How To Make A Sponsored Instagram Post

How To Make A Sponsored Instagram Post – Instagram has made its guide feature available to everyone. Here’s how to make your own Instagram guides.

Instagram users can now find guides on their profile and share them in stories and DMs. (Image: Instagram)

How To Make A Sponsored Instagram Post

How To Make A Sponsored Instagram Post

Instagram has announced that it is expanding its Guides feature to everyone. This feature was released in May. Initially, the company worked with experts and manufacturers to create guides that focus on comfort tips. These included guidance on how to take care of yourself, stay connected to others, or manage anxiety and grief during COVID-19.

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The company says that due to the popularity of the feature and requests for more accessibility, it’s “expanding guides for everyone and making them easier to create.”

Instagram users can now find guides on their profile and share them in stories and DMs. Instagram curates user-generated product guides and places them in the Instagram Store, allowing people to discover new products from people they might not follow.

With its Guides feature, the company says it wants to provide another way for its users to connect with their favorite accounts and get inspired by the content people like on Instagram.

* Select the type of “Guide” you want to create from three different guide formats: Places, Products, Posts.

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The Places option helps people recommend places to visit. Products option allows users to recommend their favorite products. Finally, the Posts option allows people to recommend other posts they’ve created or saved.

* Depending on the chosen format, you should then create a guide for other Instagram users to look at.

The Posts template can be used to set up a series of Instagram posts, with attractive titles and comments. The products template can be used to manage and promote products in the Instagram store. Places lets people share location-based recommendations, from city guides to restaurants and cafes.

How To Make A Sponsored Instagram Post

Express Tech is now on Telegram. Click here to join our channel (@expresstechie) and get latest tech news. If you’re using Instagram for business development, you’ve probably seen the blue “Advertise” button at the bottom of your post and wondered, “Is this working?” Should I do it?

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This means that when you promote a post, Instagram will show that post to a new audience that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. When you reach a new audience, more people will discover your business and if they like the content you create on Instagram, they will likely follow and engage with your account and/or buy what you are selling Its value is clear…

Why? Although promoting a post guarantees that more people will see it, that doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy your content enough for the ad to be effective.

If you’re promoting a post that doesn’t bring joy to the people who see it, you’re probably paying them to get a little annoyed at another sponsored post that’s annoying and ends up in their home feeds. In other words, you’re wasting your money because people aren’t following your account or buying your products.

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So, how can you create a sponsored post that will make people happy as well as generate more followers, engagement and sales for your account?

We’ve all had “advertisements” since the day we could turn a page, and given our familiarity with the medium, most of us have a preconceived general idea of ​​what “good advertising” looks like. It usually includes stylish editorial graphics or photography, crisp text, and very clear visual communication of exactly what they’re selling and how.

These are obviously “advertisements” and they might work for big brands with big budgets on TV, a billboard or a banner on a website, but they certainly don’t bring joy to people and they certainly don’t work for a small brand. Low budget on Instagram (which is most of us).

How To Make A Sponsored Instagram Post

Effective sponsored posts don’t require ad agencies or lots of money, they just need empathy and attention to detail to understand what kind of content creates joy and emotion on Instagram. When you create emotion, people are more inclined to learn about what you have to say, rather than being turned off by feeling “sold” right off the bat.

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1. Let the data tell you what resonates with your audience by measuring the engagement of your posts.

A simple and objective way to measure which photos and videos generate emotion is by measuring the engagement (likes and comments) of a post. The higher the level of engagement, the greater the number of people who have emotionally connected to the job on one level or another.

The audience engages with it, and you can do this by using the Engagement filter on your Instagram Insights posts page.

Go to your Instagram Insights page, tap the POSTS section and the Filter section at the top of that page.

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At the top of this feed, you’ll see the posts that get the most engagement from your audience. These are the posts that your audience has had the strongest emotional connection with over the past 6 months. This is the type of content you should be creating for your future sponsored posts. The common themes you see in these photos and captions are likely to be effective as sponsored posts because they already have a measurable and proven track record of creating emotion (engagement) with your audience.

Conversely, at the bottom of this feed, you’ll see the posts that your audience had the least emotional connection with in the last 6 months. This is the type of content you shouldn’t be doing sponsored posts about. They clearly don’t resonate with your audience and will likely be a poor investment as future advertising.

In the example above, the data tells us that it’s clear that the audience for this account has a stronger emotional connection with the macramé makers’ own photos (it’s easier to connect emotionally with a person than with an object) with large, detailed photos. And colorful macrames (mastery of the craft = admiration = feeling). If I were to do a sponsored post based on these insights, I would probably get the best results from photos showing a macramé maker holding a colorful and intricate piece of macramé.

How To Make A Sponsored Instagram Post

The better you are at delivering sponsored posts with engaging content, the more likely these posts will drive traffic and/or sales.

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Another great way to understand what type of content is working is to check the type of content Instagram’s own advertising team is putting on their Instagram business account. These are sponsored posts that show up as use cases for people who want to advertise on the platform, so they’re probably showing us what their data has already proven works best.

FYI – Here is an article on the best Instagram content and post scheduling tools. Using them will make your posting process much more efficient 👍🏽

Cute animals, disturbing photography (in a good way) or delicious food are usually the conditions that make us stop and look at something.

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what types of content might work best for you, it’s time to test them out and find out what gives you the best results!

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PS – Before starting, download and install Facebook Ads Manager. To do this, you need to convert your Instagram into a business account and also create a Facebook page. After creating…

Promote content that is currently getting the most engagement: Analyze which of your posts have gotten the most engagement over the past 6 months and pick the top 4 to start testing. As for @pinlord, the top 4 were:

You can edit and change them to be relevant as an ad or you can create new ones that mimic their images and content.

How To Make A Sponsored Instagram Post

Test which one performs better as a sponsored post by testing them on an equal footing: To find out which post is more effective as a sponsored post, promote them and make sure they have the same result, destination, action button, audience and You have specified the budget. & duration for each. This way you can compare the results.

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Instagram has updated the look of this page, but all of the instructions provided here still apply in the same way.

Use your Facebook ad manager to compare cost per click

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