How To Lose Belly Fat Sitting At Your Desk

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How To Lose Belly Fat Sitting At Your Desk

How To Lose Belly Fat Sitting At Your Desk

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Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat Without Any Exercise

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This article was medically reviewed by Joey Thurman, CSCS, CPT, FNS, a Chicago-based fitness expert and creator of Fast Results.

Our stories are reviewed by medical professionals to ensure you get the most accurate and useful information about your health and well-being. You can get more information from the medical examination board.

If tightening your midsection is on your to-do list, you’re not alone. Getting rid of stubborn belly fat is one of the most common goals for people who want to lose weight and get in shape.

Ways To Get A Flat Stomach Fast Without Dieting

And even if targeted fat loss or spot reduction doesn’t work, you can tone and tone this area—along with the rest of your body—by exercising and eating a healthy diet.

Losing belly fat is often more difficult than shedding an inch on other parts of the body because it depends so much on diet, says Caley Crawford, NASM CPT and director of education at Row House.

“We often think that if we do enough abs, the stomach will be flatter, but abs also happen in the kitchen,” says Crawford. “So if you want to lose belly fat, it’s important to combine a strong, healthy diet with your exercise routine,” she says.

How To Lose Belly Fat Sitting At Your Desk

You also need to consider your age and your genes. According to the Mayo Clinic, they may play a small role in fat storage. This is why following a healthy, balanced diet (with little or no refined carbohydrates) along with an exercise program is crucial to getting rid of stubborn belly fat.

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat And Tone Your Core

While it’s true that certain core exercises are a great way to tone your abs, performing full-body strength moves can help you reach your fat-burning goals faster than focusing only on abs exercises.

“Doing core-focused exercises like sit-ups and lunges is always a great way to get more focus on your abs, but full-body functional movements strengthen and tone your core just as much,” says Crawford.

For example, a squat works your quads, but it also involves maintaining a stable core, which requires your abs to contract. Other exercises, such as squats, rows and push-ups, also require the abdominal muscles to work together with other straining muscles. So you’re usually still doing core exercise, even though you might feel it more in your glutes, back, or chest.

Here’s a basic workout you can do at home or at the gym, including moves that target your upper and lower body. Crawford recommends completing each exercise for the recommended number of repetitions before moving on to the next movement. For a complete workout, do three rounds. For an added challenge, consider adding a dumbbell set.

If I Do Crunches Every Day Will I Slim My Tummy?

Warm-up: Three to five minutes of rowing without leg straps (this fires up the core even more). Start slowly and make sure the toes are in contact with the foot. If you don’t have access to a rowing machine, warm up on a stationary bike, treadmill or walk instead.

Exercise 3: 10-15 repetitions of plank + knee pulls on both sides (in the side plank, bring the upper knee against the elbow and extend it)

If you do this exercise three times a week, Crawford says, you should start feeling results in about six to eight weeks. “First you feel stronger, then you start to see progress in your performance, and then you start to see results,” says Crawford.

How To Lose Belly Fat Sitting At Your Desk

The exercises mentioned in this article can help you strengthen your core and tone your abs, giving them more defined volumes.

Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat: 10 Exercises That You Can Do In 10 Minutes To Lose Belly Fat

However, it is important to remember that you cannot target fat burning. If you want to lose belly fat, you can probably lose fat from other parts of your body as well.

To burn fat – including belly fat – fast, focus on strength training all areas of your body – upper, lower, back and core. It is also important to combine training with a healthy diet.

Sara Lindberg is a health, fitness and wellness author and freelance writer. He has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s degree in guidance. He spent his life educating people about the importance of health, wellness, mindset and mental health. He specializes in the mind-body connection, with an emphasis on how our mental and emotional well-being affects our physical condition and health.

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Portrait Images Of Fat Woman Sitting And Using Her Hands To Grasp The Belly Fat Which Has Its Own Size Stock Image

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the 100 abs a day diet will help you – it requires much more

There comes a point in many people’s lives when they realize that their body does not bounce back with the same youthful flexibility it once had.

Dark circles under the eyes, aches and pains where they never existed, and belly fat – our bodies have a way of telling us that lifestyle has overtaken happiness.

How To Lose Belly Fat Sitting At Your Desk

Fitness and nutrition expert Louise Parker agrees, saying, “I would say that most overweight clients are most concerned about belly fat because that’s what they see and feel physically.”

Does Tightening Your Ab Muscles Help You Lose Belly Fat?

But as she explains to Online, the bad news is that there’s no shortcut to a flatter, slimmer stomach.

Dealing with it is a far-reaching task – and missing it can have serious consequences that extend beyond aesthetics.

Louise has spent 20 years developing her method to create the most effective and practical route to permanent weight loss and shares her expertise to reveal why belly fat won’t go away – and how it can.

A few years ago, clients would specifically ask to target body fat reduction – perhaps saying “I want to keep my boobs and I just want to lose fat around my stomach and arms”.

How Can I Lose Belly Fat?

But more and more people are realizing that you won’t just notice a drop in body fat. We turn on the fat burning faucet and stimulate you…

This is an indication of how much real body fat you accumulate around your waist and viscera.

If your score is high, you are auditioning for disease and diabetes, so we want to get it to a healthy level as quickly and reasonably as possible.

How To Lose Belly Fat Sitting At Your Desk

4. But what you can’t do is do 100 sit-ups a day and expect to have a skinny stomach

How To Lose Belly Fat — 10 Exercises To Try

If you have a good layer of fat in your abs, you won’t burn fat from that area.

We need to drop your body fat while building a strong core. A healthy metabolism means long-lasting results.

The latest misconception in the last couple of years is that we get hundreds of clients who follow the so-called “healthy halo diet” – so they simply eat too much “healthy” food.

It’s heartbreaking when they wonder why their coconut porridge with manuka honey doesn’t make them look like the girl in the Instagram photo.

How To Lose Belly Fat (for Men): 14 Steps (with Pictures)

And they gain weight because even though these “diets” are packed with nutrients, they are overloaded with calories and healthy sugars.

So not a diet that starts on Monday and ends on Friday, but really, really changes the way you eat forever.

If so, that rules out juice fasting, 5:2, or anything that isn’t just enjoyable, doable, social, and sustainable.

How To Lose Belly Fat Sitting At Your Desk

Your lifestyle (how much sleep you get, how stress affects hormones that affect fat gain or loss), your mindset, changing to a low-sugar lifestyle, and just being active are all part of it.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 21 Mistakes Men Make

Three meals and two snacks a day and always a combination of low glycemic carbohydrates, good fats and a little protein.

You need to get your heart rate up and exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be 15 minutes of grueling HIIT sessions that can hurt you or hard workouts.

You have to find what works for you because you have to adopt these habits forever. And eternity is a long time.

Most people underestimate how easy it is to achieve and crush their goals once they find a program that works. So aim high. You have one life and we want you to live it in your best body ever.

Lower Belly Fat Workout

If you want a flatter stomach, you need to address many aspects of your life (Image: Getty)


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