How To Get The Faster Internet Speed

How To Get The Faster Internet Speed – Could the speed of the internet be one of the main reasons why cyber attacks are happening faster than ever in the world? According to NZTech boss Graeme Muller; This may be true. Many countries that participated in the recent Global Tech Leaders Discussion Forum believe there is a link between the increase in cyber attacks and faster communications.

Muller was at the Forum in Melbourne and believes that as systems across our economy become more digital, the number and variety of attacks is increasing. Ultimately, He worries about what might happen when autonomous vehicles and drones go rogue.

How To Get The Faster Internet Speed

How To Get The Faster Internet Speed

He cited fake e-mails from the Ministry of Primary Industries containing the country’s income tax fraud and lock-down malware that hit inboxes last week as examples of how digitalization is boosting criminal activity.

The Need For Speed, 23 Years Later

“Both sophisticated cases of phishing attacks are designed to get people to click on a link that installs malware on their computer. This malware allows criminals to capture your locks or take over your device,” explains Muller.

“Global supply chains that connect large companies and small and medium-sized businesses across borders present many vulnerabilities that expose us all,” says Muller.

He believes both New Zealand and its trading partners need to be secure, especially as digital trade grows.

A report to be released next month will recommend the creation of a regional Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to speed up information sharing.

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Muller wants to develop a ‘security version of the World Health Organization’, with countries realizing their shared responsibility and working together to fight cybercrime.

“The New Zealand government’s cyber security strategy is world-leading and we continue to work to improve our security,” Muller said.

“This is an important national issue that will not go away, and the ability to unite and integrate like this.” The ability to cooperate across the economy and government means that our country is in a good position to be the safest country in the world. That will drive future economic growth,” he concluded.

How To Get The Faster Internet Speed

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