How To Get Faster Upload Speed Centurylink

How To Get Faster Upload Speed Centurylink – Have you ever wondered if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) really delivers the speeds it advertises? Most people know how fast their internet connection should be, but few know until their ISP lives up to their end of the bargain.

If you want to know if you are getting what you pay for or not, you can take an internet speed test from CenturyLink. While CenturyLink is certainly a popular source for speed tests, are they as reliable as the reputation suggests?

How To Get Faster Upload Speed Centurylink

How To Get Faster Upload Speed Centurylink

To properly analyze any speed test, you need to create a repeatable and reliable test environment. After all, what good is our analysis if the results are tainted by our connectivity or hardware? With that in mind, we ran CenturyLink’s speed test five times on the same connection and we used three different devices: a desktop computer, a laptop, and a smartphone. Besides the Google Chrome browser used to run the experiments, we made sure that no unnecessary programs were running on any device, and we also disabled Chrome plugins. Once we were confident in the reliability of our test environment, we recorded the following results.

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The connection we used for these tests is advertised to deliver download speeds of around 150 Mbps, and by running other speed tests, we’ve determined that to be true. With the CenturyLink speed test, we got results in the range of 150 Mbps and we think these test results are very accurate.

On average, CenturyLink’s speed test took 3.5 seconds to load and 36.5 seconds to run, which is pretty typical for internet speed tests. Our ping times were 11.8ms, with average upload and download speeds of 164.3Mbps and 6.0Mbps, respectively. Not only were these speeds comparable to the results we got in competitive speed tests, but they were also slightly faster than the advertised speeds, which is always a good sign.

CenturyLink Speed ​​Test has smooth, modern graphics and a user-friendly interface. If you want to see for yourself, here are some screenshots we took on our laptop and smartphone during and after testing:

The greatest advantage any online speed test can have is its ability to produce reliable and accurate results, and the CenturyLink Internet Speed ​​Test does just that. We also appreciate the additional information provided by this test – whether you want to know your jitter times or if CenturyLink provides information regarding your IP address and Internet service provider.

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Another bias is how this speed test tells you the location of your test site and your ISP, which in our case told us that the tests were performed in the same city where we accessed the test. CenturyLink provides the ability to share your test results by copying the results link or posting it to Twitter or Facebook. Additionally, we always prefer tests to be run on secure https websites.

Finally, CenturyLink Speed ​​​​​​Test has a clean and user-friendly interface.

The only downside to CenturyLink is that it doesn’t offer to save your trial history for later access. They don’t provide any information on what your speeds are or troubleshooting tips to improve them. CenturyLink doesn’t have an iOS or Android app for their speed test, although that’s admittedly a minor gripe.

How To Get Faster Upload Speed Centurylink

Overall, we were impressed with what CenturyLink’s Internet Speed ​​Test had to offer. We believe in the reliability and accuracy of test results, which are always the most important factor when analyzing speed tests. A solid amount of additional information is also provided, and we appreciate the willingness to share your test results on social media. Their interface is smartly designed and clutter-free.

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The pros of the CenturyLink Speed ​​Test outweigh the cons, and whether you’re running it on a PC or a smartphone, we think you’ll be satisfied with the user experience.

We looked at other ISP speed tests on the market to see how reliable their speed test tools are for customers. Below are all the reviews we’ve done so far: If you’re an existing customer and want more speed from your internet, you can order a service upgrade. In many cases, the upgrade will use the same lines already installed, and you’ll get a faster connection and better performance from your home Internet.

The specific services that can be ordered vary by region. Log in to your account in My App or on the website and go to the My Products section to see what high-speed internet service you currently have and if you have another available. If you don’t have a My Account, you can create one using your account number and billing zip code.

Once you enter the My Products section, you will see a message telling you the current speed of your service and if faster services are available. Your screen will look like one of the examples below.

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If you see Notify me when faster speeds are available in my area, that means you already have fast internet service in your area. You can click the “Notify Me” link to sign up for alerts of future upgrade opportunities.

If you are eligible for an upgrade based on your location, a message will appear under My Internet. Click the chat link or call the number displayed on your own account screen. Please note that the exact phone number varies by region and may differ from the example below.

If the Check for faster speed link appears under My Internet, click it to check the upgrade options. In most cases, you can order an upgrade online if you get prompt service. If you can’t order online, you can call or chat to complete your order.

How To Get Faster Upload Speed Centurylink

If you qualify for an upgrade based on your location, your order will fall into one of three categories based on your current service and equipment:

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Note: When the upgrade is installed and the new service starts, the fee changes associated with the upgrade take effect.

If you need help ordering an upgrade, contact our customer service and they’ll explain your options and let you know if you’re eligible.

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Think your internet connection is down? If your service seems to be completely down, get help on our outages page or search for outages using our troubleshooter. This page only indicates a slow or spotty internet connection.

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Pro Tip: It’s helpful to run a speed test before troubleshooting a slow internet connection. Then, after following the steps here, run the test again to see the progress for yourself.

Your connection speed depends on the operation of your modem/router. (Note: Since your equipment is a combination modem and router, we use both terms in this article.)

You’d be surprised how much your internet speed can be affected by the location of your router. You’ll want to find a place that’s high up and centrally located in your home (or the area of ​​your home where most internet activity takes place).

How To Get Faster Upload Speed Centurylink

Physical obstacles can also be the main culprits for slowing your Wi-Fi speed. Check for any of these between your router and connected devices:

Years With This Shit Isp…unfortunately I Live In A Rural Area And They Haven’t Upgraded Speeds Here Only Getting 10mbs… Anyone Know What I Can Do Personally To Increase Speeds And

Do your best to move the router or move other objects around so they don’t block the path between your router and your devices.

Routers tend to crash after running for a while. The easiest way to fix many connectivity issues is to restart your router. If you need to reboot more often, it’s easier than ever to set up a daily or weekly reboot to keep everything running smoothly.

Next, check if you need to update your modem’s firmware. This is important to ensure that this essential piece of equipment is error-free and functioning optimally.

As a last resort, you can try resetting your modem. Like resetting a smartphone or reinstalling a computer’s operating system, it will be erased

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