How To Factory Reset Iphone Xr When Locked Out

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How To Factory Reset Iphone Xr When Locked Out

How To Factory Reset Iphone Xr When Locked Out

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IPhones are notoriously difficult to access. If you set a unique password, it is impossible for anyone to access it without your permission.

But it works the other way around. If you need to unlock your iPhone but don’t have the passcode or have it disabled, the only option to unlock it is to do a factory reset.

You can use a computer to enter recovery mode and reset your iPhone to access it without a password. If you have a Mac you’ll use Finder and if it’s a PC you’ll use iTunes – you’ll need to download first.

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1. Turn off your iPhone. The exact way to do this depends on the type of iPhone you have:

Press and hold the Lock and Volume Down buttons until the power slider appears on the screen, then slide it.

2. Once your iPhone is off, connect it to your computer and put it into recovery mode. To do this, you need to press a certain combination of buttons:

How To Factory Reset Iphone Xr When Locked Out

3. Hold the button and connect the phone to the laptop. Hold the button until the recovery mode screen appears. It has a picture of a laptop with a charging cable.

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4. Once done, open Finder or iTunes and open the iPhone menu. If you’re using the Finder, click your iPhone’s name in the left sidebar. In iTunes, click the iPhone icon in the upper left corner.

5. You’ll get a message saying your iPhone has a “problem” and needs to be updated or restored. Select Restore.

6. Reset and connect your iPhone to the computer as the iPhone is restored. Hours may vary, so be patient.

After the process is finished, turn on your iPhone and set it up as a new device. When asked if you want to restore data from a backup, feel free to sign in to iCloud and do so.

How To Factory Reset An Iphone Without The Password

If you have an Apple ID account, your iPhone is likely connected to Find My, Apple’s global device tracking network. This service allows you to reset and wipe your iPhone without a password.

Quick Tip: If you can’t sign in to iCloud because you no longer have a trusted device or a working phone, you’ll need to contact Apple for help recovering your account.

3. You will be given a map of all your devices. Click All Devices at the top and then select your iPhone.

How To Factory Reset Iphone Xr When Locked Out

5. Enter your Apple ID password to erase your iPhone. If you are not using a trusted browser, you may be asked to answer a security question.

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Quick Tip: If your iPhone is lost, you must indicate it during the wipe process and provide an alternative contact method.

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Of course, when an iPhone is unlocked, it’s incredibly simple to reset it to factory software. It only takes a few taps in the Settings app to erase all your content and settings.

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However, until now, a computer had to be used to do the same while the device was locked. This means that if you have forgotten your iPhone password, you need to put your iPhone into DFU recovery mode and then connect it to a PC or Mac to restore through the classic iTunes process.

As long as your locked iPhone or iPad has an active network connection, you can now wipe the device from the lock screen (assuming it’s running iOS 15.2 or later).

After a few failed passcode attempts, the “Erase iPhone” option will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap it, confirm that you want to erase the device, and then enter your Apple ID password to cancel your account. The device will reset itself, completely wipe all user data and start over.

How To Factory Reset Iphone Xr When Locked Out

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How To Factory Reset Locked/disabled Iphone Without Itunes

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The message says iPhone unavailable or security lock, press home only for unlock or emergency at the bottom of the black screen). Some have an Erase iPhone button, while others don’t have an Erase iPhone option.

Some messages appear with a “press home to unlock” button, while other lock screens show an “emergency” button.

A Complete Guide On How To Factory Reset Iphone

What does iPhone not available mean? An iPhone unavailable error means you can’t access your iPhone right now for security reasons. You have been locked out for entering too many wrong password attempts.

If you forget your passcode and enter 5 failed passcode attempts in a row, your iPhone’s security measures are triggered, showing that your iPhone is unavailable. As you enter more wrong PIN codes, the security measure increases. 5th failed attempt, iPhone says “iPhone is not available, try again in 1 minute”. From there, “iPhone not available, try again in 5 minutes”, “iPhone not available, try again in 15 minutes”, “iPhone not available, try again in 1 hour”,  and “iPhone is not available” is the password to enter incorrectly.

In iOS 16 or later, you have an unavailable iPhone, completely unavailable iPhone, retry 8 hours of messages in the 3 hours before the lockout. This time the iPhone unavailable messages appear from the 4th incorrect attempt to the 10th failed passcode attempt.

How To Factory Reset Iphone Xr When Locked Out

Some people even got iPhone unavailable or security locked after action on iPhone without any reason. These can trigger iPhone unavailable after reset, recovery mode, factory reset, restore or transfer or many other situations.

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About your data: If you press the “Erase iPhone” button, you will lose all existing data on your iPhone. You reset it like a new iPhone.

Some iPhones with iOS 15.2 or later have an “Erase iPhone” option at the bottom right of the “Security lock, try again after 15 minutes or 1 hour” screen. After the seventh failed passcode attempt, you will start having the option.

(If no timer is shown on the first screen, don’t wait to guess the password, reset it to activate your device. )

Tap the Erase iPhone option at the bottom. Read the message on the screen. Erase all content and settings, this iPhone is in security lock. You can try your password again in [time] hours or minutes. Or you can erase and reset this iPhone now by going to If you see the timer is zero, there is no chance here, you need to reset your iPhone immediately to activate it.

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About the on-screen explanations after tapping “Erase iPhone”. Distinguish “You can retry password (null)” from “You can retry password in X minutes”.

When you see “iPhone Not Available” or “Security Lock”.

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