different software in the bike.

Removing a hardwired or software speed limiter was an easy way to get a faster electric bike. If your ebike doesn’t have a suspension or you need some speed after removing it, we can look at a few other things. First let’s look at the electric motor that powers your ebike and discuss a few things about it. This will help you understand what it takes to get a fast electric bike. Electric Motor Basic Motor K-Value

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All electric motors have something called a “Kv value” or motor constant speed. It is listed in units RPM/Volts. A motor with a Kv of 100 RPM/volt rotates at 1200 RPM when given a 12 volt input. As this motor tries to reach 1200 RPM it will burn out if there is too much load on it to get there. This motor will not spin faster than 1200 RPM with a 12 volt input. The only way to make it go faster is to apply more volts. At 14 volts it spins at 1400 RPM. You can learn more about motor constants here. motor controller

Your car’s controller is nothing more than an on/off switch. It controls the speed by turning the car on and off quickly. It uses the motor at low speed and shifts for a long time. By shifting with 0% off time you get 100% throttle. 50% Throttle 50% rotation or pulses off. The motor controller cannot run the motor above its kV value. Just switching controllers doesn’t give you speed.

For our electric bike to go fast with a single battery or entry version we need a motor with a special kv. For the same input voltage, we need more RPM. There are two ways to do this. A new car or a trade-in for an existing car. Replace the engine

How To Make An Ebike Go Faster

Most e-bikes use a hybrid hub motor or a mid-drive motor. It’s not easy to replace with the great hobby-grade cars you can find online. Rear hub motors usually mean buying a new motor and rear wheel. For drives this means buying a new mid-drive unit. If you have a 24 volt e-bike, you get more speed from a higher voltage system like a 48 volt motor and battery. Rewind motor

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Another way to get a higher Kv motor is to reverse the motor you have. All cars have wire wound around their armature. For the motor to run faster, you need less air around the armature. Less air will give the motor a higher Kv value and your ebike will go faster. The downside is that it will also use more current, generate more heat, and have a shorter range. It will have less torque at first so you will slow down.

The video below shows how to restore a small brushless motor. It’s not an easy or quick job and it’s easy to mess up. This is not something to try for the mechanically inclined. You can destroy the car in the process.

The next thing you can do to make your ebike go faster is to increase the battery voltage. There are two ways to do this. Add more battery cells or look for high quality batteries with low internal and high capacity under load. Some e-bikes are compatible with standard electrical system voltages so you can add more cells or replace with higher voltage batteries. Replace the battery with the battery above

If you have a 36 volt e-bike battery, there may be a 48 volt battery pack that fits the bike. Just swapping out the battery pack will give you a boost

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