How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster – Well, you are lucky today! I’ll teach you how to make your e-bike go faster!

The number one option in our guide on how to make your e-bike go faster is to replace your motor, battery, or controller.

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

Commercial e-bikes are made of components that are compatible with each other and are not intended to be upgraded.

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However, if you’ve already built your own e-bike, you’re in luck because you can swap and change components at will!

Remember, pumping more fluid through your components also means more wear and tear on your entire car system.

If it’s a bike in the middle of a car, you’re putting more stress on the chain and gear.

*Magic may or may not be part of your ebi. Contact your nearest Hogwarts to find out if magic is involved!

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Peak power is the maximum value the engine can handle for a short period of time.

The power rating is the average power the motor can handle without any bad things happening (like melting, detonating, all that good stuff!)

Some manufacturers will incorrectly list the motor that uses the maximum power. This is a bit misleading because while they can produce that many watts, it only works for very short bursts.

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

You need to find the power rating of your e-bike to make sure it can handle the increased power.

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How much power you add to the engine depends on how far you are willing to push it.

A poorly designed, underpowered engine may not be able to handle more power. A small 250W motor may not be able to handle more.

So if you have a good engine, read on to learn how to make your e-bike go faster!

However, if you think you don’t have it in your small engine, it’s best to upgrade it to a bigger engine (if possible).

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You will find that most hub drives tend not to provide higher speeds due to their design.

However, the intermediate discs allow you to pump more through them, and since you can change gears, you can make the engine spin in different ways.

If you’re just pumping more amps into the motor (which is good for almost any motor), then you need to think about heat dissipation.

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

Pumping more amps through the motor produces more heat. You need to dissipate that heat so you don’t melt the engine!

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Drilling holes in a hub motor is a great way to get more cooling. But it can also expose dust, dirt and water to the inside of the engine.

Batteries are the fastest and easiest way to increase speed with the least amount of effort. They really are the most important part of getting up to speed.

You can have the best motors and controllers in the world, but if you match that with low voltage batteries and low amplification, you’re out of luck.

You also need to make sure your motor controller can handle the voltage you’re trying to get it to eat.

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Volts are an important variable that you need to get right – otherwise you risk blowing up your controller.

If your controller can only handle 48v or 52v, don’t give it more than 48v or 52v batteries respectively.

Amps are fine – your controller will only draw as many amps as it needs, so you can have a battery with a lot of amps and be fine.

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

Increasing amps will usually give you more capacity (volts will work too, but to a lesser extent).

How To Make Your Ebike Go Faster

The important part about amps is to make sure your battery’s maximum amp draw is higher than your controller’s maximum output.

So get yourself a battery with a higher voltage (if your controller can handle it), more amps (per bundle) and enough max amps.

As it turns out, your engine can handle more. Maybe you also received a new battery and are still not satisfied.

The controller is the electronic device that takes power from the battery and allows it to go to the motor to increase the speed!

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It’s all about the controller. Just having one motor and one battery won’t do much good.

The controller takes data from your pedals, battery, accelerator, pedal assist level, and possibly information from the display.

Your controller should also match your battery voltage (or at least have an operating range that can accept your voltage).

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

For best performance, the maximum current draw of the battery should also be higher than the maximum current draw through the controller.

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This controller will handle any battery from 36v to 72v with a maximum current draw of 60 amps.

Using a controller with a 72V, 60 amp battery, you can put 4,320 watts into the motor.

If you have enough cooling and a powerful enough engine. And probably strong enough chains, gears, tires and everything else. Then you have a crazy hot rod car.

A more powerful motor, a more powerful battery, and a powerful controller are all essential when increasing the speed of an e-bike.

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If you set preferences for your e-bike before buying new components, you can more easily select parts and find the best compromise for your situation.

Next in our article is a quick and easy speed hack for pre-built or even homemade electric bikes.

This is why you usually can’t upgrade a single component and get a decent speed boost.

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

Your best bet is to try to sell your bike and build it yourself, following the tips above to maximize speed.

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However, it can be a good trick for e-bikes that are electronically limited to 25 km/h (16 mph), which is common in many European countries.

Most pre-built e-bikes will be able to go a little faster than they are limited, no problem.

For a given RPM (e.g. 60 RPM), the larger wheel will run faster than the smaller wheel.

So if we tell an e-bike that our wheels are smaller than they really are, it will think we’re going slower than we actually are.

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If our e-bike is electronically limited to 25 km/h (16 mph), we can go faster than that with the help of the motor because it thinks we’re going slower.

If your ebike shows kmh and your ebike wheels are 26″, you can change the ebike settings to say you have 18″ wheels.

The result of this is that we have our electric bike “kmh” which actually shows mph. We were also able to drive faster than the electronic speed limit!

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

However, if you’re not using 26-inch wheels, you might have a hard time finding the right size in your bike setup to read an accurate speedometer. But if that doesn’t bother you, you can still go faster than the electronic limit!

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If you have a pre-installed e-bike, hack the screen on your bike. If that’s not fast enough, you really need to sell your e-bike. Or upgrade it to a faster (and more expensive) pre-built e-bike. Or you can build your own electric bike for a cheaper price!

If you’ve built your own e-bike, you can usually set the monitor to be of infinite help.

If you can’t, do a speed hack first – if you’re not fast enough, feel free to upgrade the components on your e-bike that you feel are missing.

Usually these will be all three components if you save them at build time. Or maybe you couldn’t afford a better battery at the time.

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Ultimately, what matters is that it is fast enough for you and within your budget or ability. Electric bikes are subject to different speed limits around the world, but the 25 km/h (15.5 mph) speed limit in countries like the EU and Australia can be especially frustrating for riders looking to get more ‘glamor’ on their bikes . However, a new device could easily increase the top speed of an e-bike without any major modifications to the e-bike’s drive system.

Many e-bikes use a magnetic speed sensor on the rear wheel to measure the speed of the e-bike.

When the e-bike reaches a pre-programmed top speed—up to 25 km/h or 15.5 mph in many places—the power to the electric motor is cut off, allowing the rider to reach higher speeds using only leg strength or gravity assist. speed. .

How To Make A Ebike Go Faster

The Speedi device tricks the speed sensor on the rear wheel into spinning slower, effectively increasing the e-bike’s electronic speed limit by about 50 percent. It uses a 1:1.5 ratio pinion to slow down the speed sensor. This will effectively turn a 15.5 mph e-bike into a more exhilarating 23 mph ride.

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Tired of hitting the speed limit of an e-bike when you give them beans? ! Friends, do you want to smoke? Designed, tested and built in New Zealand, our Speed ​​uses a mechanical planetary gear system to speed up standard e-bikes by 1.5 times.

A nice feature of this method of “hacking” a bike’s top speed is that it doesn’t interfere with other measurements recorded by the car’s system, such as torque, power, temperature, etc.

The manufacturer may deprecate the device or even consider using it

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