How To Make A Laptop Go Faster

How To Make A Laptop Go Faster – Anurag likes to play video games. Their guides and lists are based on popular iOS, Android, PC and console games.

You can easily upgrade your gaming graphics by replacing your old graphics card on your desktop computer. But in most laptops, the graphics chip is integrated into the system board and cannot be removed or replaced. Therefore, newer PC games may not run well on your laptop and you may experience choppy graphics.

How To Make A Laptop Go Faster

How To Make A Laptop Go Faster

However, there are many ways to run games faster on a laptop. Instead of spending your hard earned money on a new notebook, try the following tips to improve your gaming performance.

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You can access the 3D settings on your AMD or Nvidia powered notebook by right-clicking on your Windows desktop and selecting Graphics Properties.

This Intel HD Graphics and Media Control Panel has specific settings and defaults. Below, I show my laptop’s 3D settings to explain each individual setting. You can apply these settings to your graphics card for a smoother gaming experience.

Custom settings are usually available on all graphics cards, such as Intel HD or Nvidia/AMD. Standard options include texture quality, vertical sync, and anisotropic filtering. You can adjust these settings or leave them as they are. Here are some tips:

1. Texture Quality: Enabling this option will freeze the pixels in textures (texts). In my Intel HD Graphics control panel, I had to select the Performance default to lower the texture quality. This greatly improved graphics performance, but resulted in blurry scenes. If you don’t want to block this option, you can keep it in “Balance” mode.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 [13inch] (intel I7, 16gb Ram, 512ssd) (black)

2. Anisotropic Filter: Adjusting this setting for graphics will increase the sharpness and clarity of textured objects in a game. But I always keep it under “Program Settings” and it’s best not to change it. Keep it as it is.

3. V-Sync: Stuttering and screen tearing may occur when playing graphics-intensive games, especially first-person shooters. This usually happens when the frames per second in video games are higher than your laptop’s refresh rate. To avoid artifacts, enable V-Sync through the graphics card control panel when the frame refresh rate per second is higher and disable it when it is lower. Activate V-Sync while playing games

Adjusting in-game settings is one of the best ways to make PC games run faster on a laptop. You can access these settings by pressing the ESC key while playing. Some games allow you to adjust the display settings through a special launcher at the start of the game.

How To Make A Laptop Go Faster

I set the detail level and anti-aliasing level to low, enabled V-sync to increase the frame rate, and turned off options like motion blur, ambient and dynamic shadows. Note the decision. If you have a low-resolution notebook, set it to the lowest resolution (640 x 480) and play in windowed mode. While this may not provide the most immersive gaming experience, it will improve performance.

How To Make A Laptop Run Faster

If the tips above don’t work, or you’re afraid to manually adjust settings, game play apps are an option. These third-party programs adjust graphics settings, kill processes, crash your system, and overclock your CPU to improve performance.

In fact, these programs provide a way to configure all settings automatically with a click of the mouse instead of changing each setting manually.

Warning: Although game boosters have the ability to improve frames per second by changing basic settings, it can be dangerous because changing settings can affect the registry. Use them at your own risk.

Razer IObit Game Booster improves gaming performance by shutting down unnecessary processes and services on your laptop. Game Booster’s one-click boost feature makes it easy to use even for people without a computer. Listed processes can be closed simultaneously or selected one by one. The developers claim that the program cleans RAM and improves CPU performance.

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When I opened the Game booster, I noticed a slight difference in the frame rate, +2 increased.

Razer Game Booster is a good program that allows you to close unwanted processes, but for the best overall gaming performance, you will need to change the in-game settings and graphics control panel settings.

After closing the game, I had to restart my laptop to go back to the default settings after closing the game. I even had to manually reset my laptop to previous settings.

How To Make A Laptop Go Faster

Game Gain software makes gaming performance faster and smoother on PCs and laptops. Booster Game is free, but Gain Game requires money. You can try the trial version first, and if you are satisfied with its performance, you can buy the full version.

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Use antivirus programs with built-in game mode. When gaming, most users turn to anti-virus software to ensure better performance, as these software hog resources, especially on older systems. However, programs like Avast Antivirus and ESET Nod/Smart Security do not take up resources on your laptop, are lightweight, and have a game/quiet mode that allows you to play your game while the program runs quietly in the background .

Here are some unique tips to improve your gaming performance. Do you know another trick to make games run faster on your laptop? Share your tips and suggestions through the comment box.

If your game is lagging, just start CLRT + ALT + DLT in the task manager (control, alt, break) and see which processes are using a lot of memory and quit. I think gamers are the same, but sometimes we get annoying. Be careful when running processes called System User. Get rid of what you don’t need. If you don’t know what a process or service is called or what it does, just google the name you need and you’ll find a page or tutorial that will give you the answer. Don’t complete anything if you don’t know what it’s doing. If you don’t know, always look it up before you do anything

Well, I didn’t use any more software. Because I use software that takes a little memory. I use soft cleaning software. This gives healthy performance when done regularly.

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Fun tricks! I have never heard of Razer Game Booster software. I installed the software on my laptop and it supports the game to run faster and faster.

Good article. My current device can’t do much more than FB, but I’ll keep that in mind for my next purchase.

Before that, I had a hard time playing released games on my old laptop. However, I have noticed that some processes are consuming resources, but I have little advice. Thank you for the explanation

How To Make A Laptop Go Faster

Good advice! I have never heard of Razer Game Booster software. I will have to try it.

How To Make An Old Laptop Faster

Interesting checkers usually advise you to change the in-game data without running your computer at a faster FPS. Have you tried IObits successfully?

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How To Make A Laptop Go Faster

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How To Make Your Laptop Faster

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How To Make A Laptop Go Faster

Recycle bin space, laptop hard drive space. Remove more ram system files.

Your Old Laptop Could Last Longer If You Try These Tips

Click on System Configuration to see all the files in Settings

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