How To Get Faster Wifi On Iphone

How To Get Faster Wifi On Iphone – In addition to all the features, Apple always adds something special when updating its operating system. With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, the company added another way to connect to nearby Wi-Fi networks. This new method is slightly faster than the previous best method.

This new connectivity option brings the total to four. You may have a hard time remembering them all, or find them awkward to call. This method may be more convenient in some cases.

How To Get Faster Wifi On Iphone

How To Get Faster Wifi On Iphone

While reviewing my book “Connecting and Securing Your iPhone and iPad” about all the changes that have happened in iOS 13 and split into iPadOS 13, I came across this new Wi-Fi connection method and decided that for 13.1 Updated again. The book now includes these Wi-Fi connection tips, along with 100 other new and improved elements, explaining Apple’s latest anti-tracking technology in Safari, and Find Includes use of My Services. Get a copy from Take Control if you need help with networking and security on your iPhone or iPad. (And feel free to ask any questions he doesn’t answer!)

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Let’s look at each of the four ways to connect to a Wi-Fi network, starting with the most recent.

With iOS 13, Apple has expanded the functionality of Control Center to provide a new way to access the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Here’s how to access the new interface:

This new option isn’t amazing, but it’s definitely easier to get started with, especially since you can start from the lock screen without unlocking your device.

Since the first days of iOS, I have been able to connect to Wi-Fi networks through the Settings application.

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If the network you want to connect to doesn’t appear because it’s ‘closed’ or ‘hidden’ (an outdated cryptic security method that some people still use), tap More and enter the network name and password.

To make this process more automated, you can set Require to join network to Require or Notify. Whichever you choose, your device will always prefer to connect to known saved networks. However, if there are no known networks available, selecting Confirm will prompt you to join another network. (Apple doesn’t describe the criteria by which networks are displayed.) If you select Notify, you’ll see a list of all networks.

If you have at least one device with personal hotspot enabled, you’ll also see a list of personal network hotspots. Additionally, iOS 13 allows you to view a list of popular networks. Apparently, it’s determined by passively scanning the networks around you that other people have already connected to. This approach seems a bit advanced, but it uses publicly available broadcast information. I can’t see the list of popular networks yet. This is Apple’s take on their latest operating system, but the company isn’t clear about it.

How To Get Faster Wifi On Iphone

Apple also added Auto-Join Hotspot, a “failover” method. If iOS 13 can’t find a known Wi-Fi network, it uses Personal Hotspot to connect to iPhone or iPad cellular connected to the same iCloud account. You can also enable Personal Hotspot on other devices if it’s turned off. (macOS 10.15 Catalina offers similar options.)

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One final tip. Family Sharing can now be integrated with Personal Hotspot. If you’re in a Family Sharing group, tap Settings > Internet Sharing > Family Sharing. When you enable Family Sharing for your personal hotspot on this screen, you can set each family member to have access automatically or to require access. This feature could be a welcome addition when traveling as a family.

Starting with iOS 12, you can join a Wi-Fi network if you’re a close person’s contacts and you know the password for the network you want to join. This is useful, for example, if you visit a friend’s house and want to connect to Wi-Fi. Importantly, the friend’s contact entry must contain the email address you use in iCloud. Here’s how to use a friend’s password:

If any of your contacts have the network’s password and are nearby, you can join the network.

Back in iOS 11, Apple added a nifty visual way to share network details with minimal fuss via a QR code that you scan with the Camera app. Developed in the Android world, this hotspot sharing format encodes network names and their passwords.

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Her Wi-Fi enabled QR codes aren’t found that often, but you’ve probably seen her QR codes installed by her fans like me in her coffee shops and gathering places. It is also used in some conferences to allow participants to connect to the conference network. You can even find them on some Wi-Fi routers. This allows you to make the first connection without finding out the default network password.

Simply point your iPhone or iPad camera at his QR code to join the network. With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, you can also use an improved Control Center control that only searches QR codes. (Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and add QR Code Reader.)

To join the long-running QR code revolution and create QR codes that enable access to Wi-Fi networks, you need to use a website or app to generate the codes. We recommend the QiFi site. This site uses JavaScript to generate code entirely within your browser without sending your credentials to a server. Also, if you’re really interested in QR codes and want to build automation to create them, check out Charles Edge’s article on the subject.

How To Get Faster Wifi On Iphone

As a side note, the Wi-Fi password is not encoded in his QR code. Therefore, do not post or leave such QR codes online. However, it is suitable for public hotspots and homes. Consider your frame.

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Wi-Fi celebrated his 20th anniversary from the original 802.11b standard and the breakthrough named Wi-Fi. Apple’s vice president of marketing Phil Schiller hops on his inflatable treadmill as he broadcasts a video of Apple’s first Wi-Fi enabled Mac, the clamshell iBook, breaking ground in wireless networking It’s been 20 years since we made significant progress. Wi-Fi networks are everywhere now, but there is still some friction in joining a new network. Having more options can smooth out a small part of your day.

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Before the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple’s personal hotspot feature was limited to slow 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. It doesn’t matter if you have a dual-band Wi-Fi router that supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Phones always use the slower 2.4GHz band to connect to hotspots.

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The iPhone 12 models have brought fast 5G cellular networks to the table. With 5G, speeds are easily higher than the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi spec. In this case, the iPhone downloads things over the 5G network, faster than a connected personal hotspot client such as an iPad, Mac or Windows PC downloads over a 2.4GHz connection. Curiously, Apple’s website and the company’s support documentation make no mention of this feature.

So forcing your iPhone to use the faster 5GHz band can improve tethering hotspot performance, but at the cost of compatibility with some devices and routers.

IPhone 12 and newer devices use the 5GHz band for hotspot connections. If you experience congestion or connectivity issues with certain client devices, switching your personal hotspot back to the 2.4 GHz band should resolve the issue.

How To Get Faster Wifi On Iphone

Doing so will force the handset to boost the slower but more compatible 2.4GHz band if your router supports it. “When turned on, it may reduce Internet performance for devices connected to the hotspot,” reads the feature’s description.

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Instead, sliding the switch back to the off position tells Apple smartphones to switch their Personal Hotspot feature to the faster but less compatible 5GHz band. Check the recommended settings for your Wi-Fi router for the best possible wireless performance,

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