How To Get Internet On Laptop Without Wifi

How To Get Internet On Laptop Without Wifi – Imagine this, your mobile data package is still valid and you don’t have cable, but you want to connect mobile internet to your laptop. Now the question that may be bothering your mind is “How can I connect mobile internet to laptop without USB cable?” I hear you and I have answers to your questions. The only way to connect your mobile internet to a computer or other device is via tethering

Tethering is the process of sharing your mobile device with your computer so that your computer can be online through your phone’s mobile data connection. You can connect the computer in three ways;

How To Get Internet On Laptop Without Wifi

How To Get Internet On Laptop Without Wifi

Your mobile smartphone has the ability to act as a WiFi source just like a router. Sharing a mobile data connection with a laptop using a wireless network is defined as a hotspot. First, to enable the connection, you need to turn on the hotspot and tethering feature, then proceed to add the connection to the WiFi list. Here is the procedure;

How To Get Internet On Tablet Without Wifi

A large number of Bluetooth users use this feature to share pictures, music and documents. However, you can do a lot more with Bluetooth than just connect your mobile internet to your computer. In today’s digitized world, laptops have become the ultimate workstation. Despite being portable, they lack one important feature – instant access to the Internet. Most models on the market require an access point or external device to connect to the Internet. In our age of internet-enabled toothbrushes and kettles, as frustrating as it may seem, many people wonder how to get internet anywhere on a laptop.

In this article, we’ll summarize four key ways to achieve this to help you get the seamless experience you want.

A specific question like “how to access the internet anywhere on a laptop” can mean different things to different people, which is why the answers are all over the place. To make sure we’re on the same page, let’s start with a crash course on connectivity and clear up some misunderstandings in the process.

That depends on what you mean by router and modem, but yes you can. The term “router” has become synonymous with Internet access, but strictly speaking, routers are not necessary for connectivity. Their purpose is to share the connection with several devices, which means you can get online without them – for example, by connecting a cable directly to a laptop.

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Now modems are a different story. Technically, this piece of hardware primarily allows you to connect to your laptop. Today, they come in many shapes and sizes, from large and expensive satellite modems to portable USB modems. However, the modulation and demodulation usually happens outside of your laptop, so unless you’re looking for a specific piece of hardware like a wireless USB modem for travel, you won’t need it.

Depending on what you want to use it for, it will either be a 4G USB modem, a mobile hotspot, a satellite modem, a public WiFi device for a laptop, or nothing at all. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses and will only work well for certain tasks, so don’t jump in until you know what you’re looking for.

That is – if your modem has everything you need to connect to the Internet. Contract-free and unlimited wireless internet isn’t something you pick out of thin air – you need a SIM card or device with eSIM technology on board. Then you just need a suitable data plan and you’re done.

How To Get Internet On Laptop Without Wifi

The details may vary from system to system, but in broad sections the process will look like this:

How To Connect Pc Internet To Mobile Via Wifi (with Pictures)

Alternatively, you can choose from software solutions that provide detailed connection information, although their reliability varies depending on the settings used.

With most current devices, you can, although you may need to configure the modem beforehand. A modern portable internet modem is a self-contained device and will operate completely on its own as long as it has a power source – either a battery or a cable plugged into a USB port. Simple models that have little or no setup can work right out of the box, while more sophisticated models will require a one-time setup, but then you’re good to go.

Now that we’ve covered the introduction, let’s look at ways to get online from anywhere using your laptop. However, the word “anywhere” means different things to different people – some understand it as “away from home”, while others are looking for a way to get off the grid completely. We’ve tried to cover all the bases, which is why some of the options listed may seem like overkill, while others won’t quite cut it for you.

The most readily available way to connect to the Internet anywhere on your laptop is to create a laptop hotspot from your phone. Availability is also its biggest advantage – most people who might need a connection outside the home probably have a decent phone anyway. This feature is natively supported on both Android and iOS and is fairly easy to set up. As a cherry on top, such a connection is completely wireless, which is very convenient for traveling – you can literally carry the hotspot in your pocket.

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However, this method also has its drawbacks. For starters, you’re still sharing your mobile internet with your laptop, which means you have the same traffic and bandwidth limitations. This won’t be a problem for common tasks like attending a business meeting or getting a document. However, streaming some documentaries on Netflix can easily burn through your entire monthly allowance and leave you offline. Not only that, mobile tethering is resource intensive and will drain your phone’s battery in no time. Of course, this can be solved by plugging the phone into the laptop’s USB port, which defeats the purpose of a wireless network.

Verdict: A backup plan that requires no additional hardware and can save you in some situations, but hardly a sustainable solution for everyday use.

Another way to get internet anywhere on a laptop is to use a separate device. They come in many shapes and sizes and have different names:

How To Get Internet On Laptop Without Wifi

The complexity of these gadgets ranges from simple adapters for SIM cards to full-fledged modems that effortlessly handle entire networks of devices. But the basic premise is the same – a 4G modem connects to a mobile network like a phone, then shares the connection with a laptop or shares it as a router. However, as a device specifically designed for connectivity, it handles this task more efficiently and reliably than a phone.

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One downside to this approach is that the laptop modem and phone must have separate data plans, so it’s not a case of “no-contract laptop wireless”. Laptop modem manufacturers are aware of this and are adding the ability to choose from multiple ISPs and partnering with mobile operators to offer attractive deals. Another obvious limitation is that even the best 4G LTE USB modems won’t work outside of service provider coverage, so technically it’s “pretty much anywhere.”

This is the closest to the “Internet Anywhere” concept, although it is also the least convenient. Unlike the options above, which all depend on mobile network coverage, this one is transmitted from satellites, so as long as you have clear skies above, you’ll be connected. Of course, you’ll need to buy a data plan, but otherwise it doesn’t limit you in any way, so it’s a perfect choice literally anywhere on the planet.

Unfortunately, freedom comes at a price. First, the technology is not yet widespread, so the range of offers on the market is modest. In addition, establishing a satellite Internet connection requires a modem and antenna, which are quite bulky – not exactly ideal for the lifestyle of digital nomads. In other words, “anywhere” actually means “at any one place and only that place.”

Verdict: Indispensable in some extreme cases, but not portable or practical for everyday use compared to the alternatives.

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It’s more of an honorable mention than an actual record, but it still deserves a spot on our list. Public WiFi is firmly rooted in the modern internet landscape with cafes, restaurants and airports offering free WiFi zones. Nowadays, a new variety has emerged, known as metropolitan WiFi or municipal wireless networks. The idea is to create a city-wide network so you don’t have to look for a WiFi hotspot for your laptop at the nearest Starbucks.

The biggest disadvantage of public WiFi is its availability. Apart from the rare case of a well-managed utility network, you are essentially at the mercy of local businesses and facilities. That might be fine if you like the thrill of adventure, but

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