How To Make A Power Wheels Car Go Faster

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I want to add speed/rotation to this vintage 1989 First Genre Bigfoot Power Wheel. The original motor is 28 years old and definitely not what it used to be. I have some new parts from Amazon and I’m going to rush a few things.

How To Make A Power Wheels Car Go Faster

How To Make A Power Wheels Car Go Faster

2x 10 tooth pinion – (please note: your model may require a different tooth count. READ YOUR TEETH before ordering the pinion gear!)

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Start by removing the wheel. The small black thing in the middle is called the nut. They are drunk. It has a lot of evidence to break when you take it off.

Your options for replacement are to lift the axle and use a nylon nut, use a shaft collar, or just tear it off and buy a new push nut. Tool collars are the fastest/easiest method, but they are very expensive.

The wheels slide straight. Behind it is a black gearbox, with a motor attached. Disconnect the wires and gently lift the gearbox.

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Two small flat head screws hold the motor to the gearbox. Remove them to remove your motor. 3 philips head screws open the gearbox itself. You can look there if you want, but it is not useful for this project.

The second picture is a side shot showing the new gearbox and motor. Your gearbox will look different, this is a very old model. The new ones are similar in function, but a little fatter and have a different case.

The third picture shows the motor out, you can see it has a plastic pinion gear on the shaft. It is what connects the rotation of the motor with the gears in the gearbox. Newer models will have pressed steel pinions. You need a new pinion maybe.

How To Make A Power Wheels Car Go Faster

Make sure the tooth count and diameter are exactly the same between the new and old pinion. If you use the wrong number of teeth, you will strip your gearbox. This is a 10 tooth pinion.

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The pin is installed by sliding it over the shaft on the new motor and locking it with a small set screw. I used some blue thread lock to help hold the set screws in place.

Then I put the new motor in the gearbox. Just take the gear and put the two small screws back in.

Next I worked on connecting the wires. Do a fit test first to make sure you have both wheels turning in the same direction. If one is in the back, just swap the cables between the terminals.

The new motor has a bullet connector. If you want to get fancy, you can solder the female bullet connectors to the vehicle’s wiring. I didn’t like it, I just stripped the wire, put it in the bullet connector and soldered the connection. Then I wrapped it with electrical tape. Heat sink tub will be more professional.

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Then I zip tied all the wires safely out of the way before putting the heat on. The heat see a light. It helps keep the motor running smoothly during long driving sessions. A hot motor can cause such a failure, so I like to turn on the heat sink when I’m upgrading a motor.

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Goats Vs Llamas – Crazy Monumental 3D Board Game With 3D Printing by Hey Jude in Toys & Games All children dream of having a toy car – they are fun, fast and really cool. But for Levi Hagerty, one particular program of Power Wheels has the greatest significance: the 6-year-old has cerebral palsy and is a quadriplegic. Before getting the customized version of the battery-powered car, it could not move or play independently.

How To Make A Power Wheels Car Go Faster

When Levi first got into the Power Wheels culture at age 3, he was transformed. As she ran around the room with her older sister, Faith, in the passenger seat, they both laughed as her parents cried with joy.

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“It’s the happiest thing — a smile on his face,” mom Nicole Hagerty, 30, of Oswego, Illinois, said.

GoBabyGo is the first program developed at the University of Delaware to transform toy cars to help children with disabilities. So far there are about half a dozen regional divisions across the country.

Local businesses and scout groups volunteer to rebuild Power Wheels to help children with disabilities have their own toys that also help them become independent.Courtesy of Northwestern Hospital Medicine/Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

When Hagerty was giving birth to Levi, she had a placental abruption, causing her to have a seizure. This leads to brain damage, cerebral palsy and paralysis. The first months of his life were uneventful with “many unknowns.”

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As he grew older, he developed some language skills, but living independently seemed impossible. Therapists at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton, Illinois, believe he would benefit from a powered wheelchair. But insurance companies may be reluctant to provide power wheelchairs for children, due to their cost. A 2004 report from the Department of Health and Human Services found that prices for power wheelchairs ranged from $1,600 to $16,995, depending on the model.

“We ask them in advance to spend a lot of money,” Kathrina Prostka, head of the wheelchair and location hospital in Marianjoy, said. “I have to explain how to help children become more independent.”

While kids love having Power Wheelchairs so they can be independent, teaching them how to use a car can be a good way to convince the insurance company to pay for a power wheelchair.

How To Make A Power Wheels Car Go Faster

But Prostka couldn’t predict how well a child in a powered wheelchair would do without being put on a wheelchair. Then you see GoBabyGo. Since 2015, the volunteers at Marianjoy have repaired 60 of the small powered cars by installing five-point harnesses to hold the children perfectly and something to control the speed – so the cars don’t go too fast .

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The car allows children to be independent and more importantly, to play. The kids immediately smiled when they got into the car.

“You see children laughing and parents crying,” Prostka said. “This is how children learn and grow.”

After Levi got his Power Wheels bike in 2015, he learned to spin with joy and also improved his core strength. This made it easy for Prostka to take the seat of power.

When the hospital first started the GoBabyGo program, cars were moving and babies were zooming everywhere. They have added something to slow down the car. Courtesy of Northwestern Medicine/Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

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“Instead of sitting on my lap and watching the other kids in the back, he’s in his seat trying to beat them,” Hagerty said with a laugh. Although he has a wheelchair, Levi still uses his Power Wheelchair.

Anthony Summers of Lombard, Illinois also noticed a change in his son Etienne, 5, after the boy got a customized car.

Etienne has cerebral palsy and chronic traumatic encephalopathy and never developed the ability to walk. As soon as he got into his GoBabyGo car, he took off.

How To Make A Power Wheels Car Go Faster

“It’s unbelievable,” Summers, 48, said. “You have your own individual sense of freedom and freedom.”

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Etienne likes to rush and crash his car, even though he knows he shouldn’t. His parents were nervous – they wanted Etienne to be free, but they were worried about his safety. Seeing him explore the world in his car helps them understand that he will be fine.

Etienne, 5, cannot walk and depends on his parents to take him everywhere. Now that you have your own Power Wheel, you create your own path (which is sometimes the purpose of breaking your car).

“It’s a way for parents to give their children their own independence,” Summers said. “We’re all trying for them to be themselves.”

Summers hopes that Etienne will get his own wheelchair one day, giving Etienne more freedom. But he is happy that GoBabyGo gives Etienne the opportunity to contribute to the world like his peers. My favorite toy as a kid was the bright red Power Wheels Jeep. Although I never left the sidewalk, driveway, or yard with it, the Jeep gave me my first taste of the open road. Five miles an hour felt like 100 behind those plastic wheels.] (now Dead)power Wheels F 150 Raptor $360.27, Actually Can Be Shipped

But after I was turned 5 years old. I hit a growth spurt and found myself over the recommended weight limit for the Jeep. I tried to slide into the driver’s seat and ignore the fact that my size made it almost impossible for the small electric motor to do anything. Joy

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