How To Get Faster Wifi On Phone

How To Get Faster Wifi On Phone – Slow Wi-Fi can be very annoying especially if you are studying or working from home. Slow internet speeds can ruin your day whether you need to upload work-related files to the cloud or stream your favorite show on Netflix. Fortunately, slow Wi-Fi is a problem you can fix. In most cases, slow Wi-Fi can be fixed in a few simple steps. Follow this guide as we list some methods to fix Wi-Fi connection issues.

There are many factors at play that can cause slow Wi-Fi. These are some of the methods you can follow to identify and fix Wi-Fi connection issues.

How To Get Faster Wifi On Phone

How To Get Faster Wifi On Phone

Before you jump to the conclusion that you’re struggling with slow internet speeds, make sure your internet plan’s advertised speed matches the internet speed you’re getting. To do this, visit any website that allows you to measure your internet speed, such as or If the speed results match the speed advertised by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), we’d say your connection is pretty good and to speed things up, you can always go for an upgraded plan that offers faster internet speed. .

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Sometimes all you need to do with your Wi-Fi router is a quick reboot to fix Wi-Fi connection issues. Just turn off your Wi-Fi router and turn it on after a few seconds and check if you are getting slow internet speed. If that doesn’t fix your Wi-Fi problems, try restarting your computer, phone, or other devices. Sometimes slow internet speed can be caused by just one of your devices and not your internet connection.

Despite having a high-speed internet connection and a pretty good Wi-Fi router, are you still facing slow internet speeds? The problem may be the location of your router. It is recommended to always place the router in a high place, for example on top of a cabinet. Plus, you can always place your Wi-Fi router in different locations around your home or workplace to determine which area has the best signal strength before determining your location. Note that Wi-Fi signals can generally pass through walls and other objects, but in some cases thick walls or metal can interfere with signals. In such situations, it is always recommended to keep the router away from the microwave oven or refrigerator, and as we mentioned above, to keep the router at an optimal height and position.

Placing antennas directly on a Wi-Fi router redirects Wi-Fi signals in one direction. That’s why you should always point the antenna in a different direction. For example, many Wi-Fi routers have two or three antennas. In this situation, make sure to point the antennas in vertical and horizontal directions so that the Wi-Fi signals have a wider area.

If your Wi-Fi security is not strong enough, it may be easy to access the password. Our neighbor may have stolen your Wi-Fi connection, which is why you have slow Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is always recommended to use the WPA2 security protocol on your router. You can change this through your router settings. To set a WPA2 password, access your Wi-Fi settings by entering your router’s IP address in any browser on your phone or computer. You can find your router’s IP address on the back of the router, or you can find it by going into your Wi-Fi network settings on your phone or computer.

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You may have a high-speed Internet connection in your home or workplace that is shared by multiple users, and while a Wi-Fi router does not slow down your Internet speed when multiple users are using it, your available bandwidth is at risk. This means you’re downloading files from the cloud, while your child is downloading that latest game from the PlayStation Network, your partner might be streaming their favorite movie or TV show. In that case, everyone may experience slow Wi-Fi because each device is using a significant portion of the available bandwidth.

In this case you can try to reduce the load on the Internet connection by pausing any streams or downloads. This may lead to improved Wi-Fi speeds for others. Modern routers support technology that guarantees equal bandwidth to all devices, and if you’re having problems with even one of these routers, your internet speed could be the bottleneck.

A great tool that is often overlooked is QoS or Quality of Service, its job is basically to distribute the available bandwidth on your Wi-Fi network between applications. With optimal settings, you can watch wildlife videos on YouTube in 4K resolution without any problems, ensuring that your latest game downloads on Steam. With QoS, you can decide which services to prioritize on your Wi-Fi network and allocate bandwidth accordingly. Note that there are different ways to access QoS settings for routers, meaning accessing QoS on a Netgear router will be different than on a TP-Link router. To check your router’s QoS settings, enter your router’s IP address in a browser and look for the QoS tab to access the settings.

How To Get Faster Wifi On Phone

Software updates are very important for your router as they improve its stability, performance and security. Most routers available today have the ability to update automatically, although if you have an older router, you will need to manually install software updates. Different routers have different methods of updating the software. To learn more, type your router’s IP address into any browser on your phone or computer to access your router’s Wi-Fi settings.

How To Make The Internet Faster On Android & Iphone (increase Speed)

Every ISP uses DNS (Domain Name System), which basically translates server IP addresses to domain names like or, even though they have different internet plans. Most of the time, the default DNS server provided by ISPs is slow and unreliable, so changing your DNS server can give you peace of mind and a much-needed boost to your Internet speed and performance. To learn how to change DNS, you can check out our guides on changing DNS on iOS or PC. For Android users, go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and look for the Private DNS option. By default, this is turned off on most Android phones, but you can choose to set it automatically, or you can set the settings manually by clicking on the hostname of your private DNS provider.

A Wi-Fi analyzer app can be a powerful tool to determine the best channel that is least congested and offers the least interference. Two main bands are used in Wi-Fi communication: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 5GHz band is less crowded but has a shorter range, so keep that in mind when looking at the results of these devices. These bands are divided into different channels where Wi-Fi Analyzer helps you find out which Wi-Fi networks are broadcasting on the same channels so you can choose an alternative. There are several free and paid WiFi analyzer applications available on the Internet that can help you solve such problems. You can check out some popular Wi-Fi analyzer options for phones and computers, such as NetSpot, InSSIDer, NetX, and Network Performance Monitor, to name a few.

If you find your router’s IP address and use it to access your Wi-Fi settings in any browser, you’ll find Channels under Wireless Settings. There are a total of 14 channels and the first thing you need to know is the most used Wi-Fi channel in your area. Once you determine this, you can always try to find and choose a non-overlapping channel that is away from other channels. Most ISPs set the channel settings automatically, but if you have slow internet speeds, we recommend fiddling around to find a channel that’s clear to you for an optimal experience.

If resetting your Wi-Fi router doesn’t solve your problem, you should consider resetting your device’s network settings. Resetting your device’s network settings will essentially reset them to their defaults. After that, you can reconfigure your Wi-Fi on all your devices and check if it solves your problem. The steps are different for each device and you will need to re-enter the Wi-Fi password to use the Internet. You can check out our handy guide to find your Wi-Fi password if you forget it.

How To Speed Up Slow Internet On Your Android Phone

Getting a high-speed internet plan doesn’t solve your search for high-speed internet, but your Wi-Fi router also plays a role. You see, you can get a high-speed internet plan, but if your Wi-Fi router is old or doesn’t meet the new Wi-Fi standards, you won’t be able to get the most out of it. To solve this problem, try

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