How To Link Employees To Linkedin Company Page

How To Link Employees To Linkedin Company Page – Aside from your profile, a company page is a place where you can tell the world what your company is doing, get followers and spread the word, and display job opportunities you apply for. employment.

You can also use a company page named after you to show what you do together, especially if you have more than one hat, and different lines. jobs like side gigs. You can be a writer as well as a digital marketer, for example.

How To Link Employees To Linkedin Company Page

How To Link Employees To Linkedin Company Page

First, you get credibility and a permanent place on it that anyone can get to.

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Second, friends can click once to ‘follow’ your company, and will be notified when you add information to the page. It’s a hassle-free way to connect.

You can share information from the company, instead of your personal information, and it will appear on the company page.

Bonus: When someone finds your link above, the first thing they see is the option to follow your company page.

You now have the ability to invite your connections to follow your company page. Your invitations will appear along with common contact requests from people.

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The link is placed differently and can be accessed by clicking on the ‘work’ icon as shown below – but there is also a way Short URL: https:///company/setup/new/

You are given four options at this point, to create a page. For some reason stop using the word company page and just use ‘page’ at this point. You can add a page for a small business, medium to large business, add a display page, or add a page if you are an educational organization. nest

The image below shows the basic information that needs to be added for a company page. The size of the logo is recommended to be at least 300 x 300 pixels, and you can also choose a specific URL for your page in , under the space.

How To Link Employees To Linkedin Company Page

You can use free software tools like to adjust and match images and logos to add header images to your branding. page.

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You can link up to three hashtags to your company page. Your Page will be able to like, comment and reshare posts in these hashtag feeds. So you can like, comment and share as a company, not as an individual.

You can also add a link to lead, for example, to your website’s homepage, contact page. in or on the landing page, and additionally, you can associate a domain you control with the page.

There is also an option to add page information in different languages ​​to help with visibility and understanding when you work internationally.

Another option is to add different locations to the business, which is often useful for those organizations that serve customers face-to-face. Having ‘bricks and mortar’ helps reassure people that it’s a real, live thing.

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New for 2022 is the ability to add a custom form to your page. This allows members to request more information or request a free sample, with their information pre-entered into a custom form and then sent to you.

Once you have created your company page, you should go back to your profile and edit, or add, your experience as a member of your company.

Typing in the name of the company will search the database, and you can confirm and select your company. This means that the company logo will now appear next to your profile, and clicking on it will take your visitors to your company page.

How To Link Employees To Linkedin Company Page

This is much nicer than just showing the default ‘gray box’ next to your value. It looks more like a file cabinet to me than a house. Vanilla is bland and plain.

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You can add additional pages that link to your company page called ‘Showcase Pages’. You may use it to advertise other services or products.

Another advantage of creating a display page is that you can give it a unique name to be found in searches on . So if you’re a widget maker, you can add feature pages for recycled widgets, green widgets, low-carbon widgets, and more.

It is a matter of visibility and branding, and also allows you to fold a different information under one ‘company’ price. Even if your company name is just your name, a visible and visible entry gives you an added boost – as well as a recognizable brand with the importance of your experience.

So, for example, you can get one ‘job’ in your company to show your experience as a writer. Then you can add a second job (which can also be a current position) where you talk about your experience as a digital marketer.

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Getting creative with your job tags to add additional keywords that might be used in searches is a good practice here:

And of course, you can also build a following, and reap the benefits of better search visibility with the use of Featured Pages to highlight specific aspects of your capabilities or products.

Employers often look for a candidate with the same name as the person they are looking for. If you don’t have a role now, only previous roles, it can be a very bad thing.

How To Link Employees To Linkedin Company Page

So give yourself a job at ‘your company’ with the job(s) you are looking for. You can explain what roles you are looking for and what relevant experience you have in that area of ​​work experience. This ensures that you are in the right place in the employee search.

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You can also publish news from your company page without being a person. This is a great way to connect with customers – the first issue of your company’s newsletter will be sent to everyone who follows your company and invite them to sign up.

A company page will also allow you to use ads if you want to increase what you share on your page to an audience that you can define and target.

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