How To Get Sponsored Post On Instagram

How To Get Sponsored Post On Instagram – It is no secret that advertising costs on Facebook, Google and Instagram ads are rising exponentially. With the increasing number of advertisers and stagnant ad space, brands are looking for alternative ways to increase their audience. Sponsored Posts is a huge new channel for brands on Instagram. In this post, we share with you how to get sponsors on Instagram from day one.

If you have spent a long time on your Instagram page, now is the time to shine. Influencers, even those with few followers, get sponsors on Instagram to pay several hundred dollars per post. According to an interview with Joe Gagliese, co-founder of leading influencer agency Viral Nation, you can earn several thousand dollars per post once you reach small influencer status (10,000 to 50,000 followers). Influencers with up to 1 million followers can earn up to $10,000 per post, and those with more followers can charge 6 figures per post.

How To Get Sponsored Post On Instagram

How To Get Sponsored Post On Instagram

As a brand owner, I have worked with a lot of famous Instagrammers and influencers for me. This post includes tips from members of our community to help you understand the sponsor’s point of view. The bottom line is that Instagram sponsorship is possible for anyone, regardless of your size, if you follow these steps. There is always a brand that wants to spread the word about their products and services and they are open to influencers or Instagram with strong personal brands to support Instagram.

How To Create Effective Instagram Sponsored Posts That Bring People Joy

If you want more information (or just want to earn more from your email list), you’ll automatically be exposed to like-minded brands so you can find more of your best customers. Find out more here! How to get sponsors on Instagram 1. Create a powerful Instagram page

Creating a strong page is the first step to getting sponsors on Instagram. A strong page will not only increase your following and engagement, which determines how much you get per post, but will also help attract brands to your page.

Whether you’re targeting food, lifestyle, travel, consulting or fashion, you’ll need to find a way to stand out. Whether it’s unique staged food photography sets or gorgeous, highly edited travel photos, find your place and stick with it. Having a unique page will increase the chances of Instagrammers getting noticed and following you.

For example, look at the Instagram influencer @voyage_provocateur. Each entrance is scenic, with interesting nature or architecture in a unique and beautiful location. In the photos she is shown, her back is to the camera, evoking #wanderlust. Her bio says “Explore the World” and many other travel destinations. Any Instagram user can see what her page is about, and enthusiastic travelers are more likely to follow her.

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To win your niche niche, study what others in the space are doing with their content and try out similar formats. Also make sure your photos/videos are visually consistent and your copy has the same tone of voice – once you scroll down the page, potential sponsors should be able to recognize your photo even from the browsing page. To help you win over the photo front, we’ve rounded up the 10 best Instagram Stories and Posts Editing apps that you can try here.

Remember to comment on other Instagram users who have nested audiences and build an authentic relationship with them so their followers can discover you too.

Consistency is key to gaining followers on Instagram, so it’s important to choose an “aesthetic” that you feel best represents your personal brand and stick to in all of your posts.

How To Get Sponsored Post On Instagram

Your “beauty” is basically the colors, textures, quotes, and other visual styles that appear over and over again in your feed. All the best Instagram accounts have an account. Take this example from digital artist @owakita_

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As you can see, her feed has a clear and consistent visual beauty. All of her posts use pastel neon shades of blues, pinks, and purples. There’s also a consistent theme: all of the entries are digital renderings of Tokyo, and many include the artist’s famous use of “bubbles” for cityscapes.

Owakita’s followers know what to expect and she follows for this very reason, which is why she has managed to amass around 35,000 followers so far.

Hashtags are a great way to reach new followers and potential brands. The best part is that it requires minimal effort and you can use up to 30 hashtags per post. This tool is great for creating a list of hashtags based on a single word, which is useful for getting new followers.

You should also do some research on the brands you want to work with and find out what hashtags they use. If you own their products or have a post related to what they offer, consider using hashtags so their team can spot you.

Influencer Marketing 101: How To Get Sponsored On Instagram

Posting consistently is key to growing and engaging with your followers. Brands are interested in your Page’s activity before they decide to support you.

Posting regularly on Instagram can be tiring. That’s why in this post on social media productivity, we recommend stacking. Using a planning or scheduling tool like Sprout Social or Planoly will allow you to plan your content on the go while making sure your content looks engaging.

Lauren Arboleda (@foodfromtheheart), part of the community, is an influencer in the culinary field. She has participated in MasterChef Latino 2019, creates recipes and is the author of Pregnancy From the Heart. Lauren recommends creating a lot of content such as photos, videos, and blog posts that showcase your potential as a content creator. She strongly believes that this is very important to get followers on Instagram.

How To Get Sponsored Post On Instagram

Each Instagram page can be seen as a community, a separate social network consisting of the page owner, followers, and followers. Each post or story can be seen as a channel for the community to connect and share a common interest in content. In contrast, participation shows how powerful the community is.

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Engagement is one of the most important and often overlooked metrics on Instagram. However, brands that run influencer marketing campaigns know that this is a great indicator of the success of the campaign. In a 2019 report by influencer marketing firm Linqia, more than 89% of marketers measured and evaluated campaigns based on levels of engagement. In this survey, engagement went beyond impressions, brand awareness, and even clicks and conversions. We cannot stress enough the importance of participation.

Karla Cola (@karla_cola) is a community owned fashion brand that offers colorful, ethically handcrafted clothing and accessories. Karla occasionally publishes in-kind sponsored posts on products such as hair ties, headbands, and dresses. They are selective in their selection of influencers: they only work with influencers who have the right to follow.

For example, Carla recently sponsored a post with Justin (@murri_mama) focusing on “Fashion and Local Communities”. Also, she has 17.4 k followers, which makes her a great choice. Carla found that the invited posts not only gained visibility within each influencer’s community but were also helpful in getting high quality images that are on the brand and can be used on the website and social media.

Sharing is important, but so does your reach. Even if the engagement rates are great, if 100 people view your post, you are providing limited value to brands. This is why the first thing brands will look at when deciding whether or not they want to work with you is the number of followers.

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So the question is, how many followers do you need to get sponsorship on Instagram? Well, before you start promoting, we recommend that you have at least 1000 followers, because that is the minimum you need to become a micro influencer.

If you can show significant engagement and a well-defined target niche, that should be enough to start getting paid.

But that’s actually at the lower end of the range, so a more realistic goal might be 5,000 followers, especially if you’re in a competitive niche and don’t have a lot of engagement with your posts. It all depends on the value you can provide to your supporters.

How To Get Sponsored Post On Instagram

For example, @kydeanderic only has 3,862 followers, which isn’t huge, but enough to be considered a small influencer. In their case, these followers come from their YouTube channel, where they have a large following of over 50,000 subscribers.

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These followers are clearly very interactive with their content and Kyde and Eric have a lot of loyalty and trust from them, which makes them even more valuable in the eyes of brands. For this reason, it should be easy for Kyde and Eric to find brands to back their records.

Well, now that you know when you can start promoting a business, let’s talk about how to do it.

Half of the process of learning how to get sponsorship on Instagram is learning how to reach companies and showcase your personal brand.

You may ask: How do you get sponsors on Instagram? The first step is to make a list of brands that fit your niche. For those new to sponsored posts, it would be a good idea to reach out to smaller brands (which don’t have

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