How To Insert Your Signature In Google Docs

How To Insert Your Signature In Google Docs – Signing documents is not fun. But, what’s really interesting is how you do it in Google Docs. You can use the image feature within Google Docs to draw directly to a page in a web browser, or make it even better with a third-party DocuSign app. Consider how to sign a document in Google Docs.

To sign a Google Doc, you can use Insert → Image → + New. Select Scribble inside the new image, then use your mouse or tablet to drag the signature directly into the Google Doc. Alternatively, you can use DocuSign eSignature to send a copy of the signed Google Doc to the recipient.

How To Insert Your Signature In Google Docs

How To Insert Your Signature In Google Docs

In short, there are two main ways to sign a document using Google Docs. You can create your own signature, or use DocuSign. By signing a Google Doc:

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Click the Insert tab on the top toolbar and place your cursor over the image. Click + New from the advanced menu.

When drawing, click the down arrow next to the Line button on the toolbar to select a line. Click the Scribble button from the dropdown.

Use your cursor to draw the signature. If you have a physical drawing tablet, you can use it for more accurate virtual signatures. When finished, click Save and Close.

Your signature will now appear in your Google Docs. Copy it in place and finish signing the document.

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A more sophisticated way to sign a Google Doc is to use a third-party service called DocuSign and connect it to Google Workspace. The first common misconception about the DocuSign eSignature app is that it’s not free. Although DocuSign encourages users to purchase their premium plans, it can be used standalone if you want to sign documents.

Your first step, assuming you haven’t already created a DocuSign account, is to do so by visiting the DocuSign website. Scroll down until you see the DOCUSIGN PULSUZ EDITION button and click it. Follow the steps to create a free account, then continue.

Go to the Google Workplace Marketplace in your browser and search for DocuSign eSignature for Gmail and Drive.

How To Insert Your Signature In Google Docs

Click the Install button and then proceed to install the app. Select the Google account you want to install the app to, then click Allow DocuSign access to your Google account.

How To Add A Digital Signature To Google Docs

When authorizing a DocuSign file, be sure to add recipients if necessary. The final signed document will be sent to all recipients.

You will be redirected to the DocuSign signup page. When prompted to view the following documents, continue.

Click anywhere on the page you want to sign. Click the Draw tab to remove the signature from the pop-up box. When done, click ADOPT and SIGN.

Complete the document by adding a signature to DocuSign. When you are satisfied with its placement, click the FINISH button in the top right corner.

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Now, the Google Doc itself will remain untouched. However, the final copy of the signed document will be sent to the designated recipient.

Yes. Visit the DocuSign website and scroll down to see the DOCUSIGN FREE EDITION button. Click on it and follow the steps to create your free account.

Yes, you can add it directly to a Google Doc for signing. Free and included in the app. Whether it’s a class project, a financial document or a company contract, everything goes digital. However, as with paper documents, the document still needs to be signed. You need to sign the digital document for legal and authentication purposes.

How To Insert Your Signature In Google Docs

Fortunately, there are many ways to digitally sign a document and make it legally binding. If you need to sign a document in Google Docs, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll show you how to add signatures to Google Docs in two different ways.

Ways To Insert Handwritten Signature In Google Docs

Usually, you need a third-party tool to sign documents, but in Google Docs, you can use the built-in drawing tool. This will allow you to create a symbol and then import it as an image. Of course, this will not make the document legally binding, but it will be good at the corporate level where you can confirm to the team that you agree with the content of the document.

To sign Google Docs using the image tool, click the “Sign In” option at the top and select “Image…” from the menu.

Click on the “Scribble” tool here, then select “Scribble” from the menu. Now draw the signature and click the “Save and Close” button to insert the image into the document. If you can’t sign correctly on the first try, click the “return” button.

You can adjust the size and position of the mark by clicking and dragging in the center or corners.

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HelloSign is a popular digital signature service that allows you to sign digital documents and link Google Docs legally. It even has a Google Docs add-on that makes it easy to sign documents within Google Docs.

Install the HelloSign Google Docs add-on and access it from the “Applications” menu. Click the “Just Me” button on the dashboard, then click the “Draw New Signature” button.

The image tool is much more intuitive than Google’s own image tool and makes it easy to create the perfect signature. When done, click “Next” and the signature will be added to the sidebar.

How To Insert Your Signature In Google Docs

Now click on the signature to add it to the document. As with the first method, you can change the signature area. When you’re done, click the “Email as PDF” button to send the signed document to whoever you want. The document will be legally binding and cannot be edited in the HelloSign interface. Additionally, both you and the recipient can download the signed document as a PDF file.

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Unfortunately, HelloSign only allows you to sign 3 documents per month for free. This is not enough for the average person, but if you are in a field where you need to sign documents on a regular basis. You must have a HelloSign Premium subscription.

Google Docs’ built-in method is great if you need to add a signature quickly, but it won’t make the document legally binding because anyone with editing rights can remove the signature. You will need to use the HelloSign signature plugin to sign the document and make it legally binding.

It’s also good to know that you can also export a signed Google Docs document as a PDF or Word document by selecting Export from the File menu. This can be useful if you need to send a signed document in one format.

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How To Insert Your Signature In Google Docs

You’ll also want to make sure they’re the right size. You can adjust the size in Google Docs, but you’ll want to start with images that are close to the final size you’re using. I recommend logos and header photos sized around 200×200 pixels and social media icons around 50×50 pixels. The best.

How To Insert A Signature In Google Docs

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